Cheer Leadership Tip #34 – The Team Uniform (Employee Retention)
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Cheer Leadership Tip #34 – The Team Uniform (Employee Retention)

January 8, 2020

Jan Spence here, your Chief Encouragement
Officer, back with Tip 34, The Team Uniform. As you can see, I’m wearing one
of my associates made these for us when we are doing sound checks, maybe the
night before or the morning of, before I fully get dressed for my presentations.
So it was a nice team uniform that I can wear and others can wear when we’re out
in the field. So how can you do the same thing for your team to practice cheer
leadership? Be sure to visit and you’ll find lots of ideas
and resources. You don’t even have to get t-shirts made! It could be a bandana or a
smock or an apron that just says, you know,”Safety first!” or “Attitude is
everything!” Just some mantra or some message that
you want to communicate fully to your team. It’s something nice and fresh for
them to wear at work and it makes you look like the star. So remember now it’s
your turn to Cheer on Your Team!

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