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  1. For anyone saying the officer had no right to ask him for ID, you're simply factually wrong. shows that an officer, with reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed (and check the longer video for that and the news stories in the description) can absolutely ask for ID from all passengers. Ohio is also a "stop and identify" state, again with reasonable suspicion which is less than probable cause. So yes, the officer can ask for ID.

  2. That cop should have been charged with murder too because he had no official right to stop that car the only reason why they stopped them or because they will white kids in a black neighborhood.

  3. Everyone did 'something' wrong.. guy who is dead obviously did things wrong. But police do not actually have the right to collect everyone's ID in a 'traffic' stop. Being in a shitty neighborhood does not mean the 4th amendment is suspended. The constitution protects douchbags and good guys equally.

  4. They constantly violate peoples rights.they do not need to identify themselves just because their in the car. Needs to be more emphasis on this!!

  5. Sorry, but that cop never “got off the X”. He backed up in a straight line…do you think a bullet knows the difference between 5 feet or 15 feet? Dynamic OBLIQUE movement…advance if possible. He had no choice but to move rearward, but he NEVER got off his original X spot.

  6. Cop made a traffic stop and his only authorized contact was with the driver. He could not legally identify anyone in the car other than the driver. All of that was unnecessary. When he demanded ID from the passengers, that's when things went wrong because that's outside of his responsibility for that traffic stop unless he knew one of the passengers was wanted for something

  7. Id get out n lay on the ground i wouldnt stay in the line of fire. But i guess i would ultimately not hang out with an idiot like that guy

  8. Then the white cop gets the hate because he shot a black person. People will complain he shot them because they were black.

  9. Police have no right to demand ID from all in the car!! You have no obligation to tell him what you are doing in that neighborhood. I am guessing that officer saw a guy going for a gun… I hope that was the case. But in the end I feel the officer took a routine stop and he escalated this situation

  10. The well versed officer, who makes quick,smart, decisions gets to go home to his family at the end of the day .. Well done
    💥BAM💥👊😎 Active self protection Rock's !

  11. The woman was in the worst case scenario. By the look of things she didn't want anything to do with this and the only reason she got out was not to get shot.

  12. Absolutely, superior law enforcement. Patient and professional. Outstanding policing. You Americans must be so proud of them. 🇦🇺

  13. NOTICE….ONCE AGAIN…the cop only shot cuz he had too. all you dumbniggas with your " hands up dont shoot" bullshit are pathetic. just stfu and go home

  14. i cant understand that…there is a female on the drivers seat and i think it was the boyfriend or whoever..why the fuck dont follow this man the instructions of the officer…why was he doing that his girlfriend or wife is down forever

  15. This cop was wrong for not letting the lady out of the car. Shes in fear for her life as well and I would not find her guilty for shooting him in the face

  16. I understand the cop wanting to have everyone where he can see them, but I think its s little irresponsible to have your gun drawn with people behind the the perp and make them stay where they can get shot

  17. I don't understand people. You could hear the cop is already stressed, his voice raised, his gun is out, his survival instict has kicked in and you still disobey his commands and make unnecessary body movements. Stupid.

  18. If people would learn their rights and cops would stop trying to violate rights this kind of thing would happen a hell of a lot less frequently and no I don't care what the state law is state laws violate constitutional rights all the time

  19. I don't have a problem with most all of this.. The only slight problem I have is asking what, why your on this street/in this neighborhood, where your going etc.. Nobody has to explain where they're going, or why they are in a peticular area.. As long as your on a public way, and not trespassing.. You don't have to explain, we have a right to free movement, and btw I have no problem with him asking for ID, everyone should have one.

  20. Only in American does your constitutional right allow you to have a gun, but also means you get killed by police for having said gun.

  21. No please don’t take a half full magazine out of your gun in the middle of a gun fight. Shoot your gun till it goes empty . Then re-load . The gun is the only thing keeping this officer alive.

  22. You can hear everyone involved pleading and commanding the brother with the gun and he still had to reach for it…wow.

  23. More people need to see these videos in order to understand the perspectives of officers around the world. Be respectful & comply, and he won’t be pumpin your guts full of lead..

  24. "Thank you Lord for honorable Police Officers like this. Please protect our law enforcement officers who risk their lives everyday to protect us." This just goes to show that officers really do everything they can to not have to use deadly force. Sadly, some people just won't listen.

  25. What an idiot, criminals are so stupid. That officer seemed pretty chill. There's no reason to have escalated the situation, all he had to do was follow simple instructions.

  26. okay nothing about this is supposed to be funny but at 3:56 when he kept saying : " get on your face" i lost it lmaoo

  27. You dumb bitch you didn't say OMG when you boyfriend that is a Felon showed you that gun but now you want to run from the cops when your felon boyfriend want too use the gun stop hanging with people who are only going to get your ass killed Do as the Police tells you to do

  28. professionalism at its peak and nobody talks about how NOW THIS COPS LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ,trust cops fire ems we got deep scars not this deep but ……

  29. We are pro law enforcement, for the most part, of course, but this officer demanded the information of the passengers of the vehicle who clearly could not have committed any infractions under the motor vehicle Act! What if he had only done was legal and questioned the driver for the infraction he or she committed? The passenger would not have been murdered and the rest of the inhabitants of the vehicle would not have had their lives shattered and threatened, and had to live with that the rest of their days. The officer would also not have to live with regret of murdering someone!

  30. I take it… it was the passenger he shot. You all drive on the wrong side of the car and road. I hate bullets winging by me if he was aiming at driver. I think cops scream to much .. 2 or 3 times is enough. Then glock finishes the sentence.

  31. The woman did not want to be in the line of fire . Policeman didn't give her a chance to get out of the way. He is either a very bad shot at very close range or he was making sure he kill this guy. You could hear him dying still shot 4 more times. Was he stopping a threat those last 4 shots or did he just making sure perp was gone. Troubleing to view.

  32. End of the video… covered his Asp? Is it a Freudian slip because of the channels graphics is a snake?👊🇺🇸🦅☺. I am not trying to make light of this video at all. Someone lost there life and someone had to take a life, nothing funny there. I truly value your videos. Life is not a movie or t.v. show. Real life emergencies/ self protection or protection of others is only stopped by the people around the situation Intervening. Unfortunately the "weapon" of choice is a cell phone nowadays. People, you need to stand up to bullies and bandits. Be safe, but don't be a target or a bystander. I'm sorry for the rant ASP. Your channel is Awsome!

  33. This was a friend of mine in high school. Hung out all the time. Knew him since 4th grade. This video how I found out he was killed wow. Crazy stuff.

  34. how do we know the guy reached for anything and wasnt gun down by a trigger happy cowboy? This one shouldnt be on here because we dont know what really happened.

  35. I don't usually side with the cops, but on this one the cop gave him every chance He did a great job not shooting anybody else.

  36. I call Bullshit..His hands are up at the time that officer started shooting..look into that back window , both of his arms are up..🤯

  37. See this is what happens when you do not run like a chicken and you stay in the fight, he was close enough to get the most shots on target and was close enough to make effective follow up shots

  38. Heck of a way to impress your girlfriend. OMG how in the world does a CONVICTED FELON have a firearm when according to our wonderful Democrats he has to go through a BACKGROUND CHECK in order to be in possession of a firearm.

  39. First I’m glad the officer is ok. One thing that bugs me is the passenger in Ohio does not have to ID him/her self unless the officer has reason to investigate that person. This entire stop is questionable. Know your rights people. BTW nothing this officer did would have stopped the guy from committing suicide by cop.

  40. i hope this criminal in uniform is forced to watch his loved ones also be bruttaly and as inhumanly killed like the dogs that this "peace officer" is.

  41. Officer jumps on the radio too fast!
    He had to start shooting single-handed because of it!
    Take care of your work first, Nobody is going to get there any faster because you keyed the Mike! Suspect down and controlled . are there any threats? Now you can worry about the radio

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