2018 TEEA Agriculture Winner: North Plains Groundwater Conservation District

September 12, 2019

2018 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards
Agriculture Winner: North Plains Groundwater Conservation District Steve Walthour
Hi, I’m Steve Walthour. I’m the General Manager of the North Plains
Groundwater Conservation District and we’re located in the Northern Texas panhandle. Our district is about 7,500 square miles in
size and over the last ten years we’ve done more demonstration projects in trying to show
producers different methods of irrigated agriculture. Harold Grall
So we were always looking for ways to slow the process down, conserve water, get people
to cut back and do it in a way that is not going to affect their businesses or these
little communities that are around us. Steve Walthour
In our Master Irrigator Program we have twenty some-odd things that the instructors teach
our producers over four days which makes up approximately 24 hours. Steve Amosson
So we developed basically four sessions going all the way from soil health and residue management,
to systems, irrigation scheduling. Everett Timmons
I’m currently employed with the City of Cactus, Texas as their Wastewater Superintendent
Farm Manager. The information that we’re learning here
will better allow us to keep that land viable so that it can be used as an industrial water
discharge plus an agricultural process. Steve Amosson
Everyone that competed the survey said, Yes I’ve picked up something I plan on implementing.
Justin Ritchey At the farm I have six supervisors who work
under me that I manage. So everything I learn here I’m going to
take onto those guys. It will save us, we’re not going to use
as much water and get the same or better yields. Harold Grall
We need to continue to search and bring in people that have new ideas, get growers that
have been through these programs, that have a lot of knowledge themselves, that they continue
to stay involved and bring ideas to us that we can implement them and just hopefully keep
this thing going.

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