[CC/FULL] Protect My Boss EP14 (1/3) | 보스를지켜라
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[CC/FULL] Protect My Boss EP14 (1/3) | 보스를지켜라

February 29, 2020

Na-yoon. Do you want to
come back to me? Yes. Can I? You’re not answering. I guess it’s a no. {an5}Is it because of
Noh Eun-seol? It’s not her. It’s not her… but it’s still a no, huh? It’s not as simple as that. At the end of the day,
it’s either a yes or a no. – You just want the conclusion?
– Nope. I already know. Bye. Please don’t try to be kind
by following me. What’s your problem?
Watch where you’re going! – Are you OK?
– Whatever. How annoying. I’m sorry.
Sorry! Sorry! OK? She must’ve been dumped. Are you OK? What’s your problem?
Watch where you’re going. She wasn’t watching,
so she apologised 3 times. You weren’t either.
Where’s your apology? – Sorry.
– What? – Let’s go.
– What? What the heck? Are you OK? No I’m not.
But don’t mind me. – I’ll get the car. Wait here.
– It’s OK. Wait for me, OK? I’ll be right back. Why is he being
nice to me now? Oh no. Oh no… Shoot… Where’d she go? Moo-won! I’m right here! I didn’t go anywhere… – Myung-ran!
– Oh my gosh! Myung-ran! What the? OK. OK. Say my name all you want.
I’ll always answer. What is it now? I confessed to Moo-won…
and got rejected… I’m so embarrassed. I feel miserable. OK, OK. But you know…
My shirt’s getting wet. Oh no. Sorry, Myung-ran. Oh! That’s right! Why are you putting
spoons in the freezer? My eyes will get puffy
but I don’t have a cold eye mask. If you put these on your eyes like
this, it gets rid of puffy eyes. What the heck? That’s so gross!
We eat with these 365 days a year! But I need it.
Just this once, please? Let’s do it together. Remember how… you asked if you should move
to my neighbourhood? If…
I really wanted you to… would you give up being CEO…
and come to my neighbourhood? Yes. I told you before.
I’ll do whatever you want me to. You’re the one that said no
and that I couldn’t survive. You’re right… I did. Forget it.
Seriously, how will you survive? Don’t worry. I’ll bring all
my bank accounts and stocks with me. I won’t mooch off of you.
What do you say? Should I come? Do you remember what kind of
chairman I hope you’d become? No wheelchairs.
Pay the employees well. And give lots of scholarships
to students like you. Wow. You remember everything. They were your instructions. My
brain isn’t a rock like somebody’s. I’m so confused. When I think about what you did
for the coffee shop workers, I wish you’d become a good chairman. But sometimes,
I wish you’d forget all of that… and just enjoy life…
doing whatever makes you happy. But the most important thing is
what Manager Cha Ji-heon wants. OK. I’ll think carefully about it. Don’t you worry. What’s wrong? What? Something’s up. You’re
bad at lying, so spill it out. Fine. I won’t lie. I have a lot…
on my mind right now. I can’t say what it is now.
Give me some time. – I’ll tell you soon.
– I really have lost my mind. You never listen to me. I was trying to play along,
but I couldn’t breathe! OK, gently.
I’ll go easy. What the? You little rock! Stop trying to act cool.
It’s too funny! Man… Sorry. My bad.
I’m really sorry. OK? Were you up all night? You don’t look well, either.
You couldn’t sleep? No.
Things keep getting complicated. True. Life is complicated.
That’s why we age. There’s a way to get younger. I’m doing everything possible.
Acupuncture, shots… – This is the best they can do.
– Just live life simple. Stop trying to figure out
ways to destroy uncle. Just fight fair and square.
That’s all it takes. Enough with that already.
I’ve heard enough. Trust me. What’s the point of
winning the company with your way? Stop it already!
You’re making me lose my appetite. If… he,
as a person, is very good… but he did something wrong
legally and socially… and if I found out… What should I do then? Mom. You said
if you pick your food like that, you’ll be punished
and lose your blessings. Stop babbling and just eat. I’m the one who’ll be
punished and lose my blessings. How could I not care
about my mom being punished? I’m your son. You’re acting strange.
You’re so quiet. It scares me a tiny bit…
when you’re quiet. Are you saying
I talk too much? – You’re not quiet, for sure.
– Shut it! Be quiet and eat already! Mom. I heard about
geriatric depression. Maybe you should
get a physical check up. I swear I’m going to…! You really are
acting strange today. Tell me the truth, huh? Assistant Jang.
We need to talk. Did you see a ghost?
You look scared. Huh? I’m not scared. – And what do you mean, ghost?
– Yes. I am a ghost. So…
don’t try to fool a ghost. Come clean
when I’m asking nicely. What is it?
What is Chairman Cha up to now? – Like what?
– How am I supposed to know? Don’t try to fool me! I… really…
don’t know anything. Mom!
Why are you picking on him now? Were you not satisfied with
biting my head off earlier? And he’s my assistant.
Stop using him like he’s yours. What’s wrong with you? What’s with her today? Hey! Are you
keeping something from me? Who? Me? Never. My motto is what you don’t
know, I don’t know too. I’ll kill you if you’re
keeping something from me. Yes, sir. Sir. We just received your final
community service assignment. Really? I don’t believe you. Every time I asked,
you always said I am almost done. That was a white lie
to keep you motivated. – It’s for real this time.
– It is? It really is? The final assignment. (Stop) It’s finally over. Yes, sir. – Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Drive safely. – Cha Ji-heon.
– Move. I’m exhausted
from driving back and forth. – You drive.
– Ha. I know you turned around and
slept in the employee quarters. Well… that is… I had to hide to let you do
whatever you wanted last night! So… What did you guys do? You want to die?
You punk. Out of my way. Hey. Don’t be like that. That must hurt.
Watch your head. What were they
doing all night? This is Ahn from the
Solidarity for Economic Reform. I know you will make the right
decision. I will be waiting. You must be tired. You want me to take over? – We’re in Seoul already.
– Already? – Sorry.
– It’s OK. Sleep until
we get to the office. You seem very tired. This time, if something happens,
Bong-man is done for. He’ll have to resign.
Then his position will be vacant. You take it.
You can use my shares. I have some people
under my control, too. – We can make it happen.
– What do you get out of this? What’s your hidden agenda? Tell me. I’m not dumb enough
to think you’re that nice. My husband wants
one of DN’s subsidiaries. You know he doesn’t like
sharing the market with others. What? Are you serious? What’s the big deal? You have to be rational.
What have you got to lose? You’ll gain many and lose one. We’ll pay market price for it.
There’s no loss. Assistant Jang. – You don’t look well.
– I haven’t been sleeping well. It means
you’re rotting on the inside. When your organs shrivel up,
it shows on your face like that. I can recommend
some good medicines for that. – Could you?
– Sure, why not. My assistant
will bring you a list. What’s going on?
Did President Shin agree? She’s more of
a coward than you’d think. She can never
make a decision. She doesn’t understand
how to play the game. I really… can’t…
bear it any longer. What can you do?
You have to bear it. I don’t like
getting my hands dirty. – What…
– I’m persuading her. Be patient. Bye. Man… – Ahn Young-sam speaking.
– Hi. This is Noh Eun-seol. – Yes, hi.
– I’m sorry, but… I need to tell you something.
Please just listen. Sure. Go ahead. First, please don’t contact me.
I told you this is a conspiracy. If you contact me,
there will be a record. And… Please take notes
and do exactly as I say. – Please.
– OK. Go on. If anyone calls again
pretending to be me, record the call and
jot down the phone number. – Huh?
– And contact me immediately. Please use a public phone
so that it won’t be traceable. Thank you. Also, if you receive
something in my name, please give it to me…
without opening it. Someone will
probably be watching. Please keep that in mind
and act accordingly. – Wait… what…
– I know I’m out of line. But this isn’t right. Someone’s doing this
with bad intentions. In exchange…
I know it’s not much, but… I will do all I can to
ensure that my superiors… practise ethical,
corruption-free management, which is your objective.
OK. Goodbye. What? (Who would benefit
from the chairman or me…) (getting in trouble) First, the traitors. Director Park. I really hope
she’s not involved. They’re friends, so they’re
probably on the same side. Hey. – Ugh…
– It’s not you, right? – What?
– Never mind. I’m going crazy again. You’re probably
crazy with too much joy. – You shared a room, didn’t you?
– It’s not like that. You’re so lucky.
I got rejected. Huh? I got rejected.
By Moo-won. It’s all your fault. Huh?

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  2. Ice cream girl don't worry true love is always habbit of coming back… I rejected by my crush..recently I realize that he have feelings for me and he cares more than I do..

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