4ocean Partners with Save the Manatee Club
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4ocean Partners with Save the Manatee Club

December 31, 2019

To see an animal that we’ve rescued
come back is just a tremendous thing. I was asked one time and how he gonna feel
next year when it comes in with a big propeller cut. I said, “well, that’s life as a manatee.” Save the Manatee Club is a conservation
organization. We do everything from outreach to public awareness education
as well as legal advocacy for manatees. So basically anytime manatees need a
voice, that’s where we come in. We also help with research especially here at
Blue Springs State Park with rescue of manatees, rehabilitation, and release. So by buying the 4ocean manatee bracelets, people don’t just pull a pound of trash,
but they’re also helping manatee conservation on all levels such as
helping us with our outreach and education efforts and helping rescue,
rehabilitation, and release of manatees as well.

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  1. This is the most incredible idea I have ever seen. Hopefully I can get a job here in a few years. keep doing what youre doing!

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