A wild life – A story by Chris Schmid
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A wild life – A story by Chris Schmid

January 5, 2020

why did I choose wildlife I still find
it hard to define what it is that I love about wilderness it may in fact be more
a mixture of passion and obsession but I know I love it with an almost painful
intensity I can never have enough of nature as a wildlife photographer and
filmmaker it is a lifestyle that I live and breathe there is an insatiable
desire in me to explore with my camera in hand to try and capture a fleeting
moment that encapsulates the soul of an animal
in the pursuit of the perfect shot I have found myself waiting patiently for
hours under the African Sun braving storms and freezing to the core in
Norway all in hope that I can capture something unique a special insight into
their life and all of this drives me to speak out on behalf of wildlife to be
their voice when I choose my equipment ahead of an expedition I always think
about what I will need to best tell my story
each trip is different every moments is precious and I have to capture these
rare and fleeting occasions to the highest quality so that the images can
be everlasting and impact form today we are lucky enough to have many cameras to
choose from but for me the best get has to fall into three major categories it
has to be fast it has to be light and maneuverable and the absolute be-all and
end-all is the image quality for me the sony alpha cameras tick all the boxes i am particularly fascinated by big cats
and when spending time with them you try and predict their behavior in their
movements but you can never be 100% sure of what’s going to happen that is the
beauty of wildlife photography and it’s this uncertainty that makes the moments
more intense more thrilling but you have to be ready for that perfect shot and
that’s why the speed of my equipments is essential you can capture a hunts at 10
frames per second for being able to capture it at 20 frames per second
without any shutter noise is a different story and it enables me to dissect every
movements seizing each instance with the aim of capturing the image that best
represents the scene of just witnessed but the frame rates would be of no use
without the possibility of continuously following my subjects and the fact of
having a blackout free viewfinder enables me to stay in permanent contact
with the all the while with my hands free of any
movements so that I can be reactive should there be even the slightest
change in direction on top of all that’s that images need to be sharp and when I
say sharp I mean in focus even when my subject is partially obstructed from
view I need to be able to trust it and only worry about regulating my shutter
speed and aperture so that I can produce the effect I’m looking for to be honest
I know that in most cases the camera or give me great confidence which means I
can concentrate on other aspects such as the composition of my image but for me
the quality of the image remains the most important thing the sensor needs to
be able to capture as much data as possible in order to most accurately
replicates what I say the more information my image has the higher its
dynamic range will be but even with the best sensors available it’s the lenses
that give your image its final look it’s they that define the Micro contrast the
sharpness the bokeh and your images unique identity you can play with all
the settings you want in post-production but you will never be able to replicate
the purity of a lens and this is the strength of the G master range lenses
that enable me to cover fields that go from 16 millimeters to 800 millimeters
all the while honoring the resolution of the new sensors I can have access to the
most extensive lens lineup which is fully optimized for mirrorless
full-frame system Photography has altered the way I see
things and now my eyes continually seek the perfect light and my world is made
of four lines deaths and movements but through my work I hope to raise
awareness around the issues affecting our planet and enable people to be
transported out into nature to feel its power admire its beauty and understand
its fragility I always think if you follow what you love it will not lead
you astray yes there is risk to what I do but there is nothing more intense and
hypnotic than a lion looking straight at you but why because it makes me feel
alive you

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  3. wow, nailed this one Sony. The narration in this is fantastic, the imagery is unbelievable and the quality from start to finish is top notch. WELL DONE.

  4. Im proud to be a wildlife photographer and Sony alpha a99ii shooter and soon I’ll get an a7iii, I can’t wait 😊❤️😊

  5. After +10 years shooting wildlife with Nikon gear, I must say: switching to Sony right now. Sony's alpha portfolio is just amazing. Great Story, powerful narration and footage.

  6. Wonderful video and advertisement for Sony ! Really impressed by the image quality. With which camera was this video taken ? A7RIII ? A9 ? Keep going with the great job

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