Ape Genius Part 1 of 6 (Greek Subs)

September 22, 2019

[Applause] something strange is happening in the forests of Africa chimpanzees are doing things no one has seen them did before [Applause] [Music] they were in a partying mood but that’s not all at a site called fungo reassemble they will soon enter the remarkable way of catching a meal they’re making Spears and hunting just like our ancestors are big saves developing human-like skills in their own environment after all the great apes chimpanzees orangutangs gorillas and bonobos seem so much like us it’s hard not to feel a deep connection we have come to see that we’re much more similar to them than we ever imagined but for every revelation about the power of their minds another shows up a stunning difference if you think that human genetics and genetics are 99% the same what we’ve managed to achieve and our current position on earth is so strikingly different from that of apes we’re trying to figure out what is it that makes us human what’s the little difference that makes the big difference how big is the gap between them and us [Music] what’s holding them [Music] in a remote part of Africa there is something new Under the Sun our closest living relatives are getting bold chimps are supposed to be afraid of water but this young male is climbing down for a dip [Music] he keeps a hand on the natural safety line as he overcomes his fear as a boy or girl ever had so much fun in the swimming hole while chimps have never been seen before playing like this [Music] at fun goalie in Senegal anthropologist killed Prince a psychologist Andrew whiten are getting an extraordinary glimpse of chimp emotions the personality of chimpanzee is extremely excitable I’ve hardly ever seen a facial expression like that I mean that was extreme excitement to the stage of car losing control play in the water they play a lot in the water this is only one of a rush of discoveries that is painting a surprising picture of eight minds they are more like us than most researchers ever imagined one by one the skills and emotions we once thought were uniquely human are being found in Apes [Music] still specific mental gaps the little differences that make the big difference will ultimately explain why we study them or not the other way around while the swimming hole is revealing chimps emotions in the field a new laboratory study is showing off their amazing rational powers at the Max Planck Institute for evolutionary anthropology in Leipzig Germany psychologist Josef cold places a peanut inside a clear tube how can the chimpanzee get the snack she’s never seen this puzzle before for 10 minutes there’s no solution inside and all of a sudden boom they solve it [Music] they have to understand that they can use to the water as it too [Music] it’s interesting because the water itself it doesn’t have any shade using water as a tool seems like something we would do on a good day another tool is being put to remarkable use by wild chimps in their quest for a meal back in Senegal Jill preached has been keeping a close eye on the chimps eating habits throughout Africa chimps eat almost anything and they have a particular taste for meat here their favorite prey is the bush baby a small nocturnal planet but these chimps aren’t catching bush babies barehanded breathe kasim chips making Spears and using them to hunt Andrew whiten hopes to join the ranks of the few who have witnessed this extraordinary behavior to make a sphere legend starts by breaking off a branch then sharpening the tip all in the quest to capture bush baby in its daytime sleep in hollow so the next step would be that the chimp would approach the cavity and sometimes look in take their tool firstly into the cavity multiple times it may not be ice pick sharp but when driven by an arm after five times as strong as a human’s it’s a potentially lethal weapon they always either sniff it or lick it when they withdraw the tool what they may do is actually break open the entire cavity and if they’re lucky find out this baby inside break strip sharp and stab these chimps take a series of distinct steps in a carefully premeditated hunt threesome white and are closing in on the answers most of the 20 spear hunts observed by priests have taken place during the rainy season [Music] [Music] over time she’s seen every stage of the kill [Music] a Gin Fizz inspecting a hollow looking for a bush baby she breaks off a branch and makes a sphere the first time I saw I can’t make a tool I think I said something like where is she going and what she’s gonna do with that jewel she nibbles the tip to sharpen it then with the aid of her foot she aims the point into a hollow frites has made a landmark discovery never before has any non-human species be known to routinely make and use deadly weapons so what does spear hunting reveal about how chimpanzees think frites and her team have seen about half of the chimps here brandishing weapons which means spear hunting has spread through much of the group that seems natural to

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