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Capture the Wildlife – Eike Mross

December 31, 2019

My name is Eike Mross and I am 28 years old. When I was young… …I spent a lot of time playing in the forests around home… …and liked to observe the animals living there… while they behave absolutely undisturbed. After a while I wanted to do more than aiming the binoculars at the animals. So I bought my first camera… and started to capture my experiences. I like best to take pictures of the local mammals. In the past I took a lot of pictures of roe deer. This is really interesting because you can find them in a lot of different landscape forms (forests, fields, …), … which gives me more possibilities and depending on the environment each picture is looking different. More over in the north of Germany you can find some of the rare black-coloured roe deer. I am of course really happy each time I see one of them through my lens. Among the other things I like to photograph young red foxes in front of their fox den… …and badgers during the summer months… when they leave their badger’s set before there is not enough light anymore. Since 2012 there is also a wolf pack near my home During the last years I got the great possibility to take photographs of the wolves in different situations Raccoons, fallow deer, wild boars, raccoon dogs and red deer are … … more of the interesting subjects I took pictures of since the beginning of my passion For me, to be a part of nature, is the best about taking pictures of wild animals. If everything is working out, one can sample the animals undisturbed, … …so they act quite naturally. Furthermore you are face to face with wild animals, … which is going unnoticed by most of the people. At best I am able to capture the situation and get a nice memory. An impressive experience was capturing my first wolf. In January 2013 I managed to take a photo of it. After 2.5 month of tracking the wolf, one day early in the morning I came to my first shot. He came up to me on a path full of snow. I seized the chance to make a few pictures. That was a great experience, because I had the chance to watch him for a while. Another situation I will never forget, was an encounter with a young badger. The overtired badger came up to me while he was searching for some food. He got closer and closer and closer and … finally he was sniffeling on the tip of my shoe, until he realized that there was a human in front of him. Frightened he turns around but he still continued searching for some food in the forest. That was another unique experience that I will not forget anymore. My latest project is to keep up myself busy with capturing the European otter. I know a course of a river where the otter appears regular. Once I had the possibility to observe and take pictures of a female otter with two young puppies. Last winter I detected the otter quiet often, when he was catching some fish; amongst others he caught a very huge pike. The otter is a very shy animal, why I have to spend a lot of time to detect him… …and to wait at places where he left some leftovers. So I spend a lot of time waiting for him to come back to that places.

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  1. So awesome!! Great images and scenery! I didn’t get everything because my german is a bit rusty.. but still loved the vid!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Hi,
    Do you filmed all animals with d500 ? Manual focus or follow focus ?
    Please give me some informations i am near to buy one.
    Thank you for your story and all those pictures ! Great job full of love !

  3. Schönes Video. Ich komme auch aus den Norden hier Ostfriesland und befasse mich trotz Schwerbehinderung mit Filmaufnahmen in der Natur. Demnächst möchte ich auch mit der Fotografie erfolgreich sein.

  4. Great video. Drone shots are amazing. Ur video reminds me of molten hilmer. Keep up the good work. Lil lengthy videos would be great

  5. Kompliment Eike, tolle Aufnahmen, gut erzählte Geschichte, schöner Schnitt. Als Astrofotograf halte ich auch die Natur fest und bin viel an der frischen Luft. Daher kann ich erahnen wieviel Geduld und Leidenschaft in Deinen Aufnahmen steckt. Gern mehr davon!

  6. ich hätte mal eine kleine frage zu fuchsen. Ziehen Füchse die jungen im nächsten Jahr, die jJungen wider im gleichen bau gross oder bauen/ benutzen sie einen neuen bau??

  7. Like Morten Hilmer you photograph animals in the natural relaxed state, totally undisturbed and exactly as it should be. It wasn’t the toughest decision to subscribe.

  8. do not fly your drone so close to the animals, it's been shows that animals can be terrified and feel really uncomfortable. btw great shots!

  9. Hallo, sehr schönes Video!! Gute Tarnung (bis auf den Kameragurt) als ehemaliger Scharfschütze läuten bei mir die Alarmglocken:-) Aber Werbetechnisch natürlich genial..

  10. Haha, genau das gleiche Erlebnis mit dem Fuchs hatte ich auch mal.
    Da saß ich an einem Sommerabend im Wald auf einem Baumstamm und habe vor mich her geschnitzt,
    da kam auch ein Fuchs auf mich zu, die Augen auf den Boden gerichtet, bis er genau vor mir stand und aufschaute.
    Da betrachtete er mein Gesicht, stellte fest, dass ich ein Mensch bin und ist geflüchtet.
    Sehr schönes Video!

  11. Klasse Aufnahmen!! <3
    Bin ich die einzige, die sich fragt, wie er solche Aufnahmen ohne Stativ hinbekommen hat?! 😮

  12. Alles schön. Aber mal `ne Frage: Schaut (hört) ihr euch die Videos vor dem Upload auch mal selber an ? Leise Stimme und dann laute Musik in Krawall Lautstärke. Ist eine Unsitte bei einigen Youtuber geworden, dass die Zuschauer zu Hause am Rechner Nachts das ganze Viertel aufwecken sollen. Schade. Gibt aber dennoch ein Daumen hoch.

  13. Hey möchte auch wildlife Fotografieren meine Frage habe ein sima 150-600mm Comparary reicht das aus oder muss besser klar tarnsachen brauche ich

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