Butt Hinges – Pin Retention Part 1/4: Spun Ends
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Butt Hinges – Pin Retention Part 1/4: Spun Ends

January 6, 2020

One of the main purposes of a hinge is that
the leaves rotate around the pin. But if the pin becomes loose and falls out, well, then,
you don’t have much of a hinge anymore, unless, of course, that’s what you actually want.
Spinning the ends is a very secure method of retaining the pin. The spinning process
creates a larger rounded tip on each end of the pin and the spun ends completely capture
the pin into the hinge leaves. For the most part, the hinge pin is now not removable,
and you basically need a saw or grinder to cut off one of the ends if you need to disassemble
this hinge. We also can offer a spun end on just one end of the pin. This works for most
vertical applications and even some horizontal ones, where someone actually wants to be able
to pull the pin and remove the door or panel that the hinge is attached to. So don’t let questions on spun ends spin you
into a confusion. We’ve got these and other hinge pin retention options in stock for your
choosing. Check back for more pin retention option videos soon.

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  1. Have to galvanize a security screen with spun hinges. I have to dissaemble to ensure clearance is there any way to re spin?

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