5 Man Pass Protection

January 4, 2020

When we talk 5 Man Protection these are the basic concepts that are
critical for our offensive line to understand they’re critical for the quarterback to
understand and also the receivers but most important of offensive line
quarterback. Our number 1 priority is to always protect the quarterback backside
always protecting the quarterback backside there’s no exception to that. We want the
quarterback to have confidence and never to be looking over his shoulder. Secondly we don’t want to allow any
internal A or B gap run through pressure. No A or B
gap run through pressure, why? So the quarterback can step up into the
pocket and throw the ball and follow through. The next any 4 weak pressure, the quarterbacks
backside, any 4 weak pressure is always handled by the slide side of the
protection. So as we discuss our rules of 5 man protection it’s important to understand there’s a man
sid to the protection and a slide side. To the call side of the
protection is the man side the side away from the call is a slide side. The slide side means A, B and C gap
protectors so they handle any 4 weak pressure, and we’ll show you how we
do that as we progress, any four strong pressure is handled with a redirection meaning we can flip the protection we can
redirect the protection that way flip the protection and slide into that
pressure or if it comes after the ball is snapped or after the indicator
by the quarterback to snap the ball than the quarterback will throw hot of
that extra defender and by throwing hot off
that extra defender you know it’s a quick throw game and
we’ll talk about that as we go our call side is a lock squeeze concept
so the man side is a lock squeeze meaning we’re locked on
those guys man to man. We squeeze if they run through
somebody in the A or B gap. If they have an A or B gap
run through we squeeze it and then because it’s a five man
protection the quarterback is always responsible for the sixth defender and that sixth defender is call side
widest. So that’s our basic rules hopefully that makes sense to you and
then as we progress through this talk we’ll explain the details of that as we go. So we’ll start off here and I wanna go to the board and talk a little football on the board
just to initiate our rules and concepts so here
we are 5 man protection some people call that 50 protection some people have a name for that
protection some people might call like ringo. So doesn’t really matter what you call
but your five-man protection something has to tell your offense line where the man side is and where the
slide side is. So on this particular protection were in
5 man, the call that we made tells us the man side
is to the right, the slide side to the left. On the man
side were manning the two down linemen so we start from the center out that’s
the first down lineman that’s a second. so we’re manning 1 and 2. these two – man them, alright and then if there’s any type of twist
pick and roll type of stunts, games we call it, they have
to learn to switch those off or our termonology is
to bump it In our 5-man protection where the
quarterback is five yards deep drops to eight yards we vertical set so we would call that
vertical sets on the man side. So they are vertical, straigh back,
shoulders square hip to hip. A 2 to 3 foot split in here depending on pre-snap
alighnment. On the slide side the center would I.D. the linebacker, call him though Zero or the Mike linebacker and then they would be responsible for
blocking that triangle on the slide side really through A, B and
C gap technique where they slide at a 45
degree angle to protect that gap. So that’s your basic rules, slide side, man side. What changes? If you get somet type of blitz in the A gap than they vertically set,
they would have to squeeze to protect the inside two and the quaterback then would throw hot
off the third rusher. Alright if that same linebacker were to rush in the B gap than it would just be a 1 man squeeze and
the guard would stay attached to his man still throwing hot off the end. K, if that linebacker rushes outside and
comes off the edge then obviously both the guard and tackle
stay locked on their man and the queaterback would through hot off the
Mike off the edge. On the slide side again we’re A, B and C gap integrity so we get inside rush and the will off the edge we have that
protected because we’re all gap sound. If somebody comes from outside this box
this six-man box somebody that’s not in our account so
they want to bring an extra rusher maybe it’s a corner alright that brings a fourth rusher to this side. Traditionally when a 4th rusher
comes to the side side you’re gonna get somebody working to the front side of the protection.
So you get three on this side and then you end up getting probably two
to the front side with the end dropping out. So if that happens our tackle makes on a
alert call, there’s a call we make that alerts everybody that he has a fourth rusher coming and
that would trigger the entire line to understand what’s get ready to happen we’d still block C,B and A gaps but then on this side they’re ready to
squeeze the A and B gaps to take away that pressure knowning that the backside end usually
drops when you get a 4 man pressure to this side.

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