Customer Retention Technique By Banka.
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Customer Retention Technique By Banka.

March 4, 2020

The second question of the customer is what is the difference in banka and within all the manufactures have been differentiated. Why should we purchase a machine from Banka See friends, the difference is that Banka does not even think of selling the machine to his customer, thinks after selling the machine. Because our maximum sale comes from our old customer So after selling the machine, we provide the service that takes care Gives space availability to maintain the machine Because of this, we have new clients added to the old customer reference. You must have seen that nobody does advertising on Google, nor is anyone in the exhibition. Neither spends any kind of advertising or advertising in print media. The money you are paying for the machine For advertising All our old customers associated with Banka, even today, like to shop for all kinds of machines from Banka.

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