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Caretta Calabria Conservation | Storie della Calabria

September 15, 2019

… we are going to find the exact point in which the eggs are to protect the brood apply an anti-predation grill take references on the dune to be able to relocate the exact spot of the entire brood and then after 45 to 50 day we will wait for the little ones to hatch which in this beach happens in a totally natural way One is already here!
Yes, yes, yes! Our association takes care of the terrestrial part of the sea turtle’s life the part relative to it’s nesting. We find the nests, make them safe and guarantee the largest possible number of hatchlings to the sea. It’s a chamber let’s say that has dimensions, that go from about 50cm deep maximum and the eggs further up are at about 25 to 30cm. Now we take… we take immediately…
Does it resemble a ping-pong ball? Yes, it’s a perfect shape. Really like a small ball. A ping-pong ball. So we get up every morning at 5 o’clock and travel long stretches of coast in search for those tracks of emersione the female leaves when she goes to lay the nest. Our activities are complex and if you like to say tiring. No tracks of emersion found now we move furthser north. On 40km of coast one searches in this area actively, monitoring the beaches by foot or with electric bikes or in some situations also using a drone. Our idea is a little, if I may span a bit, it’s creating an association that can generate sustainable eco-tourism. This means make people discover this marvel of nature which the caretta is which in reality our coast also is, and that could determine some earnings for us, obviously because we need to keep going. But, in doing so we create more sensitization. More people visit, more tourists visit, more will be known about sea turtles to save sea turtles in Italy and in other parts of the world, we need to make more sensitization, so that who got notion of a nest or of hatchlings, can comunicate it to the competent bodies. This model represents the nesting of a caretta, it’s used to explain it to children to see the tracks and the problems. Here are the 4×4 tracks, and for example bonfires, but way worse is the trash like for example old tires and waste material that’s on the beach. We decided to organize it and to fence it for fruition, to organize then a public fruition [show with audience]. In august. We found it like the one yesterday the same way and then we fenced it and put a sign up. On the sign is explained that there is a nest here and there is our phone number for whom is interested to contact… … yes exactly … ask for informartion o to comunicate eventual problems. After making the nest public you can’t leave it to itself … you have to give it attention. Because you can’t leave it just there and people think it is left to itself. So you have to come, talk to people on the beach. You have to change the tapes when necessary. To do what we do without explaining it to the people doesn’t make much sense. Also because it’s an animal that we alone can’t save. We need, we need, we need help and when I say help, I don’t mean just economically. We really need a helping hand we need that people understand what we do because then they can help us to do it better and better. But, see, there is to patrol regularly and daily certain parts of the beaches some quite large early in the morning with quite a lot of physical fatigue. There are many reasons why I do what I do. The first is passion because without a passion you can’t do it you can’t live a life like this. You don’t sacrifice your summer, you don’t sacrifice time with your family you don’t sacrifice your friends, you don’t sacrifice you own life. Then I do it for the species, because after 10 years you get attached to the animal, too, don’t you? You are trying to save it, so… in the hope that all our efforts will allow these animals to survive. And then, I do it, and this is quite an ambitious objective, and I don’t know if we will ever reach it, maybe because I am very attached to my homeland, and so when one talks about Calabria, he talks about the Salerno-Reggio [highway] that’s not finished, or about the ‘ndrangheta [local mafia]. And I would like that one day talking about Calabria one talks also about sea turtles. I’d like it to become something positive to talk about when one talks about my homeland.

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