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California Conservation Corps

August 20, 2019

[music & natural sound] Its exactly what I signed up for. There’s so many opportunities here It’s one of the best experiences of my life I’m actually getting paid to do what what I love to do which is to take care of the environment [music] NARRATOR: A year in the California Conservation Corps is unforgettable Every day is different It’s had a tremendous impact The CCC is just a good way to kinda dip your toes in a lot of different things NARRATOR: If it looks like hard work It’s long days Sweat, bleed, cry. NARRATOR: that’s because it is Yeah, I mean it’s it’s hard, but I love it. I really do. It doesn’t feel like working to me NARRATOR: after all, it is in the motto. hard work low pay miserable conditions and more NARRATOR: Since 1976 the CCC has provided young adults the paid opportunity to improve and enhance NARRATOR: California’s natural resources and communities. I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know what I’d be doing besides this. NARRATOR: Corpsmembers fully embrace the CCC motto: hard work low pay miserable conditions and more NARRATOR: So, what does the and more mean? the more is the experience for me NARRATOR: It means something different to every Corpsmember whatever it is that you’re looking for, that’s the more. They just help you get your high school diploma. I’m proud of myself. The and more for me is the scholarships That’s about eight thousand dollars I got my S212, I can use a chainsaw now. An opportunity to get into electrical field going into law enforcement Caltrans Cal Fire, I want to become a forest ranger. The and more is lots all the amazing people You meet I’ve made so many great friends for this program. NARRATOR: Corpsmembers work on a wide variety of projects big and small urban and rural alike. I can’t believe that we are the ones that get to work on this project. NARRATOR: They upgrade lighting as part of the CCC Energy Corps Yeah, we’re helping out schools NARRATOR: and build trails in national parks. Corpsmembers improve rivers and streams for native fish populations. NARRATOR: and learn to prep, cook and serve meals in the culinary program. You’re just always learning. NARRATOR: The CCC protects Californians by reducing fuel for wildfires I just love firefighting that’s why I signed up NARRATOR: And Corpsmembers work on the frontlines with CAL FIRE NARRATOR: U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management on fire crews You are doing some some good work for everybody else. You are doing a good deed for everybody there’s a lot of homes a lot of people that really appreciate us. NARRATOR: All Corpsmembers respond to emergencies both near and far. The CCC gave me the opportunity to respond to Puerto Rico and help them out NARRATOR: Many projects require camping near work sites far away from the city lights NARRATOR: Most last four to eight days. It was just us way out in the middle of the woods NARRATOR: in the Backcountry program, it’s a six month adventure. Your cell phone. Once you get rid of it for about five days. Stop really worrying about it NARRATOR: No matter the conditions. it’s hot pretty hot NARRATOR: The challenge of the work You got to work hard to get what you want NARRATOR: or how spectacular the sights We’re in Yosemite and we get to see these amazing views wherever we hike. NARRATOR: The CCC is about improving neighborhoods NARRATOR: Giving back to the community NARRATOR: And making a difference by maintaining and enhancing NARRATOR: California’s natural splendor, it’s just to preserve the land. We are making a difference for these species NARRATOR: But most importantly Corpsmembers learn a lot about themselves. It’s a lot of things just aside from the job It’s life skills. I feel like it’s turning me into a stern hardworking person I’ve grown a lot in ways that I never thought I could. The CCC made my life better I’m just proud, proud that I did it, you know, I was part of it It opened up doors from and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the California Conservation Corps [music]

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