Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 11

September 22, 2019

contributions of the community I come in this bill to the house madam Speaker I call next honourable doctor next I think you made him speaker a pleasure to take a call on the conservation indigenous fish amendment bill there national is supporting to Select Committee we’re a party of practical environmentalists and conservationists and so firstly we support the view of the government that our indigenous fish is the next sensible order of priority in terms of New Zealand’s indigenous species we’re actually very proud of our record in government in turning around a number of species that were on the road to extinction as say for instance our battle for the birds saw the numbers of takahe in a period and government more than double despite the fact that they had been on constant decline for the previous 20 years a species and I a note my passionate colleague about conservation serie da we I’m sure what she’s delighted with the efforts of her own constituents around the recovery of the kakapo and the brilliant work that has been done in that regard and we with a look in the North Island at the efforts our government to recover a really precious bird my favorite bird they’ll call Coco in terms of its call and again we’ve seen those numbers switch and then I want to acknowledge my colleague Maggie berry who launched a tremendous campaign around the country a war on weeds and a real focus on plants and nobody would be surprised that Maggie berry with her experience and passion for plants through her long experience with the Garden Show made a real focus of protecting those plants they’re a special to New Zealand and so it is a logical progression mr. speaker having worked on the birds have worked on the plants to put this focus on our indigenous fresh water fish I do want to challenge members opposite who were keen to make disparaging comments about Nationals record on fresh water I would remind the at the very first national policy statement on fresh water was introduced by our government it makes specific mention of the importance of protecting our indigenous freshwater fish and it’s particularly focused on the issue of sediment because I think anybody who is scientifically focused on this issue would realize that the management of sediment is actually at the core of us giving our indigenous fish a better chance of survival I’d also note that when the previous national government passed the National Environment reporting act that required our collective government agencies to produce a comprehensive state of the environment report it did give credit in saying that areas like birds and plants we were doing well but did four highlight the fact that we were going backwards on indigenous fish and I see this additional focus being a logical response to that and the areas where national does want to scrutinize this bill quite heavily is the extent of the regulating making powers because we are a party that wants to ensure that the environmental measures are practical for people like our farming communities and those that are passionate about why baiting I have a father-in-law who is absolutely passionate about his white bait in he’ll be out there and the rivers of golden Bay right now are collecting our worth and I confessed to getting a dividend from them this bill is going to make changes to white basic and I would say that every New Zealand er who has an interest in white baiting will be wanting to ensure that the extra Rigga trade powers that we are giving to the Department of Conservation around those freshwater fisheries regulations ensures there our white baiting communities are actually going to be consulted and engaged we all want to enjoy a good feed of white bait but we equally have a duty to ensure our grandchildren in a hundred years time will be able to enjoy a good feed of white bait the last point I would make is in respect of the practical issues for our farming communities in the regulating making powers around allowing access for government officials on to farmers land and again they are provisions that we want to scrutinize in the Select Committee stage to ensure that and finding that balance between protecting that which makes New Zealand special we are also respectful of private property rights in the practical job that our farmers have from Kaitaia to bluff in managing the properties as we go about this challenge so I commend the Minister for bringing the bill to the house and look forward to the serious engagement at the Select Committee to ensure that we get the detail right at the Mungo Jenny Anderson Mahima hanukkah Tafari at the wiki ot

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