Bonafide Free Upgrade Kit – Seat Retention Update – Seat Knuckle Plate Update – Plus Bonus item!!!

January 6, 2020

hey guys I’m gonna show you the
difference between I guess the 2017 build of a bonafide SS 1:27 and the 2018
build of the SS 1:27 so I bought both these last year but I had one of them
swap out for the color that the dealer ran out of and so I ended up getting a
2018 model which is the blue one and it’s really what’s being sold in 2019 is
with 20188 the ones over built in 2018 had a tag that said assemble to 2018 the red
one or the orange and rather is 2017 MO now there is a difference
modified did two upgrades that I know of and the other one is under warranty and
so if you go ahead and register your bona fide kayak give me the serial
number on it which is contained down here on this on the backside of your
kayak right here in the plastic it’s been scratched in the clasp there but it
should also be on the origin slip when you get it but if you go ahead and
register your tack you’ll be eligible for the warranty parts and if you look
at this over here 2017 and the 2018 made what you’re gonna
see then one is this is the first is the big thing to meet really is you get the
extra bungee here with these two clips so what this is for is obviously the
seat gets locked down when you set your front runners and gets locked down but
nothing holds it down here so you clip these onto the back bars of the seat and
that just kind of locks the bottom the seat down as well so that’s good you
know especially if you load your boat up back when you lean to see them when you
drive it it’s not flopping over if you get into some bad waves or whatever
you’re standing up or something that’s not gonna get knocked out the second
addition that you don’t have on the 2017 model you’ve got these pads right here
and this stop and what this is for is for the back of the seat and there’s a
bigger back stuff on it just for a safety issue won’t really hold lock in
that seat in place as well and those are the two upgrades I went ahead and
registered my bona fides a couple weeks ago and literally from the time I
registered my bonafide kayaks probably three days later this package
came in the mail and this is the upgrade parts
again under warranty appreciate bonafide doing this seem to want to take care of
the customer base and I mean I didn’t even feel like they had to do this but
but they did I think that’s pretty cool so we’re looking inside here of what
we’ve got they call this the seat knuckle plate update kit is what this
piece is the seat level this goes over the instructions for that here’s the
bungee for this piece right here where we’re gonna tie this bungee on
instructions for that as well as the components for the seat knuckle to be
installed okay now that I have my glasses on at my age I can actually read
this stuff but this is cool okay not only do we get these upgrade parts
but it says once we install the seat deck bracket update kit we send them an
email and include our name and serial number and they will send us a $25
Yakutat gift card so that’s pretty cool I didn’t know that was coming with this
so next one we’re gonna take a look at this bungee put on here instructions two clips so I can tell you
without even looking at the clips that these are gonna have to be threaded get
the clips oh you can tell what how you really cut the clip so we thought like
you out the instruction well there are the instructions I can tell these clips
are gonna go something like this we’re gonna tie them together so let’s take a
look at what it says here they also have a video link to a video clip for the
highrise seat retention of this is a seat retention clips I guess so that’s
what this is and but they’ve got some structure how to do it so we’re just
gonna do it and go from there first thing we’re gonna do is get this
threaded through here here side here on the side all right I try to get these
somewhat centered alright and now we’re gonna stretch this and tie a knot which
is gonna be a fisherman’s knot that they want you to tie on here and there’s
gonna be a pretty good tight fit so I’m gonna get some work it’s stretched out
tuck it in place clip on the seats good and tight cuz now I’ve got a little bit
overlap so let’s get these these knots tied now so basically you’re just tying
a fisherman’s knot you’re gonna tie the two together it’s it’s easier if you
have two people to be honest because you’re pulling tension this is just for
one person to hold the tension but I just cinch that down we’re good to go
and my tags are a little bit long for the hat but I’ve got enough stretch on
here which is gonna hold it good so that’s that boom okay so that’s what
that’s about and then second piece you see your attention basically has these
components here that are gonna mount there’s a left and a right and basically
they’re gonna mouth ready here like that there’s more of a solid lock we’re gonna
drill some pilot holes they actually gave us a 1/8 inch bit that you can use
you don’t have to go out and get a bunch of drill bits if you don’t have any way
fynch bits but it was included with it so you just need to drill and
screwdrivers all you need I’m gonna use drill driver but I’m gonna be careful
they don’t torque you down too tight because you don’t want to do that
in the classic so we’re gonna do that now all right so basically there is a
left and a right so make sure you get it right okay basically we’re gonna do then is grab
the drill and put two holes in to start with and we’re gonna take two of the
screws get it fixed in place and then we’ll lock down the other screws I’m
just getting snow not tightened up too tight and I’m gonna go ahead and drill
the other holes out get the screws in and do the same on the other side and we
will be good to go alright that was done we’ll do the other
same thing alright so I’ve got them both attached in their locks it down lock
mine see you in place there got my clips on and we are good there so all side of
likewise we could go to the lower position on the seat and now you got the
back of the wheel resting on the plastic back here for love for that position so
that’s kinda what you got guys I’m $25 Yakutat gift card on the way so awesome
thank you modified

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