Big Cats On Witness Protection?  In 3D
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Big Cats On Witness Protection? In 3D

December 24, 2019

[Music] When states pass laws to ban the private possession of big cats, they always include a grandfather clause that allows the people to have the big cats to keep them, but doesn’t allow them to buy or breed more. There is usually a requirement that people register their big cats with the state when such a law is passed, so that the state knows if the person is compliant. When people refuse to comply with the new laws, the state will sometimes seize the animals if they think the public is at risk. That often results in years of legal battles between the states and the law breakers who use wild animals in their money-making schemes. State law enforcement agencies are not equipped to provide years of care to animals that can cost thousands of dollars per year in food and vet care alone. That’s when they call Big Cat Rescue. We provide the best care and environment these cats have ever known during the long court cases and we do it for free. Big Cat Rescue gets no funding from the government but often steps in to help government agencies. Sometimes we cannot tell you the name or the horrific stories of abuse that these animals have suffered until the last appeals courts has ruled in the favor of the states, for the protection of the cats from the criminals who would often rather see them dead than living the good life at Big Cat Rescue. We do not take their photos, videos or talk about anything specific about the cats while they are in the Big Cat witness protection program. This is what happened to four of our residents here at Big Cat Rescue; three female Tigers, Jasmine, Dutchess and Sapphire and our one black leopard Jinx. These cats were seized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture back in 2015 from Ohio’s Tiger Ridge Exotics Roadside Zoo. It took four years but we can finally say that these four beautiful cats are now safe in their new home where there will be protected respected and loved [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Want to volunteer, intern, donate or simply learn more about us and our mission? Visit Big Cat Rescue dot org today [Music] EDITED-DQ

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  1. Congratulations guys! Thank you for all your hard work in helping these Amazing/beautiful cats!! Keep up the great work! Would love to volunteer but I live in Massachusetts. Is there another location closer to here I can volunteer at?

  2. I love the videos that allow me to see all the around the enclosures since I live too far away to come in person. Keep them coming. Love BCR <3

  3. Love this you feel like you are almost There ❤️ Beautiful ❤️ tradgic that you have to fight for something that is Wrong and evil 😠

  4. What sorry world we live in where these majestic creatures are robbed from their natural environment and taken hostage, simply for the amusement of ignorant's and to fill the pockets of criminals who don't care if they live or die?
    We must be grateful for facility's as BCR, who offer refuge and sanctuary for victims of this kind of cruelty.
    And we must support them as long as their existence is needed.

  5. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it would have been if they had to be returned. Thankfully we have four more beauties to represent their breeds and help raise big cat abuse awareness. They can't be free, but since they're safe at BCR it's wonderful to be able to enjoy them. The fact Big Cat Rescue takes in at risk cats without cost is more reason to donate.

  6. Thank you for all you do for these cats, especially those who have endured such suffering at the hands of humans who only want to exploit them. BCR is truly a lifesaver for these cats. And thank you for providing the facts about the amateur zoos, so-called "sanctuaries", cub petting scams and the like. It's tragic how much these beautiful creatures of God are made to suffer for their human owners' profit. All y'all at BCR restore my faith in humanity! Much love to everyone there, human and feline, especially new arrival TomTom, who captured my heart.

  7. Tigers don't have an easy life in the wild. In some ways they're better off in captivity in a place ike BCR, not someone's backyard who thinks they have a pet.

  8. I love u BCR u guys make world better for cats…….love u guys keep rocking …….give life for many more cats…… love from Chennai India

  9. it's my birthday!!!! (for real. i'm so happy your witness protection giant-large-economy-size bbs got to stay with y'all and be safe, well-treated, and spoiled just the right amount.)

  10. I love the work you do and the videos, but these narrations are painful to listen to😂 It’s either a really good robot or a really bad human🧐

  11. The dialogue does not go well with the music. I have to turn UP the volume to hear the woman speak and then I have to turn the volume DOWN when the music is playing. So annoying.

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