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BUNNIPLIER ON THE RUN!! | Wildlife Survivor

March 4, 2020

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Wildlife Survivor Now, this is a different type of horror game and an interesting concept You, or should I say, I, am an adorable little bunbun that’s escaped from a pack of wolves in the middle of the woods The only way to get home is to survive the night as a helpless little bunbun ‘You’ve successfully run away from a pack of wolves.’ That’s what I just said. ‘You’re alone, hungry and thirsty.’ ‘You must find food and water’ ‘Rescue the other bunnies.’ So let us go, And hopefully we’ll find… OOOH *nomming sounds* YAYY!! I ATE. LITTLE BU- OHH Little bunniplier already scared Oh It’s a different perspective being an adorable little bunny As adorable as I know I am Ohh This is so weird! OH, HI! IS THAT A WOLFY WOO? Should I run away? OHHHH IT WAS COMING THIS WAY OOOOOOH IT WAS COMING THIS WAY blap blap blap blap blah SO WAH WAH OOOHH I, I think I drank the whole lake DRY. Oh man this is a thirsty bunbun Ohh bunbun gonna go into the woods It’s such a different perspective and this is exactly what I was hoping for It’s the… slightly new experience Little bunniplier, coming through the woods Trying to find more bunnies to make more baby bunnies I don’t know why that’s my first priority, but you know, My head’s on straight, so I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m about It seems that I might have avoided the wolfy Oh man, did I just go into a chasm of doom? oooHEEYYYY WHOOOOOOO HEEEEEEEY WOOOOOOOOOW OH GOD UUUUUH I backed myself into a corner I AM like a wild animal because I AM A WILD ANIMAL HHHH YOU WOULDN’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY [Soft beeping] WHAT’S THE BEEPING WHAT’S THE BEEPING MEAN? WHAT’S THAT MEAN IS THAT A BOMB? AM I A BOMB BUNNY? Oh geez OOH GEEZ OOH GEEZ OH GOD DOES THIS MEAN I’M THAT DESPERATELY HUNGRY I START BEEPING? maybe I’m thirsty Oh god, where am I going? OH GEEZ, I NEED WA WA BUNBUN NEEDS WAWA OOOH SO BADLY OH GEEZ imma die aren’t i AHHHH I’M DEAD?? LITTLE BUNNY JUST FLOPPED OVER DEAD NOONE EVEN SHED A TEAR FOR THE POOR DEAD BUNBUN I didn’t even get eaten NOBODY WANTED MY CORPSE AFTER I WAS DEAD fucking bullshit Ah, so after reading the instructions I have discovered that I was thirsty So I need to… I was getting plenty of food lots of noms for the little bunbun but I need… That’s a wolfy So eh Slurpity slurp Slurpity THEE WE GO THAT’S SLURPIN DOWN INTO MY GUT So there’s a wo– ooohhh Oh no that’s a rock Ha, mysterious how that rock looked exactly like a wolfy woo Kay, we get one more drink UEAHH Uuh Okay, so I was actually right near another bun bun before I keeled over from thirst. That must have been a weird experience for that other bun Just to see a fellow bun bun friend, and then have them immediately die. Is that in front of me? uuh AHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH NELLLYYY Okay, I think we’re okay. *nom nom* eeeauuhh eaauuhhh! eat eat eat eat eat eat! eat lIttle bunny, eat little bunny! Okay, I don’t know where I am now I think I’m lost from uuh, from the other bun that I was going to find uh oh What was that? Was that the tired? Ok So I think that was the chasm that I entered, and I believe I made a right turn somewhere here Oh no, I’m so tired Ok So if I hit a dead end, I’ll- Ok, this is the dead end So it’s just to the right, here Little bunny Little bunny Fuu fuu Running through the forest Holy shit I’m gonna die! Uuh I’m tired OK Ahhh! Bunny! Make babies with me! Ooohh! I saved a bunny Ok that’s good! Ok I saved a bunny *nom nom nom* So the super jump, I can jump out of this chasm heBLEph Oh that didn’t- That’s not as super as I thought it was gonna be… Yeee Yeeee Oh jeez Oh geez That’s not where I wanted to be Little bunny is going in a circle Someone save bunniplier! Please! I’m alone! and scared… Uuuuhhhh [Growling]
AHHHH! OK! [Intense chase music]
Aaaaeeeeyyy Ooooh! Runnin’ runnin’ runnin’ through the woods Oh god! That is some intense music Holy shit! Eeeehhhh It’s right behind me! Aaaah another one!! Oooh god! Oh god oh god oh god oh god Is that a bunny? No that’s a ROCK Aaaggghhh shit! I’m dead Oh god oh god oh goddd Ok I think we’re ok But I think I’m about to die of thirst Oh that runnin’ made me a thirsty bunbun
[Beeping] Bunniplier need some water after having a near brush with DEATH. Okay Where’s Wa-wa? Come on, give me my wa-wa! Please! I’m desperate! I’m desperate! Oh god! Oh no! Oh, I’m gonna die again.
[Beeping getting louder] I’m gonna die of thirst because I’m a failure Aaaaaaaaaghhhh Shit. Those are gonna be my last words when I actually die ‘Aaaaaaaaaghhhh shit!’ And then I’m dead. It’s not funny! It’s not a joke! *Fails to contain laughter* Alright, let me give this another go This time- Okay, so I have a better idea I-I I think there’s probably only one water source? And uh It’s probably only this one So I need to return here Often And then Save my running juice For quickly getting there and back Hey, there you are! Ok So get you Save ’em Yeeeaaah Alright We’re going to have a beautiful family once we get outta here and go to vacation in Maui Aaaahh But for now we’re gonna run for our goddamn life Where’s that ding dong dang WA-WAAA Where’s the wa-wa?! Heeeyy Ok- Oooh there it is Uuuh *Glugging* Little bunny drinking Taking sips with my little… Schhh- …nuffler Whatever- What is it called? Fuck I don’t know! The- the- The bunny nose Bullshit Piece of shit Sniffer Bitch! That’s the technical term for it! Found another wa-wa! That’s not important right now! Tryin’ to- Figure the- Fucking What’s the fucking name of the rabbit’s nose-mouth? The whole thing! I don’t know! Fuck it! Who cares?! Not important! Bunniplier doesn’t need to know! Bunniplier is the best bunny! Bunniplier don’t need to know-known Is that a bunny?!! Helloowww! You wanna be ma- Wife? Hello. Ok, so apparently the first way that I went was the only way that there wasn’t any more water so I fubbernucked my own self Uh oh. Uh oh! Uh ooh! Uh ooh!! Uh ooh!!! Uh ooh!!!! Ooooohh! Heeyyy! Oooh! Let’s go! Away! Forever! God damn it! How am I supposed to be able to find anymore bunbuns? There’s four more! How am I suppose to be able to find four more buns? You can barely see anything in these woods And how are THEY surviving? BUUUUUN I found you! Oooh I got three! I’m not gonna get all six! There’s no way in hell! There’s no way in goddamn hell What is this? Can I light a fire? Bunniplier needs warmth! Bunniplier needs to seduce all the lady bunnies if you know what I mean Oooh! Hello river! Okay! So Bunniplier found a river What does that mean for bunbun? *Glugging* Also, is this supposed to be snow? I didn’t even connect the dots that this might actually be snow Any bunbuns over there? Any bunbuns? Euuuuugh! Can I super jump across this? Ah buuuuhhh! That was a nice jump That was a quality yump! If I need to run away from any- ne’er-do-wells, I know how to do it. Yumpin’. And what, pray tell, is thi- Aaaah! Aaoooh Fuuuck me-eh-eh-eh-eh! Ooo-kay AaaAAAaah That’s not a good sound! I am dead. I’m dead I’m dead! Ooooh! I’m dead! Aaaah bunbun! Four! Four!! I got four! Oooh! Why didn’t you go after thaaa-
[Growling] -aat bunbun instead of me? Oooooohhh NELLY! Super jump! AHHHH! OH FUCK! Oh jee- Oh, god damnit. Ooooh man, that was terrifying! That was terrifying! That was horrifying! A little bunniplier’s heart can’t take that! Heart’s beatin’ over 200 beats per minute! It’s deadly for a little bunbun to be that mean… Ok So that- is- What was the name of this game? Like- Wildlife Survivor, so- I got four of six bunnies which is way better than I thought that I would ever do and that game is shockingly scary because It puts you in the perspective of something that is actually helpless Not just a guy who can’t fight back a monster You’re a bunny A little itty bitty bunny And you’re little itty bitty bunny self is gonna get its ass Bit off By the wolves And the cold And the nature. So, thank you everybody so much for watching You can try this game for yourself down in the description below Let me know if ya Get all six and- Let me know if there is a special ending to play So thanks again! And as always… I will see you, In the next video! Buh-bye! [Outro music: Haunted by Shurk]

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  1. Smexay Bunnay

    (it usually works better when I use the crinkly Facebook sticker bunny ;-;)

  2. ๐ŸŽตlittle Bunnie too jumping trough the woods and wen he died cause he couldn't get some fuckin food wow he fuckin dehydrated him self lol ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ

  3. when he said "its wierd being in the fluffy bunny perspective" so I was like you were a wolf before ? then relized he meant the prey persoective lol.

  4. Bunnipliers! AWAY!!!!!!


  5. wolfs? well i am the leader of wolfs so………..U BETTER RUN BUNNYPLIER I GOT A PACK WITH me……….ok

  6. Markiplier: "That must have been a weird experience for that other bun just to see a fellow bun bun friend and then have them immediately die. Is that in front of me?"
    continues walking and sees wolf
    starts running

  7. When he said "my last words are going to be 'away shit'" I started laughing then he said " it's not funny." And I started laughing harder.

  8. right after the moment when little Bunnyplier said he needs water after that long run he instantly passed the next waterhole on his right without noticing ๐Ÿ˜€
    Little Stupid Bun Bun but cute Bun Bun

  9. Mark: My last words are gonna be "ahhhhhhh si**!", and then I'll be dead.
    Mark: Don't laugh.

  10. whoa whoa WHOA you know bunnies? ok well do you know prairie dogs? their almost the same thing…

    one day i was just petting my aunts prairie dog ( her name is peaches :3 ) and i was feeding it some grass too and ALL THE SUDDEN SHE FREAKING BIT ME BIG TOE TWO TIMES AND I STILL HAVE THE SCAR BUT now they make us put shoes on to go outside if she is loose.

  11. I know this video is old, but my inspiration for my new character came from this game! Thanks so much, Mark! You helped me make Beatrice the bunny and now she's one of my favorite characters that I have! <3

  12. That chase music reminds me of the Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers theme music. Kind of apt, I guess, considering how many variations on scared bunny rabbit humans being hunted down by scary wolf humans there are in the series.

  13. This game was probably the most weirdest one yet but little bunniplier is on the run run and he must eat and drink to survive or he will die die

  14. your walking through the woods at night watching out for slender man when all of a sudden something runs by your feet and all you hear is

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