Chickens Attack The Farmer To Protect Their Golden Eggs?!| Kritter Klub

February 27, 2020

The biggest housing complex for chickens in the world PD : Did you put chickens in the box? Guardian : No, they went inside the box by themselves Let’s eat up~ Do we look like a joke to you bruh? Guardian : They don’t eat and drink at all It’s been like that for a week… I’m so worried about them… Others live well in their own nest.. But why are you guys living in such a narrow space? So crowded man.. Even dem chickens start to rotate inside… Hey, babe The rooster’s reckless approach.. Get away! Rock-solid defense Argh, that hurts my pride man.. Decides to take them out, one by one Perhaps they’re sitting on a golden egg..? However..! Chicks gon’ back home *repeat* Anyway, after taken dem all out… Found a carton of eggs Well, I don’t know what happened. I guess they’ve been laying eggs while staying in here..? Mama chickens going home in one line.. Don’t you dare touch me, huh! Imma peck at you so hard man! Argh I’m angry Move dat stoopid camera away!!! What’s wrong with you guys..? The guardian collects the eggs?! If the temperature goes down, Eggs can’t be hatched So I collected them every day.. Dat guy is stealing our eggs. Vet : They naturally figured out where they have the least chance to lose their eggs So they found that the small box in the corner is safer than the nest made by the guardian Daddy couldn’t understand them… As an apology, Remodels their nest to be warmer Mothers work with all their heart, day and night and finally brought the little and precious fruition out to the world Even if they don’t know which is their own egg;; Daddy doesn’t want a chicken housing complex But wanna provide the chickens a better house

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