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Create a Retention Policy, Part 1 | OpenText InfoArchive 16.4

January 8, 2020

In this video, you’ll learn how to create Fixed Date and Duration retention policies. Retention policies are created by Retention Managers, such as Rita. To view the current policies, select the Compliance tab. The Retention Policies sub-tab lists the policies. To add a new retention policy, start by clicking the + icon. Next, enter a policy name. Optionally, you can enter a description. We will enter a policy category of “Email messages” here. This is an optional field. If there are any existing categories, you can select one. Then, select an aging strategy. The aging strategy is the main part of a retention policy, where you set the rule for the disposal of records. We’ll look at the first two options in this video. Fixed date policies prevent records from being disposed of until the chosen date. Duration policies prevent records from being disposed of for a specific period, after an event or base date. Here, we’ll choose to retain records for three years. You can also select an annual cutoff. Cutoff dates are used to set a specific base date for records, such as the end of a fiscal year. For example, we can select 6 July as the cutoff date. If the original base date for a record is 31 August, then on July 6th, the base date for the record is set to 6 July. The record is then retained for 3 years after that. Three optional fields come next. By checking the Disable Disposition checkbox, you’ll prevent any records that have this retention policy applied from being disposed of or purged by another policy. Finally, click Create.

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