Bobcat Create And Conserve 2016: Day 4
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Bobcat Create And Conserve 2016: Day 4

December 31, 2019

This is a guy that started it all, right here. This is his baby. So just back here with the T 870 in the forestry cutter, cleaning out an area for the food plot. These are two places the guys won’t hunt, just providing some security and a good food source next to a bedding area. So we’re just putting the finishing touches here on the fire pit, and the whole outdoor lifestyle is important to Julie and I so to be able to come in here and grab some of this slate flagstone and all the stuff that’s on the piece of property and actually build a fire pit that we will all get together tonight, and hang out around to kind of put the culmination to the event just kind of a special time for us and we’re looking forward to enjoying it with Glenn and his family. I think the cool thing is you know what, a camp fire no matter where you’re at, any time of the year a camp fire just draws everybody together. That’s cool that now Glenn can enjoy this one with his family. Here’s to a wrap on 2016 Crate and Conserve. Congratulations.

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