Conserve Water-Save Earth_By The Phoenix
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Conserve Water-Save Earth_By The Phoenix

February 28, 2020

Let The Ever Flowing Water Fall Bring To Us A New Message With Every Wave Emphasizing The Ideas Of Green Revolution Prevention Of Global Warming And Realizing The Importance Of Reducing,Reusing And Recycling Promising To Go Green And To Think,Act And Save With Our Every Action So That We Can Be Eco Friendly And Conserve Water-Earth’s Greatest Gift To Mankind So Come On Let Us Join Hands All Around The Globe And Then Gradually Spread Out To Our Respective Regions And Act As Per Our Capabilities So That We Can Create That Impact And Spread This Influence Among Everybody Besides Our Individual Efforts We Need Help From Larger Organizations Like NASA,UNFCCC,World Bank Institute and International Centre For Culture And Education(ICCE) Who Can Help Gather More And More People Across The Globe To Create A Greater Impact And Spread This Conscience That The Water That Mother Earth Has Gifted Us Needs To Be Conserved From Being Misused By Greedy Red Natured Opportunists And Water Mercenaries

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