2019 year in review
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2019 year in review

January 7, 2020

We’ve had a great year at Zoos Victoria 2019 has been the last year of a decade of fighting extinction and we are so proud of the work and what we’ve achieved through helping to save the most critically endangered species here in Victoria and engaging with our amazing community the 2.7 million visitors the almost 300,000 members and everyone else who joins us to make a difference to the future for wildlife and wild places Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve been up to Our breeding and recovery programs were in full swing releasing 37 critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeaters 74 Eastern Barred Bandicoots and hundreds of Baw Baw Frog and Northern Corroboree Frog eggs into the wild Plus we transported 19 Orange-bellied Parrots to Tasmania for the breeding season For the first time ever we successfully bred rare and Incredibly cute Grassland Earless Dragons who haven’t been seen in the wild in Victoria since 1969 We took on a number of new international partnerships Healesville Sanctuary’s Australian Wildlife Health Centre had more than 1,500 admissions The Marine Response Unit handled 456 cases We encouraged more than 200,000 visitors to blow bubbles and not release balloons All three of our zoos welcomed lots of adorable babies While keepers continued to train our animals to take part in their own health checks We took big strides towards our zero waste to landfill goal with a new three bin waste system and moved Healesville Sanctuary onto a hundred percent renewable energy And this is only a handful of the amazing highlights Bring on 2020

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  1. Rest in piece Gansga the last binturong in Victoria and rest in piece Betty the last Razor Billed Cussarow in Oceania.

  2. You guys do an amazing job helping endangered wildlife. Keep it up! Thanks for all of the effort you put into saving all these amazing animals, you are superheroes!

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