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ADT/ Protection 1 Security System Review

January 6, 2020

Gabe: Hello, folks, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today we’re reviewing the ADT home security
system. If I had to decide which is the most recognizable
brand on the market today I’d say ADT, hands down. Do they deserve this distinction? Let’s find out. [background music] Gabe: If you want to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google “Security Baron best home security systems.” If you have a question about today’s review
leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to you. Today in our review I’ll discuss what comes
in the box, how easy it is to set up, how easy it is to maintain, its professional monitoring
service, customer support and the [inaudible 0:45] . Before I jump in, let’s talk about ADT and
Protection 1. It’s a little bit confusing. You might google, “ADT,” end up with a document
that says, Protection 1.” You might sign an agreement that says, “Protection
1,” but elements of it are ADT. You download the app that says, “ADT Pulse,”
but your products all say, “Protection 1.” There was a merger that happened a few years
ago between these two companies. They thought they could really help each other
out, so they merged into one. ADT and Protection 1 are the same company
now. When I was on the phone with ADT, they told
me that whatever you order will come as Protection 1. That was my experience and I just wanted to
make that clear before we jump into the review. In my ADT system, I got the keypad, motion
sensor, door and window sensor, keychain fob, glass break frequency detector, indoor camera,
and Smart Lock. Let’s start with the keypad. Now the keypad is different in the fact that
it actually still has buttons. There are two buttons at the bottom along
with the touchpad that allow you to control everything in your system. You’ve got your speaker on this side, your
touchscreen, and two buttons that allow you to call the police, call for a fire, or arm
and disarm your system. The base also serves as the touchpad. It’s pretty easy to work with. You simply take it and put it on a desk, plug
it in and you’re ready to go. These are the door and window sensors on the
ADT Security System. They are almost identical to every other system
in terms of what they look like. There’s always one larger piece, one smaller
piece. The larger piece goes on the frame of the
door, or the window and the smaller piece goes on the part that actually moves. Essentially when these get too far apart,
they will alert your system that a door has been opened, or a window has been shut. Unlike the door and window sensors with the
ADT Security System which are essentially identical to every door and other sensor,
the motion detector is different. The design looks like a sunflower underneath
the typical part. This is the only part that essentially a keen
to other motion detectors. In addition, this manufactured motion
detector has interesting mounting hardware that I’ve not really seen before, but what
we really care about in this sense beyond the aesthetics which I’m not the biggest fan
of is how well it works. In this case, this motion detector has a lot
of capabilities. It will see everything inside of a 35 by 40
foot room. In New York, very rarely are we in rooms much
larger than that. In addition, it can actually distinguish between
pets and animals depending on how high you put it. It’s better than other motion detectors in
terms of being able to distinguish between the two. With those capabilities, we’re definitely
ahead of the game. Even more so, when you look at the fact that
it has a seven-year battery life on it. Those are my thoughts on ADT Security System
motion detector. The ADT system also comes with this keychain
remote. I actually really liked this remote. It’s all black, sleek, very New York. You do have these little figures that kind
of let you know what to do. You have the disarm, the away, the stay so
that it’s armed but it knows that you’re in the home and your panic button. With this, you can come in and out of your
home without thinking about arming the system on the keypad or using your app. You can do it all directly from here. That’s the keychain fob remote for the ADT
Security System. Included in the ADT Home Security package
was manufactured indoor security camera. It comes with typical white and black with
mat right around the lens and a glossy perimeter. I actually really liked the extent to which
it can rotate and swivel and just extend itself. It’s a pretty flexible camera in that sense. On the bottom, you got your rubberized mat
so that you can put it on the things easily. On the back, you got your power adapter and
Ethernet port. Over all, just a basic design with a very
similar aesthetic to a lot of the other indoor cameras we have seen at Security Baron. Let’s jump into Security Baron’s necessary
features test to give a quick rundown on how well this camera works. When it comes to the necessary feature of
video quality, the camera does come with our standard 1080p high definition video. However, it lacks when we talk about its field
of view being only 113 degrees. We like to see at least 120 degrees there. On the actual app on your phone, you can do
some digital zoom but the zooming capabilities are limited. 1080p, great. A 113-degree field of view, not so great. Let’s look at its audio options. Fortunately, when it comes to the necessary
feature of two-way audio the camera for ADT does come with two-way audio. You can talk in a room, they can talk back. You can yell at someone in a room, and they
can yell back. You do get two-way audio with the
manufactured camera. Night-vision is a Security Baron necessary
feature because you need to be able to see what’s going in a dark room. Fortunately, there are two infrared LED lights
on the camera, so that you can see what’s happening in the dark. While it may not be the most, infrared LED’s
is definitely adequate considering where this camera sits in the market. Here at Security Baron, we like to see both
local and cloud storage as it a Security Baron necessary feature, with the powered
camera, the ADT Protection 1 system does not come with local storage. However, inside of the app you can save all
types of clips with the cloud storage that is built in. Local storage, no, but cloud storage, ample
space. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Security
Baron necessary feature of smart platform integration like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant,
Apple HomeKit, We’re not getting much from this camera. You’re are not able to speak to it using you
echo or your Google Home and that’s a bit unfortunate. When it comes to smart platform integration,
this camera doesn’t have it. Finally, much like the Security Baron necessary
feature of smart platform integration, when it comes to artificial intelligence, this
camera is a bit disappointing. There are no artificial intelligence options,
you don’t have any person detection or facial recognition, so you are completely reliant
on the professional monitoring services of ADT. Included in the ADT Home Security package
that we purchased is a quick-set manufactured smart lock. Smart locks are very useful, but before you
jump into why that’s the case, let’s talk about the construction of this piece. It comes with various pieces, the deadbolt,
not pictured here, but this part goes on the inside, this part goes on the outside. We actually bought the Satin Nickle version,
it’s basically made out of metal, feels very hardy and definitely gives the impression
of being a very substantial lock. However, it’s a smart lock. What does that mean? It means, I can open it directly on my computer,
in the app, or by typing in the keypad. You may have someone who’s little bit more
old-school, like a grandfather who just doesn’t want to be bothered. You can give them a physical key and they
can always get into your home. There’s options to unlock and lock the door
regardless of, the way you want to do it, right here with the quick-set smart lock with
the ADT Home Security System. Now of course, my favorite, our signs and
window decals. These are very important. You put these up in your yard, on your window,
so that any potential intruder is deterred by knowing that you have a home-security system
that works, that your home is being professionally monitored, and you’re monitoring it with all
of the sensors and alerts that are going directly to your phone. You know what’s happening at all times. Don’t forget about your yard sign and window
decals. Now that you everything in our ADT Protection
1 System, let’s talk about the process of setting it up. The fortunate thing is, they simply pre-program
the entire system before it arrives at your house. When it gets to you, it’s ready to go, you
plug it in, you call them, and you activate it. There isn’t too much to be done related to
figuring things out, except for when it comes to your indoor WiFi camera and your smart
lock. The camera is a little bit confusing because
of this manufacturing versus the ADT app. Ultimately, they are the same, but when you’re
going through the process of setting up your indoor WiFi camera, it’s definitely useful
to do that on a computer. I set it up on a computer, I used the back
of the box, and I was ready to go within 15 minutes. I just want to make a quick note on installing
your quick-set smart lock. If you’ve ever installed a dead-bolt lock
before, it’s essentially the same process with of course a few electronic components. When you’re setting it up and you’re not using
an expert, you would just follow the installation guide that comes with it. You can even watch a few YouTube videos on
that process, and you’re going to want to of course remember to, pick out the battery
pack and reinstall it in the system. To summarize the overall convenience of setting
up the ADT Home Security System, I’ll say the following. It’s great that everything is pre-programmed. You don’t really have to do much, once it
arrives at your home. You do need to call ADT to get a few bits
of information and to ultimately activate your system, but your time on the phone with
ADT can be limited. Which is not what I can say for a lot of the
other systems out on the market. I was able to do almost everything without
even calling them and getting it ready to go. Of course adding in the lock is going to take
more time, but generally you can have the whole system set and ready to go within an
hour. Now you’re thinking, “Alright, I’ve got my
whole system set up. It was easy. It was convenient. I’m safe. I’m secure.” Hold on. I’m here to tell you that maybe you aren’t. You are for the time being. What about when you’re tied up late at work
or you go on vacation? That’s when it comes down to your 24/7 professional
monitoring. Let’s talk about what that means. 24/7 professional monitoring means that no
matter what’s going on, at whatever hour, there’s a team of trained professionals at
your disposal to dispatch the proper authorities in the case, that one, they can’t get a hold
of you or they call you and you say, “I need the proper authorities.” That is what we are talking about when we
say professional monitoring from ADT. With that professional monitoring you can
also get environmental monitoring. With the environmental monitoring system from
ADT that can basically work seamlessly with your professional monitoring, you can get
a co2 sensor, a flood sensor, a smoke detector, and a panic alert button. These are all options if you would like more
services built into your professional monitoring. While we didn’t buy those for our system because
we have multiples already installed, we thought that is something you should definitely know
about as part of the professional monitoring package. Also, I’d be remiss not to mention the cellular
connection that you should get as a back up to the system. You have landlines that could be cut, power
lines that can be cut, and you want to have a cellular backup. You can get something called Safeguard Cellular
Connection with no additional contract as a part of your professional monitoring package. Now, when discussing the package I’d love
to be able to tell you exactly how much each thing costs but that’s really dependent on
the components that you buy and your ability to negotiate on the phone. While the professional monitoring starts at
$28.99 a month, that’s very dependent on the services that you want and the pieces that
you have. I can’t tell you all the pricing information,
that is going to be very much based on your conversation with the sales representative
at ADT. Being an old school company, it shouldn’t
come as a surprise that they are also old school with their contracts. With ADT you are signing a three-year contract. As I always say, you want to read your fine
print as to exactly what you are signing and know that there is a refund and return policy,
bu just be careful for when exactly that is triggered for your system. Be cognizant of the three-year contract with
ADT. Whoa, whoa, whoa, quick break, let’s take
a second. Each month at Security Baron we are giving
away a $200 Amazon gift card and the rules to enter are simple. Subscribe to our page, leave us a comment,
and you’ll be entered to win a $200 gift card. Let’s get back to the video. Now, that we’ve talked about the calls that
you don’t want to have with professional monitoring, let’s talk about calls you really hope to
not have to make with customer support. There are a few options with customer support
with ADT, and honestly, they’re pretty awesome. You’ve got the ability to live chat with someone
on the Internet. You can call them directly. You can dive into the deep trove of information
on their website or on the app, or get this and this is new, you can Facetime with someone
at the company, ask your question and get answers. That’s pretty impressive. In our experience there was a bit of a wait,
while calling, and that’s just because ADT is one of the most popular companies for home
security. If the customer is always right then that
does not bode well for ADT when it comes to their Google ratings. Which is just 2.6 out of 5 stars. All of the reviews mentioning customer support
were negative. A lot of those reviews had to do with billing
issues, specifically related to canceling the policy and what happens when you move. Be sure to read your fine print. Let’s move on to the Better Business Bureau,
which ADT has been accredited by since 2013. They really do not do well here despite given
an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Remember the Better Business Bureau only really
talks about whether or not they are advertising truthfully and complying with government guidelines. When it comes to reviews however, there are
over 3400 complaints. Which may be expected considering they’re
the largest company out there, but they only got one star out five in terms of their average
review. A lot of those reviews had to do with the
products and services. That doesn’t bode well for their customer
support. When it comes to customer support as we’ve
seen from the Google and Better Business Bureau reviews it’s a simple, yikes. However, we’re mostly going to be interacting
with the company and its products and services through the app, so let’s see how they fared
there. With our system from Protection 1 we actually
use the app. It seems that a lot of home security systems
are moving towards making that uniformity in that app available. In the app you’ve got 4.4 ratings
on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, with the vast majority being 5 star
reviews for the app, which is used by ADT. Let’s jump into it. We’re on the home page looking at the ADT
Home Security System and the app. Right on that first page you get scenes at
the top that allow you to just quickly set the arming of your ADT system. In the middle you just have system armed or
disarmed. If I were to push on that large shield the
options for armed stay or arm away come up with an orange shield and a read shield. If I continue I can go down and see if I uploaded
any recent images taken by my camera. I can go into my locks, or, as you can see
right here, this is the live view of me recording this video. All available right here in the app. Below that I like the nice little touch of
the weather. The weather has the zip code of where I live
and voila. I can make that full screen, as you can see
there. I’ll get out of that. Let’s go back to this home page. Before we go into the settings or the history
options let’s look at that lock. We have the Smart Lock set up and I tap on
the…what looks to be the unlock. I can hit the red lock button and you’ll hear
the system arm itself, or rather hear the lock, lock itself. [loud locking sound] Gabe: That’s our system locking. Now, if I hit settings in the top left corner,
you see a host of options come up. You can say a lot of things about the
app, but you can’t say that it doesn’t come with tons of different options. I can hit scenes which gives us what we see
at the top of the home page, home, away, sleep, and wake up. I can look at the security system. I see in the security system that my system
is currently disarmed. I can arm it. I tap there. I can turn off entry delay for example so
that there’s no time between the moment I hit that arming and the moment that it’s actually
arming the system. I can look at my living image sensor, my front
door, my window one, window two, see if they’re all closed. I can go look at the images, my locks which
I’ve just done — unlocked the system. If I had a garage door I can look at that. I can look at video here. What do you have in that home page, you can
also go specifically to video. You can record a clip of that video there. It becomes available in a couple of minutes. If I had lights set up under my service plan
I can set them up there. Same goes for thermostats. Then I can go and look and manage my push
notifications. Those are the notifications that have sent
to your phone that you’ll always capture. For geo services, I can set that up so that
any time I leave my home the system will arm itself. App setting, of course, I have an iPhone 10. I can actually set it up so that it reads
my face, or just simply takes a passcode below that and you get tips from, so because
I have an iPhone it’s giving me Siri shortcuts. I can take a tour of the app, contact support
directly. What’s interesting there is you can call the
Protection 1 phone line, you can submit a ticket explaining what your issue is, and
even set a time for them to call you back. That’s really useful and I really appreciate
that as a customer support option. Let’s go back to our home page. On the upper right-hand corner, I can look
at the history. This tells me all the things that I’ve done. It says, “12:18, unlocked. 12:16 I locked the door.” I logged in successfully at 12:05. It tells me when I open and close the front
door. 11:05, close one. 11:02 I opened it. My living image sensor is activated. That’s just another word for a motion detector. These are all things that you can look at
in your history and one of my favorite capabilities built-in to the system. This is us checking out and giving our impressions
of the app as it pertains to the ADT Protection 1 Home Security System. We’re looking at the base hub and touch keypad
for the ADT Protection 1 Home Security System. If you look on the left there’s a large speaker,
microphone, and you’ve got two buttons below the touchpad. With the plus button, I get options to call
the fire department or the emergency services. If I hit the home I go back to my home page
on the touch screen. Let’s jump into that touch screen now. Initially, looking at the touchpad, you’ve
got your date and time on the left, which changes in every few seconds and introvert
with the forecast for the day. Which is a nice touch to be able to look at
that and always know exactly what’s going on around you and where you are in time. The important elements of the touchpad, of
course, are found in security and services on the right side of the screen. If I hit security you get three options arm,
menu, and status. Let’s jump into that menu, to begin with. I hit menu and I get arm, emergency, and toolbox,
and below that time, and voice. I’ll just show you what it’s like to turn
off the voice. Automated Voice: Voice announcement off. Gabe: Turn it back on. Automated Voice: Voice announcement on. Gabe: This will essentially tell you whatever
you’re doing in the system. If I hit toolbox I have to enter the code
to access. Boom, I’ve got user management, system history,
system test, bypassed sensors, brightness and volume, and time setup. Let’s go back to that first one. The fast way is I can hit the home button,
hit security again, and go down to status. Automated Voice: System disarmed. Gabe: Now I know where I am. OK, I’ve not armed that system. Let me go ahead and arm it. Hit back, go to the arms, and I can hit stay
or away to arm my system. If I hit stay it’ll know that I’m still in
the home, or away. Automated Voice: Arming away. Exit now. Gabe: This is your delay. You want to always keep that delay so that
it doesn’t immediately armed when you’re leaving the home. I don’t actually want to arm my system right
now, so I go ahead and hit disarm. Automated Voice: System disarmed. Ready to arm. Gabe: You must always type in your four-digit
code whenever your arming or disarming the system. Let’s go back to that home page. This is how you manage the various services
that are generally connected by Z-Wave technology. Just another couple of things you can do on
that front page are control the screen itself, turn it on or off which is useful. Hit it back and I can control the volume,
I can do a silent exit, enter a delay all of that is controllable directly from there. That is the base hub and touch keypad for
the ADT Protection 1 Home Security System. Let’s check out the video quality on the indoor
security camera that comes with the ADT Protection 1 Home Security System. It’s got crisp [inaudible 24:21] video as
you can see right now. It only has a 113-degree field of view, which
isn’t ideal but it’s definitely capturing everything in this room pretty well. We do have digital zoom capability as you
can see here in the Baron Dean as I’ve named in this camera. If I go ahead and use the globe, you can actually
pick up on the country’s pretty well especially as I go in and do our digital zoom. This is the manufactured indoor
security camera that comes with the ADT Protection 1 Home Security System. Here I am checking out the night vision on
the manufactured indoor security camera that came with my ADT Protection 1
Home Security System. It has two infrared LED lights on each side
of the camera. It actually works pretty well. It’s pretty adequate. While it may not be the best night vision
we’ve seen on an indoor security camera, it’s definitely not the worst. Let’s give a little globe test to see what’s
happening. You could actually see pretty well on this
globe, use the zoom-in function, come a little bit closer. You can capture everything on this night vision. We’ve said a lot about ADT Protection 1 Security
System. Ultimately what you want to know is, is it
right for me? I’d just say this, the customer support is
underwhelming. The three-year contract is a little bit much
for us. However, if you want one of the most popular
and trusted professional monitoring services in the game, ADT can provide that, and it’s
honestly a very easy system to get up and going. Ultimately you’re going to have to do you. Those are our thoughts on the ADT Home Security
System. [background music] That’s our review of the ADT Protection 1
Home Security System. If you appreciated this video give us a like
and hit that subscribe button. As always this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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