Calculate Rolling Retention in Cohort Tables
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Calculate Rolling Retention in Cohort Tables

January 9, 2020

(lively music) – [Travis] Hi, this is Travis Sabin, product manager for Adobe Analytics and today we’re goin to be digging into the new rolling calculation
feature in cohort tables in Analysis workspace. So, for the sake of this video, let’s pretend that I work at a major international hotel chain and repeat and loyal customers are the lifeblood of my business as they drive the most revenue and bookings that I see across the board but I wanna understand
who these people are and which of my customers are
the most loyal visitors here. So, let’s build a quick cohort just using visits and repeat visits as my metrics and if I build this here without making any additional changes other than my granularity, I can quickly see how well my app is doing at keeping users coming
back and visiting over time. However, this current calculation, the default calculation is a measure of individuals who have
come after being in part of the inclusion criteria
at any given period. So for example, these
users here in week five may not have visited me during week four or week three, week two or week one. They don’t have to, as
long as they’re part of the inclusion, then they are eligible to be part of the week five grouping but what I really wanna know are the users who did come weeks one and week two, three,
four all the way through until week five, so in
order to do this now, the rolling calculation setting makes this possible, so I
come back to my build state, click on the rolling calculation option and then I go and click Build. Once this builds, now I can say I have a very different cohort table and sadly I don’t have any
users making it all the way to week five or week four and I have one individual who
has made it to week three, so this one individual is the only person who has come on week two and week one and was part of the
original inclusion criteria, so the rolling calculation really helps me understand the stickiness
and the repeat funnel aspects of my users for those who
are continually coming back and meeting the criteria week after week or whatever time period you might be using and so, now I know, out of the millions of customers who are eligible
in my inclusion criteria, I’ve got these handful
of 1,000 cohort users who are the most loyal ones that I am seeing in this grouping. I can take these cohorts and
I can turn them into segments to use them for retargeting or mobile engagement
efforts to send perks, incentives or things like that to make sure I keep my loyal users happy and the rolling calculation
setting is really, really good at identifying and
helping me in this aspect to make it clear and easy who my most loyal users are and I hope that this new
setting is great for you in uncovering these
similar insights for you and your business.

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