Carbon Monoxide: How to Maintain Your Gas Appliance Wall Vents
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Carbon Monoxide: How to Maintain Your Gas Appliance Wall Vents

December 25, 2019

if your gas appliances like your stove
or fireplace stopped working in winter it could be an inconvenience but if your
furnace stops working it could mean a house full of frozen pipes that could
burst and cause a lot of water damage minimize the risk of appliance
malfunction or complete appliance shutdown by regularly doing a simple
check of your gas appliance wall vents if you have gas appliances vented
through a wall all you have to do is go outside and clear any snow or ice
buildup in or around the vents there are two types of wall vents this
is a concentric venting system the vent for the exhaust air is inside the intake
air vent check to make sure the vents are not blocked or causing intake air to
breathe in the exhaust air if you have snow or ice blocking the vents your
furnace could malfunction and shut down carefully remove any build-up that you
find the other type of venting system is the
two pipe system this is one example of a two pipe system your system may not look
exactly like this one but operates the same way with the intake air and exhaust
air vents side-by-side here again it is important to make sure there is no snow
or ice buildup it’s also recommended that you have a licensed gas contractor
inspect your gas appliance wall vents once a year gas contractors can be found
under heating contractors in the Yellow pages doing these two simple things ensures
your gas appliances will keep functioning normally keeping you warm
and safe in the winter a safety message from SaskPower gas inspections

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