Dating While on Semen Retention – Become A better Man
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Dating While on Semen Retention – Become A better Man

January 4, 2020

Uncle see back in the office today. So my title this senior attention, for those
of you that are dating scene retention and dating part two, this is my second little
video with a female. Introduce yourself if they didn’t see the
first one from last week. Be right up in the house. Okay. We’re going to just keep it rolling. I don’t have a plan for this really. But one of the things that I really want to
demonstrate throughout these videos is going to be male versus female dynamic. So one thing that you’re going to notice about
me when I’m on camera with a girl compared to a lot of YouTubers, you get a lot of these
YouTubers that are like in relationships and they’re so they’re like, girly screaming. Yeah. Okay, first off, bro, chill out. Okay, step one is chill out. Secondly, what I wanted to address. First and foremost is that your personality
as a man needs to adapt with who you’re talking to. So many of you guys out there, what I’ve noticed
is you’re the exact same way whether you talking to your girl, whether you’re talking to your
mother, whether you’re talking to your father, whether you’re on a sales call whether you’re
at work, like bro, you need to learn how to adapt,
separate, separate if I’m talking to a girl if I’m talking
to Britt Britt when I’m talking to Brad, I’m going into mack daddy mode. mack daddy mode. You got it. You like it, you got it. Because here’s the thing if you’re not bringing
that seductive tone to your girl sounds good. But then if you’re on a sales call, if you’re
talking all like that, and treating that as the same way, right? If you’re at work with a co worker, are you
treating that the same way? Well, that’s gonna be weird. there anything that you’re like,
if you’re at Thanksgiving, the problem with that is like you can’t be talking to your
own uncle and mom the same way that you talk to your girl. Okay, you have to work Got to be adaptive. But one of the things I want to talk about
today was retention. If you’re dating a woman if you’re with a
woman, now, one of the things First and foremost, that I think is most important is that you
have to set the standard and the boundary for why it is that you’re on retention. So like, first off, when when you heard the
word retention or retention journey or senior retention, what are some of the things that
came through your head? Um, no sex, and that it was weird. Yeah, no intimacy, no, nothing. Just you’re like, Where’s this kid getting
this wrong? Yeah, just like we’re just hanging out. The fact is that, it doesn’t have to be like
that. And it’s not like that. Okay, so those of you guys who need some help
while you’re on retention, first and foremost, fellas, you got to be mastering the foreplay. And you just got to tell your woman straight
up you say listen, hon. Listen, hon. I’m on retention. me when I’m working. Doing it and I say hop off. That’s your time to hop off. And she’s got to listen. Okay? Because she needs to know where your boundaries
are she needs to know what you’re actually trying to get across as your man and why you’re
on this retention to set that boundary right away. They got the Who else has said the boundary? The man,
right? We don’t i don’t want to admit that. But yeah,
so why is it that you don’t want to admit it? Cuz I feel like that makes me soft. Yeah. Right. But does it feel good? When it happens? Yeah, you lead off follow. There you go. So like you. You got it from the source, fellas. You got it from the source. There’s so many YouTubers there’s so many
people out there. What I noticed the male’s doing if they’re
with a woman is you guys automatically align with the feminine? Well, most men they just kind of they act
girly. Yeah, they just like they would rather they
think that keeping okay hold on. They think that them being all soft and like
lovey and like Oh baby, you’re so cute and all this stuff is like,
attractive. Yeah. And it’s more of like, repulsive. What are you doing? So Dude, why are you acting like that? Yeah, like for example, I’ve seen some of
YouTubers. Here’s most YouTubers, like creep you out. Okay, let’s try this. I don’t mean I’m feel currently doing this. Oh okay, what’s up guys it’s Casey and Brittany
here on our dating channel. Blah blah blah blah blah that we met like
this that’s the that’s the vibe 99% of God, you know what I mean? I think this is this is more true. It’s more real. It’s more natural right
now. Here’s the thing guys, if you’re on our attention,
stop thinking that if you boss you just your world then did okay before I started my whole
hundred day journey, because I’m making myself a maroon. Need to boast because I’m making more soulful
man. I’ma say it one more time. I don’t need Too boss because what’s between
the legs don’t have control over me. Most you guys are too soft to admit that because
guess what you’re controlled now back to the topic. Before I started my journey I relapse to right
after it’s like it’s like going into the gym and lifting weights. I flex a lot in these videos, you know, from
a fitness background, but it’s like, Listen, I didn’t go into the gym the first day being
able to bench press two plates, right I had to work my way up. I didn’t go into I didn’t go from stroking
it as a young boys all of a sudden doing 100 day journey. It’s like know that first three, four days
was a victory before relapse. You know, secondly, it was like, seven, eight
days was a victory before relapse, build yourself up. The whole goal is for you to be able to really
stroke it with your woman. Have good intimate time with your woman. Maybe make her good Three, four times over. And you don’t even have to get off, right? You got to master the foreplay. And it gets to the point to where you’re building
up your retention because it makes you a better man. It makes you a better partner for a woman. It makes you a potentially better husband. Like Think of it this way. What if you told like, if you for those of
you out there that are married, or those of you that have been in Long, long term relationships,
like me and her haven’t known each other for like that long, but those of you guys out
there that have known with the same women for like years and years, it’s like, what
if you look that girl in the eyes and you’re like, Listen, where we’re at right now together
me and you is not good? I know it shit. And you know what, shit? Let’s just admit that it shit. Let’s just admit that I have a porn addiction. let’s admit that we don’t have very much sex. let’s admit that we don’t have any chemistry. let’s admit that where we’re at right now
is not good. But we’re going to take the steps to make
it better. See the problem is is when most of you guys
are with a woman. You think that if you don’t bust like for
example, you think if you don’t bust that That means she’s gonna go get it from somewhere
else. And radically in the scarcity mindset,
if you sit down and talk to them about it and realize like what’s actually going on
in the relationship and where you need to be, because you got to think about where you
started, like where everybody started, if they’re going through that hard time where
they often are addicted to porn or addicted to getting prostitutes are addicted to whatever
they’re addicted to jacking off everyday, but never giving it to their girl. Like, at one point in the relationship, that’s
not how it was something went wrong. At one point there was attraction. And you as the man need to own responsibility
and realize that it was your fault that it went south, because women women, women, women
very, very rarely ever just lose attraction for their man unless their man’s really doing
something wrong. Stepping up, right. So thank you. So give, give me some ways give them some
ways that you’ve seen men slip up in the past and then I’m going to give you some ways as
to how I think women have slipped up in the past how women look. It You go first. So how when have men
how men slip up? What do they do? What do they do when a guy? What What do men do that makes a woman lose
attraction? And the honest
way to soft way too girly? They
overvalued it. Yeah, over compliment. Do you start to feel that you need them? Or they need you? Yeah, like, you’re the only option. There you go. Like, that’s, that’s all they have. They have to keep you around. They have to keep telling you all this stuff
or being all mushy, gushy. When in reality, it’s like, should I want
to be that way? I want to be mushy gushy. It’s your job to me. Yeah, I mean, everyone smiles nice. Guys. It’s your job to be the hard ass. Like the other day Brittany was blowing up
my phone, her emotions were skyrocketing. Oh my god, I’m having a bad day. Oh my god. Instead of most of you guys, what you do is
you’d be that little shoulder to cry on. You would just take all those texts and try
to comfort her. I go Stop, stop it. Because I don’t have time to deal with that
and she knows it. You know it and you know, I don’t got time
for that. I’m on my purpose. We get emotional. Sometimes
you’re gonna have to figure out how to deal with that. You as a man, that’s not your job to be her
emotional tampon. As I’m a job. I know you try to get me to break every day
you texting each other you think you know, get
this kid to break. Once again, you can’t get me to break because
I don’t need what’s between the legs. That’s why I’m on retention. And I hope people watch this and think I’m
absolutely psychotic. They probably already do. Yeah. You guys aren’t on your purpose. You’re not on your purpose. That’s why you’re not a fit for relationship. Know this whole our word relationship. All of you men out there think that there’s
this is weak beta ties ation around it. Now, the only reason why you think that is
because all you do is you judge Women on the heart promiscuous they are now when I first
met Brittany before I agreed to be exclusive with Brittany. What I did was I told Brittany that I don’t
like all men only just qualified women on looks and most of the time they’re ready to
settle on them based on how a woman looks. Would you agree? Yes. So I made sure Brittany had some non sexual
investment in me, meaning I like Starbucks natural cold brews, Brittany would regularly
throughout the week make it a point out of her day to bring me natural cold brews. As I’m working once again, a non sexual bonus
to my life shows some amount of care beyond the sex. Okay,
because most people think that’s all that’s about,
right. I’m not gonna date a girl like you can go
put a pop on the screen capital. You can be popped and talk. I’m gonna date you if you’re in pop if you’re
out there. No, I’m gonna tell these men straight up don’t
give you any validation don’t HU until they until you give them a little bit of your non
sexual investment and so these men qualifier To
what I’m saying is she was trying. Okay, most of your guys’s women don’t try. No, they just think that you’re going to stick
around because you’re having sex with them or that you’re gonna stick around and do all
this stuff and pay for all the dinners and everything when right it should be equal,
very, very equal. Here’s
what also pisses me off to all of you. Men complain about how promiscuous you are
and how your women act out of pocket and cheat on you and sleep around. Yet all you do is qualify their women and
all you do is qualify the women and try to get to them sexually through direct messages
and every interaction all you’re trying to do is see how far you can push it and take
it. Same thing with like Tinder Bumble. That’s like the first thing you I’m saying,
right? How fast can we will go? It’s like, for what? Because you’re needy. It’s honestly almost soft and weak and childish,
if that’s what you need right away. The problem is, is that once again, you’re
not qualifying women on anything else besides their looks. The thing is, is why does she deserve to sleep
with you? Now I’m not trying to say this as if you’re
less than me once again. I’m glad you’re helping me do this because
you’re helping me make these messages. Younger so not only that, here’s what also
I noticed is that when she would give me these night shows when she would make it a point
to cook me food or really you know, try to help me out as a good soft girl should. Now what I noticed was that she was trying
very very hard. And not only that she knows how centered and
focused I was on masculinity and how I didn’t like how the world has became with dating
where most girls they get so it most girls just want all the power. Yeah, like no screw that kid. He’s it. He’s an ass I’m not going to be with him. When I told her straight up what my beliefs
are I’m like this is how I operate as a man this is how it’s going to be and if you don’t
like it, if you don’t like it, you can leave there’s a door you can come into my realm
and my boundary If not, you can piece because I’m busy doing me. But the thing is, is once she entered that
realm The thing is, is that I didn’t crack and go soft. I didn’t crack and break my routines. The thing is still post two videos a day. I still work 12 to 15 hours a day. I still hustle every day when Brittany blows
up my phone like that and I go Stop it. It’s not because I’m trying Just one over
her and just Mac like on the man with the power. It’s because I’m a man on my mission on my
purpose. I’m sitting there at the coffee shop doing
client updates. I’m sitting there at the coffee shop building
my content for the day. I’m sitting there filling out SEO briefs and
meta data so I can post this content and make it snow. Well, by the way, you guys 460 goddamn subscribers
gained last night in my sleep. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for realizing that you’re not very
good as is and you need to be better. Thank you for realizing that you need to lead
your woman thank you for realizing that your woman is probably soft and feminine and weak
and she wants you to lead her. Now tell me all of the qualities that you
find that make a man attractive. I’m not me, just men in general,
if they’re driven, may have a purpose. They don’t just not care about their life. If they actually put you first Sometimes that’s
always sometimes nice. But what happened? What happens if, let’s say,
otherwise, it’s like you don’t, you’re not doing anything with your life. You’re just continuing to work it or work
and then just work towards her. And that’s
it. Let me take this over for a brief second. what she means by that fellows because I was
strong advice, don’t take dating advice from women. So I’ll break this down for you. What this means is that if I would have started
putting her over my purpose, many of times in a row, and all of a sudden the R word,
you want to spell that word? What is that? room rulership relation? Yeah, you get the point. You start putting that before your purpose
Well, all of a sudden all the qualities that made me an attractive man I no longer have
correct correct There you go. Continue to like that. Like if someone leads me like I’m a follower. I will just kind
of maybe you just like a good leader. Don’t show get out, don’t you? There’s the door door show. But just like I’d like to I follow so if I
hit follower to it’s like for both walk puppy There you
go. And I see what all these women what girls
are all the same. I know you don’t like hearing it but they’re
all the same even if they say they’re not
down girl No you’re not. And all these girls like I’m not
here’s what I’m gonna be vulgar can be vulgar to my bros. Here’s the thing you guys the other thing
too is like a plug on all these women who are like, Oh, I don’t want commitment. I don’t want a boyfriend right now. Yeah, you watch how that goes,
a guy that you trust you or is manly enough you will take control of that woman and really
give it to her the way she will just leave it at that give it to her the way that she
needs to have it given to her. You do that three four times in a row and
you watch what happens all of a sudden it’s well what are we? Where can we hang out? What do you see this as? Yeah, okay, yeah, all the same, which means
to be an attractive man, there’s qualities and traits that you have to have that is universally
attractive. Meaning passion and drive and purpose. It’s not about game. It’s not about pickup. It’s about being universally attractive to
all women. Okay, some of the things that I find attractive
in a woman is obviously going to be self care. Okay? I like a big juicy butt. And I like lean body. Men are visual. Everybody knows that. Brittany goes to the gym. How much weight have you put on that barbell
hip thrust within the past couple months? How many how many pounds you put on it a lot. There you go. So she’s building them glutes. I’m a fan. Right So first and foremost. Yeah, I like the woman to look attractive. Secondly, I like her to be feminine and sweet. Meaning that she’s the one given me the kisses. Nine gonna make you do that. Right you get what I’m saying? She’s the one
never give a kiss my cheek when you talking about
she’s she’s the one trying to bring the fat the feminine energy. You get so many guys are getting this lover
boyfriend like little baby. I love you. So much can you come on like, dude, you’re
literally making me vomit in my mouth just by hearing that. Okay, that’s her job. Her job is to look at you like the giant and
want to wrap up and hug you like a big teddy bear. Okay, you get what I’m saying. Those of you guys that think gender roles
and all this is broken and everybody’s equal and everything like how like how unhappy and
how naive Can you be? You’re so naive if you think that you think
men and women should act the exact same night. Can I say something? Yeah, said
last night. at work. I see these this couple. And the guy is being asked, I’m going to pretend
I’m the guy or the girl. He’s like, Oh, I’m such a Yeah. Yeah. He’s like, I’m such a nice guy. I’m baba baba holding her hand like this. And like, I don’t even know it was like this
maybe. And it was me and me and the other girl that
was working. We like looked at each other stop. We looked at each other and we’re like, What
like we both thought the same thing like that don’t go to a girl and like, I’m so nice. I’m such a nice guy. I’m such a whatever. Let me take over the video I posted earlier
this morning on the masculinity crisis and why women do not like nice guys card up in
the top of the screen right here. Highly check that out because it’s going to
go into depth everything that she talks about. Now, one thing I want y’all to notice, notice
how I changed my tone of voice on camera, as I’m talking with Brittany, that when I’m
just talking with you guys, okay, when I’m talking with you guys, I’m like a dad. I’m like a dead mode. Like Get your shit together. You don’t belong dating women. Right? When I’m with Brittany. I was like, I’m like, I’m feeling myself. Like I’m trying to be laid back. I’m trying to show you got to be vibe. You got to be mellow. You got to be masculine. I can’t stress how important this is. It’s very, very important to understand your
personality must shift depending who you’re talking to. You Get a lot of guys that give dating advice
I’d say, Just be yourself. Do not be yourself. No matter what you do, do not be yourself
right away, because I’m gonna tell you if I was myself and I went on a date with a girl,
I would wear like my pajamas. And then I would probably fart every, like
60 seconds. And then I would just like not do my hair
and I’d like pick my nose and I want to go home and go to bed. And I’d want to sit on my computer and work
and optimize Facebook ads and make money. Okay,
thank God, that didn’t come until later. All right. What I’m saying is like purpose first women
second. Now, I’m going to make my point very clear. And this is where I’m going to wrap up. I’ve been getting a lot of strategy sessions
booked. Most of you guys do not deserve to have a
woman right now. If I get on the phone with a guy and he wants
to invest in coaching with me, and the first thing that he says is I can’t afford it. Like I can’t even afford like a low ticket
package that you have to help me with my masculinity like I’m live paycheck to paycheck, bro. You do not need to be figuring out your masculinity
to help get women you do not need to figure out how to be more attractive. You have to get your money together,
find your purpose, find your purpose and get your money together,
bro. If you get your money together, you’re going
to sleep better in the bed at night if you get your money together all of a sudden you’re
going to have the confidence to walk around like you’re able you’re willing you’re viable
like you have value. If you don’t have your purpose together you’re
not you’re going to fall off track and then she’s going to notice and she’s gonna she
didn’t feel the energy right I want her to feel that energy
you’re going to slip into that scarcity mindset and that scarcity purpose you
make them feminine. Right
there you know like, like you got i don’t i don’t i don’t think dating dating coaches
don’t give the honest to god truth because dating coaches give the advice that hey, you
need to learn some pickup lines and learn push pull techniques like shit like this. Brittany, you look so cute today. It really sucks you wore that sweater because
I hate that color. Oh yeah, that creates attraction you push
pulled her real well dude. Like Congrats. know, the thing is, is like if you get your
finances together, you’re going to actually have the confidence to carry yourself the
right way because here’s the thing, right now if I wanted to totally shut down for a
year and not work till 2021 I could I could turn off the camera I could turn off everything. And I could just go travel and I could do
whatever I wanted for a year and I could figure my stuff out, and I could just do whatever
and because I have that freedom well now I have the confidence that like hey, woman Hey
girl, hey Brittany, whoever enters my frame like you have to realize this is my world
and I’m living in it if you enter my realm, well guess what? You got to play by my rules now. And fellows, they like to hear that they like
to hear you even have rules in the first place. There’s boundaries. set boundaries right
away. You think she wants to pick through dm to
find a dude for six hours all these thirsty boys? Who are you kidding? You have to qualify yourself to
the boys. Yeah. What if they all are messaging you saying
like Oh do you want I want to sleep with you blah blah blah. They said on Tinder they used to
they would say they want to sleep with you or like the wall for them so yes, let me take
over again the same when she says qualify themselves
what she means by that is they either don’t have game or they haven’t qualified their
traits is masculinity. You You can’t seduce a girl through the keyboard. You can’t seduce the girl through the phone
you have to meet up with her and she has to feel your energy. Does that describe it better? You’re better at that stuff Mommy, I know
I know. Yeah. So and Laura never left on read dating packages
below know a couple of the testimonials I’ve gotten from this past week have been insane. When I help guys learn this step by step. It 10 X is their dating life. Not only do they get women that before they
never had a chance with but now they actually have options so that way they can choose which
partner they would like. Not just in scarcity mode, getting whatever
they can get. That’s first and foremost. Secondly, masculinity has a look. Okay, strength has a look at your body. Right You guys have seen I’ve transformed
fitness clients and transformations my whole life. Okay strength as a look, fitness as a look,
I wouldn’t be nearly as confident if I know I wasn’t strong and able to be a strong man,
you have to know that you’re strong and able get my transformations below get my fitness
packages below because I can actually help you build a body. If you look at my 400 YouTube videos I made
before I got into strength and masculinity coaching I’ve been helping men build their
body for years. Okay, and if you’re ready to invest financially
in my high ticket stuff, this is for you guys out there that are completely broken and have
no idea where to even begin and need me or need a mentor needs some one on one coaching
along with these programs, then book a call with me. But what you must know is that this call button
this call link is only for qualified people financially. Not only do I make you fill out a full application
so I can see what you’re going through to make sure you’re even a good fit for the services
I provide. But you have to have your finances in order
so that way you can actually afford to pay a coach to help you Every single success that
I’ve had in life in business has came from paying mentors. I’ve paid mentors to help me with everything. I’ve held mentors to help me with business. The big wall of fame over there with all of
the metrics and pinups is because I’ve paid thousands of dollars with business mentors
to actually teach me how to do this stuff. You see paying people takes all the guesswork
for it out in the long run. Now you save time and energy because you use
that money to actually invest in something that will better your future. Let’s use this as a thumbnail. We’ll see in the next one, like, comment,

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  20. for me when using tinder, i have no intentions to hook up cause im waiting till marriage and yall can make as much fun as you want. whats interesting is that a lot of girls will just stop talking to me within a day or two of matching, the conversations are good, they seem interested but then boom, they gone. is it because they were expecting me to push to hook up? i wasnt acting in a girly way thats described in these videos and i try to have a normal conversation every time.

  21. oh man you are so deceiving other men. from one side you talking about make her feel love but from another side you are saying that it's not my job to be her emotional tampon. what the hell that suppose to mean ?

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