Conservation Framing: 9 – Mount Package
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Conservation Framing: 9 – Mount Package

November 8, 2019

This is the video number 9 of the course of conservation framing carried out by Rinaldin. The course covers the basics of Conservation
Framing and has been designed and is presented by
Mal Reynolds, a recognised authority on this subject. I’m going to show you now how to seal the
glass and the mount package together to form a sandwich which will help to keep dust, dirt and and insects away from the artwork and also provide reasonably stable environment within the artwork mount package itself. So what I’ve done is I cut a piece of glass
to size, and you can see here, I cleaned the glass, I’ve placed the glass over the mount package. Then, using the Filmoplast P90, self-adhesive tape, what I do is I make a strip of tape, I cut the tape to the require length and then place it just lightly over the edge. Remember not to go too far in because, if you do, then what you’ll actually do is that you will see this above the side edge of the actual moulding itself. So around about 3 or 4 mm as you see there. I take the artist bone and smooth it off and actually really run it down the edge of
the glass very carefully to actually form the crease and then I just move it down to the front, pull it down here over the package and then wrap it round the back. So you can see that sealed. Now what I do is to take my knife and I just cut slightly there, open it out and cut it slightly off and move the corner round. If you’re not too certain about the corners you can get some glue and just dab to this corner and that will actually seal corner completely. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to put some double-sided tape around the edges of the glass. You’ll see that I’m using this rather than in the dispenser because I can accurately place it on the glasse itself. I don’t need a lot on because I’m going to
actually cut it, so what I’ll do there is that and then I just need to cut this to size along the side of the glass and now I have got a layer of double-sided
tape all the way around the edge of the glass. What I now need is a piece of foil and this a ordinary cooking foil and now I take my ruler and just very lightly run the knife on the edge because I don’t want it tear too much. What I’m going to do now is to actually place the glass on the surface of the board and then roll the aluminium foil around the glass. I then take my knife and just run it carefully around the edge and once that goes into the frame then you will not see those jagged edges but the actual fact is that actually form
a very good seal to provide an excellent seal and is the aluminium acts as a scavenger. You will find all the products of conservation
framing in our web site.

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