Customer Success Tip: The Madness of Hiring and Retention
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Customer Success Tip: The Madness of Hiring and Retention

January 8, 2020

Hi, it’s me, Sarah Meyers, your BirdDogHR Customer Success Consultant. In the heart of March Madness it’s only fitting
to discuss the madness of recruiting and retaining top talent that we all have
experienced. The madness of recruiting can feel overwhelming. Manpower Group reported almost one in five employers who are currently facing talent shortages say
this is having a high impact on the organization’s ability to meet client
needs. So what’s a company to do to calm the madness? Take the proactive approach and hire talented applicants who have the right attitude and fit your
company’s culture then invest in developing them through apprenticeships,
on the job training, and ongoing learning throughout their careers. This investment
shows them that you care about their success enough to create a career path
for them to grow within your company. It shows them that they’re valued and a
key part of the company’s success. By following this hiring and retaining tip and
staying proactive you contain the madness and remain a successful and
competitive team. I would be happy to further discuss ideas that can help you
through the hiring and retaining process if you’d like

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