Crabbing the Coast – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]
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Crabbing the Coast – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

December 25, 2019

[gurgling] – We’re out here on
Sea Rim’s east beach. We have a little cut
that comes out, lets fresh water from
inside the marsh going out to the beach. [gurgling] – Oh I saw one! – NATHAN: I do have some chicken
necks that are already tied up to the string here! – RICKY: It’s like fishing! – What’s on it?! Yuck. – I didn’t have any idea it
would involve chicken. I thought you would sort of
cast a net, pull them in, and it would be done! [laughs] – I’m gonna throw that
thingy again! Gonna let go of it! – MARTY: Good job here! Been in southeast Texas 15
years, this is my first time! – MATT: That’s a crabbies! – Oh it’s great, the kids
are having a blast and we are too! I think I’m having
more fun than the kids! – Oh! Mom, mom! He’s trying to pulling me in! Dang it! – NICOLE: Well just hang
on, he may come back! – MATT: I can’t see em! I can’t see em! I don’t know how to look
through water, do you? – CAMERAMAN: Nah uh. – I still don’t feel one! [gurgling] [crab snatches chicken] – I got one! I think! Hazel, get it, get it, get it! It’s a big one? – NATHAN: Let me show you how
you measure these crabs ok. It needs to be about
five inches. – SAMANTHA: It is a keeper, big! – NICOLE: It’s a lot of fun
to watch the kids… – My foot’s stuck in the sand! – NICOLE: …just relax and get
dirty, and get wet, that’s been really fun to watch! – And my feet are clean! – Super, super, super far! I’ll hold it! – MARTY: Watch your string
Matthew, uh, oh I think you got a bite! You do! Pull it in real slow,
real slow, come on Matt, pull it in keep going. [splash] You got one Matthew,
looky there Matt! – MATT: That’s a keeper! Daddy, can I eat that
right in my mouth! I don’t know how
to get a big one! And I want to eat one! – NATHAN: We call this the
second cut. It’s further down the beach
than most people go! – Wooo, there’s one! – NICOLE: I didn’t know
about it, and I don’t think a lot of people do
know about it! – JACKSON: Got ya little
scoundrel! – NICOLE: So it’s sort of
like a little hidden treasure! – Oh, oh got it! – NICOLE: Especially if you
are into crabs- we have caught so many
crabs today! – I feel it pulling! You see it! – MATT: You got a crab! – RICKY: Oh I got two! – NATHAN: Two for one–
how bout that! – RICKY: Yeah! Look Dad, I caught two! – NICOLE: It is fun! [laughing] Was it tickling you? – RICKY: Yeah! – NICOLE: It wasn’t as gross
as I thought it would be in the beginning. I’ve learned a lot
about crabs today! – RICKY: That was huge!

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  1. This is just amazingly done new friend! All the aspects just flowed together for an overall, astonishing piece of art at the end! Thank you so much for your time in putting this together so stunningly well! Can't wait to join you on your next adventure đź‘Ť

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