Boar traps and best preserved, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 58
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Boar traps and best preserved, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 58

December 9, 2019

The wild boars, they had gone fa from the last place They ate seeds and left traces everywhere This place is suitable for traps An old decaying trap A softwood tree They grow fast as well as dying fast There are many climbing traces here Squirrels and civets Their paws mark a lot on the bark The wild boars’ scratching marks It is quite firm Another few smaller traps After days… A squirrel finding food in the early morning A nice weather Something had been here digging the ground to find earthworms A big wild boar The flies sniffed out very quickly They laid eggs right after detecting the carrion Be careful because this trap is dangerous It is quite heavy (about 120 pounds) There are so many flies’ eggs Meat will be put on a position above the kitchen with 2 foot height High temperature and smoke will help to dispel the flies dry and ripe the meat Need to flip them constantly to make them riped well They are covered with banana leaves in order to diffuse heat The next 2 days They are lighter and smaller than the beginning Smoke meat is dark red and has a typical smell Good smell Great !!! A few small mushrooms

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  2. My Asian homie. This trap can injure another man you see. Maybe leave a sign that says “wild boar trap”. Not like wild boars can read.

  3. โดนคนตายได้ครับอย่าทำเลยเดียวจะโดนคนตาย

  4. จัดฉากป่าวน้อง..บ้านพี่นั่งฮ้างกว่าหมูป่าจะมาต้องรอ2-3คืน

  5. Sizler ne kadar iğrençsiniz,domuz eti sağlık açısından zaten zararlı,birde nasıl mideniz kaldırıyor,ateş üstünde derisini yüzüyorsunuz hiç koku almıyormusunuz🤮

  6. I remember going back home to Philippines and my late Grandfather made me hunt down, slaughter my own pig and butcher it. He wouldn't let me eat otherwise lol .Said it was a right of passage like when he was younger, though its not a traditional thing because he never did make his kids and other grandkids do it.. =.= . . but ,an I miss him, RIP Lolo.. If the world goes to shit don't worry I won't go hungry..

  7. คนนี้ของจริงชุดเดียวทั้งปีเลย อาหารก็เก่งสุดยอด

  8. I mean basically the hole is deep enough to keep the animal trapped inside so don't really understand why to put all the spikes inside because now the meat is starting to contaminate faster. But very nice effort and video! Thank you!

  9. This time not so much burned like a coal. Little bit burned. Great job Man (!) Try to put meats to very safe somewhere…. There is fly insects may throw worms on the meats. You made many basket. I think large leafs and baskets may be usefull about protect cookes meat.

  10. Heyup pal how are you? Hope you're okay mate your pretty survival my friend thanks for sharing every thing with us as I'm from the UK and we've lost all this nollidge my friend so thanks mate bye

  11. ta beleza, o javali caiu na armadilha e apenas 1 estaca entrou direto no coração, mas ta bom neh se ta no youtube é verdade

  12. So you put raw guts of a boar into the river and clean it in the river and then also drink water straight from the river

  13. I like to smoke meat. Leaving the fat on will make it turn bad faster.
    Perhaps render the fat and store in a ceramic jug? Great for cooking and candles.

  14. Amazing works brother! I just wonder, do you not ever get sick? From mosquito bites? From some of the foods that you eat? From the water there that you drink? From the cold? And lots of other things from the forest.

  15. Build a big house 🏠 in a cave , by water 💦. Generate electricity from that water 💦, and grow crops . Then. Trap fish 🐠 by using rocks to trap them like a maze ..and you’ can live a peaceful life , without mental or physical abuse anymore, just run away from people .

  16. Men:makes trap and kills hog then cooks and preps it properly while tearing it off a stick.
    Woman: id like it medium rare with light salt and a side salad.

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