Dam Proud Day 2019 – Student Retention Grants
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Dam Proud Day 2019 – Student Retention Grants

December 31, 2019

One of the most reported reasons students say they leave Oregon State is financial hardship. When students have a financial hold in their account, that means that they can’t register for the following term. And for so many of these students they’ve exhausted all of their aid and have no choice but to withdraw from Oregon State. Despite their efforts, so many of these students are falling short just a small amount. With a 1500 grant, this allows them to bridge into their next term, lift their hold and continue at Oregon State. Hi, my name is Vada Shelby. I am a first year psychology major at Oregon State University. I work two part-time jobs and about 80% of each paycheck goes towards my schooling. The UHDS retention grant lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and really helped me take the time to just focus on finals and registering for spring term. So it was really exciting for me to get the email saying that it was going to be applied to my account and that I had received it. And I immediately FaceTimed to my mom and talked to her about it!

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