Conserve de citrons fermentés sous sel | Fermentation lactique

January 4, 2020

Hello everyone. Salt-cured lemons are an exquisite Moroccan specialty dish. They use beldi lemons, a variety that is not available in my region. I will use these instead. This is a strong-scented, small variety. Classic method: quarter the lemons from the top to within 1 cm / half a inch of the bottom. Add salt. Recommended method: cut the lemons this way. Cut from the top and from the bottom, like this. With this second method it will be easier to extract the juice. Pack the lemons tightly into a jar. Press them down to release their juices. If needed, let rest for 1 day and press them down once more. The juice must cover the fruits. Close the jar and store it in a dark place. You can start eating this preserve after about 4 weeks. Here is the result after 4 weeks (19 °C / 66 °F). I used thyme to make sure the lemons are covered with lemon juice. The lemon is extremely tender. The juice is quite thick. The left jar has less salt than the right one. I used the same method with about 10% of salt. Remove the thyme. The flavor is stronger and it needs more time to ferment. I tried out another method just for you: whole lemons preserved in brine (12% salt). Here is the result after 4 weeks. Before putting the lemons in the jar I stabbed them repeatedly with a knife. I must say that the results of all methods are absolutely amazing. You can use these preserved lemons to season your meals. If you appreciate my culinary philosophy, support my project on Tipeee. Thanks, until next time!

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