Best videos for YOU to make on YouTube? – TubeBuddy Retention Analyzer
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Best videos for YOU to make on YouTube? – TubeBuddy Retention Analyzer

January 5, 2020

Hello TubeBuddies! In this video we’ll show you which videos are keeping people watching… and which videos might be driving people away! [Tips & Tricks Bumper] With TubeBuddy’s new Legend Feature, Retention
Analyzer, we can show you how your videos perform at different time intervals. This is helpful in determining which videos
might be losing people during the intro or perhaps finding large common drop-offs towards
the end of your videos. As a test, we have been changing up the beginnings
of some of our videos, and we want to see how they’re performing! To start using this feature, Head to the TubeBuddy
Drop Down Menu. Under website tools, We’ll select Retention
Analyzer and this will bring us to this screen! You’ll see that you get a few options for
filters – you can choose your video types, video lengths and how many minutes you want
to see. [Show options on the right hand side] We’ll choose Uploads and All Lengths. Then we recommend refreshing your data just
to make sure it’s the most up to date! While it’s refreshing, TubeBuddy analyses
your most recent 25 uploads in addition to your top 25 most viewed videos of all time. Now that it’s loaded, you’ll see your
video here on the left hand side and it’s full duration length. Then you’ll see the percentage of viewers
that watched that video to 10 Seconds, 30 seconds, a minute, a minute 30, and 2:00 minutes. You will also see how many viewers made it
halfway through the video, to the End Screens and finally, to the videos end. This data is helpful because if I know, for
example, at 1 minute in I lose over half of my audience, then I need to change something
in the beginning of my videos to keep people watching! In a perfect world, you want 100% of your
viewers watching every video until the very end, but if you can get above 50% to watch
until your end screens, that’s awesome! It shows you that your video is keeping your
viewer’s interest, and that type of video, be it length, topic, etc., is good for your
channel! What content do you think performs the best
for you? We want to know! Use #tubebuddyretention in the comments, and
let us know what you think about the tool! If you want to learn the most about TubeBuddy
consider subscribing, I’m Andrew Kan from TubeBuddy and thank you all so much for watching!

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  1. Which videos do you think perform best for you? #tubebuddyretention Want a free trial upgrade, and haven't had one before? Check out this video:

  2. Another good one Andrew! I have been digging into my videos also…lots of data to analyze, but I have found some things that have been very interesting and have helped me really increase watch time.

  3. What would you recommend for kids channel creators? I have a toddler who clicks through even his most favorite videos after 20 or 30 seconds sometimes. My audience is around that age and I'm not sure what to do

  4. I love the tips I get on tube buddy!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ They help me so much. Have seen my channel grow so much since I have been following the tips! Thanks guys

  5. Looking at the pricing table, it looks like this is only available in the Legend license.

  6. Morning TubeBuddy team!!! Well, technically it's night in the USA now ๐Ÿ˜…
    The retention is a big "problem" for me. I mean, I've tried anything but it looks people just click away after 5/10 seconds.

    I thought I was boring but I tried literally any kind of videos, comedy, entertaining (at least for me), tutorials, songs, longer videos, really short videos…
    But I always get the same result: people click away after a few seconds.. I have the feeling it's not just my problem. I think people just have too many options now and they don't feel like waiting or watching a whole video anymore.

    Plus, I have a couple of trolls that click, leave a thumbs down and then close the video. (They have 40/50 google accounts)… So, I think this will affect my audience retention.
    What's your thought?

    Thanks as always!!!

  7. unique content #Tubebuddyretention being a #music #improvisation teaching channel we keep videos moving fast with great content, no unnecessary waffling !!

  8. Pointless because people have to pay for the legend level in order to use it, this shouldn't be a paid tool but instead a free one. Next time before you do this video or any future video please share what level you need to be at (aka what purchase package)in either at the start of your videos or in the title, thus saving people a lot of time rather then wasting it watching a video for a feature they cant use.

  9. It's really unfortunate that the best features are only available on the Legend level, which is far too expensive for the average person. What are the chances of this getting pushed down to lower tiers eventually?

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