2018 Graduate Convocation
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2018 Graduate Convocation

August 19, 2019

>>Good evening everyone. Please, be seated. It gives me great pleasure to welcome
you to our graduate recognition ceremony. At this ceremony, we pay
tribute to the accomplishments of our most distinguished students
earning graduate degrees this year. The graduate students we honor today
have met the highest academic standards in our most challenging degree programs. They were selected by their program
department, school, and college faculty to receive the Graduate Student
Distinguished Achievement Award. This award, the highest we
give to graduate students, is based not just on grade
point average or test scores but also upon exceptional academic
accomplishments including publications, inventions, creative works, and
outstanding exhibits and performances. These students have also served the university
by participating and engaging as leaders in student and professional organizations. Our very best students are those who
give the most back to the community through distinguished contributions,
informal internships, field placements, and through volunteer work and service. In their interactions with faculty and fellow
students, they have demonstrated cooperation and helpfulness by tutoring and mentoring
others, embodying the highest ideals of professionalism and collegiality. San Francisco State University takes great pride
in the achievement of these excellent students. And, won’t you join me in applauding them? [ Applause ] As the president, I get to adlib for 30 seconds. How many of you are the first in your
family to receive an advanced degree? Come on stand. What’s your name? [ Applause ] Always a point of pride for
me as all of the students are. Representatives of the university community
are here to join in the celebration. And, you will meet many of
them as the ceremony continues. But, before we proceed, I would like to
introduce the following representatives of the faculty and members
of the platform party. So, please stand as I call your name. And, would everyone please hold your
applause until they are all introduced? Professor Nancy Gerber of our Chemistry and Biochemistry Department is
chair of the Academic Senate. She has provided extraordinary
faculty leadership in this demanding and challenging role. Our Marshals leading the students into
the theater were Professor Teaster Baird of our Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department, Professor Marialice Kern chair of our Kinesiology program, Professor
Katynka Martinez Graduate Coordinator for our Ethnic Studies Program, and
Professor Jennifer Shea Graduate Coordinator for our Public Administration program. Leading the faculty into the theater were
our Faculty Marshals Professor Priyanvada, Abeywickrama of our Teaching English as a Second
Language Program, Professor Doris Flowers Chair of our Equity Leadership Studies and
Instructional Technologies Program, Professor Sanjit Sengupta Director
of our Graduate Business Programs, and Professor Anita Silvers the Associate
Chair of our Philosophy Department. Also on the platform, I want to recognize
Deborah Masters, our University Librarian and Brian Stewart our Associate
Dean of Student Affairs. Please, give them a hand. [ Applause ] It is now my pleasure to introduce to you
the university Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jennifer Summit. [ Applause ]>>Thank you President Wong. Our ceremony today offers an
opportunity to acknowledge the importance of the graduate programs at
San Francisco State University. A masters degree or professional doctorate
has become increasingly necessary for success in most academic and professional areas. The speed of changes in the
job market sparked by advances in technology dramatically increases
the demand for flexible, adaptable, well educated professionals
with advanced skills. Graduate education continues the lifelong
learning process that keeps knowledge and skills current and makes
possible groundbreaking discoveries. San Francisco State University
exemplifies the high value that the California State University System
as placed on access to graduate education, particularly for students
who are underrepresented in doctoral studies and in the professions. Our division of graduate studies is
one of the largest and most respected in the California State University System. Here are some highlights. According to a study sponsored by the National
Science Foundation SF State ranks fourth nationally among masters level colleges and
universities for the total number of graduates who go on to receive research doctorates. San Francisco State’s graduate history
and cinema programs send more students into PHD programs than any other masters
granting comprehensive universities in the country. U.S. News and World Report
consistently ranks the doctorate program and physical therapy offered jointly
with the University of California at San Francisco among the nation’s
top physical therapy programs and first among public universities
in California. Other graduate programs listed among
the best in the country by U.S. News and World Report include art, communicative
disorders, rehabilitation counseling, social work, and public administration. Our Creative Writing Cinema broadcast an
electronic, communication arts, philosophy, museum studies, computer science, psychology,
and business programs are nationally recognized and draw top applicants from around the globe
who go on to become leaders in their fields. Graduate students seeking degrees in the
fields of science develop their skills in the Conservation Genetics Laboratory,
the Estuary and the Ocean Science Center at our Romberg Tiburon Campus, the Cell and
Molecular Imaging Center, the Field Herbarium, and the Sierra Nevada Field Campus. These provide just a sample of our
highly regarded graduate programs which include 95 master degree programs,
the doctorate and educational leadership, and two doctoral programs offered jointly
with the University of California. Our graduate faculty members are outstanding
teachers and scholars who compose music, publish novels, explore the natural world,
train our educators and health practitioners, solve urban social and economic problems, and contribute to their disciplines
at the highest levels. Alumni who have earned their
masters and doctoral degrees from this campus have distinguished
themselves and internationally. In addition, we are confident
that you, our graduate honorees, will take your place among
those distinguished graduates. Here tonight we have students who have been
admitted to doctoral programs at the University of Arizona Tucson, the University of
Maryland College Park, Baylor University, Perdue University, Stanford University, and the
University of California at Davis among others. Our graduate students here tonight
have also assumed leadership positions in businesses and industry. They have published books,
stories, poetry, and articles. They’ve exhibited artwork and won
international design competitions. They have served as advocates for
the powerless members of our society and taken leadership roles in community
organizations, including museum boards, health and environmental
agencies, and public schools. The students recognized here are
already making an impact on our world. And, we anticipate, eagerly,
the future contributions that they will make in their chosen fields. It is a privilege for me
to join with college deans in presenting the 2018 Graduate
Distinguished Awards Recipients. [ Applause ] And now, the Interim Dean of Graduate
Studies, Mi-Sook Kim, will introduce the deans of the colleges who will, in turn, introduce
their faculty and then present the recipients of the Graduate Student Distinguished
Achievement Award. [ Applause ]>>Thank you Provost Summit. I am pleased to introduce
to you the Deans of Colleges who will present their honor
students for hooding. Please hold your applause
till all are introduced. Will you please stand as I introduce
each of you and remain standing. Linda Oubre, Dean of the College of Business,
Nancy Robinson, Dean of the Graduate College of Education, Amy Sueyoshi, Dean of the
College of Ethnic Studies, Alvin Alvarez, Dean of the College of Health and Social
Sciences, Andrew Harris, Dean of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, Carman Domingo. Please join me in acknowledging
the Deans of the colleges. [ Applause ] Please be seated. Student faculty and the platform
parties are dressed in [inaudible] this evening linking
our ceremony with the traditions of scholastic antiquity [inaudible]
which date back to the middle ages. The distinctive collars of our
institutions are purple and gold which appear, permanently on our velvet hoods. Master degree hoods are added San
Francisco State in the following colors, light brown for the College of Business,
light blue for the College of Education, crimson for the College of Ethnic Studies, gold
for the College of Health and Social Science, apricot for the School of Nursing, white for
the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, and gold for the College
of Science and Engineering. By placing the hood on the candidate, we
proclaim the collegiate has joined the company of scholars recognized throughout the world. The deans of our six colleges will
now introduce faculty representatives and the present recipients of the graduate
student Distinguished Student Achievement Award and shall ask the student from
each college who has been selected for special recognition by the collge faculty. Dean Oubre. [ Background noise ]>>Thank you Den Kim. Good evening. I will now introduce the faculty
representing the College of Business. Please hold your applause until
I introduce all of the faculty. The faculty members representing
the College of Business are, and please stand as I call your
name and hold your applause. Amy Chang Accounting, Sudip Chattopadhyay
Economics, Ian Dunham Management, Mahmood Hussain Marketing, Denise
Kleinrichert, Lutfus Sayeed Information Systems, Sanjit Sengupta Director of Graduate Programs
and Business, Nini Yang International Business. You may now be seated. I guess you’re supposed to give applause though. [ Applause ]>>Thank you. The students receiving the
Distinguished Achievement Award in the College of Business are. [ Background noise ] Dana Daigle Master of Business administration. Miss Daigle’s final project analyzed
the strategic challenges faced in the crown source cyber security
industry as the social, economic, and political climate continues to change. Her group is examining competing stakeholders to better understand how to
foster trust in the industry.>>Thank you. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Kimberly Fabris Master of
Business Administration. Miss Fabris’ final project titled How Boutique
Restaurants Can Be Successful and Thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area
focuses on the identification of effective business practices used within
the hospitality industry with recommendations on how key challenges can be addressed. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Lin Ko-Shuang Amy Lin Master
of Science and Accountancy. Miss Lin’s culminating experience included a
case study analysis regarding ethical dilemmas often faced by licensed and
unlicensed accounting professionals. Her group provided a set of guiding
principles that could be adopted when facing challenging situations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Prakash Singh Punia Master
of Business Administration. Mr. Punia was part of a group representing San
Francisco State the CSU wide challenge organized by General Electric, charged
with creating an app with the aim to solve the campus sustainability problem. They won second place. For his culminating experience, he
completed a case analysis of space X. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] It is my pleasure to acknowledge the
student who’s been selected by the faculty of the College of Business for special
recognition, Emily Elizabeth Holtz, Master of Business Administration. Miss Holtz’s culminating project was a
case study of the analytics cloud business at SAP, an enterprise software company. She’s evolved a research paper in the
intersection of her two biggest interests, information technology and sustainability. The article highlights how information
technologies enable innovative solutions to our most pressing social,
environmental and economic challenges. For Course and Information Systems
Department, Emily led a team in designing and prototyping an IOS mobile application
aimed at reducing packaging waste. And, she and her team have been
invited to present their work at conferences in San Francisco and Shanghai. Miss Holtz is currently employed at Gartner,
a global IT research and advisory firm where her role is to facilitate the
modernization of government systems by identifying the technology
needs of government agencies. Please join me in applauding
Emily Elizabeth Holtz. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Good evening everyone. It is my pleasure to introduce the faculty
representing the Graduate College of Education. Please hold your applause
until everyone’s introduced. The faculty members representing
the Graduate College of Education are Josephine Arce Elementary
Education, Yvonne Bui Special Education, Davide Celoria Equity Leadership
Studies and Instructional Technologies, Marguerite Conrad Elementary Education,
Patricia Donahue Equity Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies, Doris
Flowers Equity Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies, David
Hemphill Equity Leadership Studies and instructional Technologies, Barbara
Henderson Doctor of Education Program, Summer Shia Special Education,
Mina Kim Elementary Education, Maryssa Kucskar Special Education,
Judith Kysh Secondary Education, Ming-Yeh Lee Equity Leadership Studies
and Instructional Technologies, Daniel Meier Elementary Education,
Kathleen Mortier Special Education, Philip Prinz Special Education,
Isabel Quita Elementary Education, Stephanie Sisk-Hilton Elementary Education,
and Patti Solomon-Rice Communicative Disorders. Now you may applaud. [ Applause ] Thank you. [ Background noise ]>>The students receiving the Distinguished
Achievement Award in the Graduate College of Education are Krystal Anderson Master of
Arts in Special Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Special Education
and a Special Education credential and Autism Spectrum Certification. Miss Anderson’s thesis investigated the
experience of an effective support needed by mothers of young children who are
enrolled in a residential recovery program. She’s been a leader in our Early
Childhood Special Education Conference and supported South African educators in
a community challenged by extreme poverty. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Isabella Chanette Brown Master of Arts in
Special Education with a specialization in Moderate to Severe Disabilities. Miss Brown’s thesis focused on parent school
partnerships of the African American families with children with autism,
thereby, giving voice to families about their daily fight for educational equity. She also participated in an Institute for
Education Sciences funded research project and developed the Autism
Art and Resource Center. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Lindsay Charlotta Bussey
Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Equity
and Social Justice. Miss Bussey’s culminating project explored how
African American students navigate academic systems of oppression and racism to achieve
academic success and advanced degrees. Grounded in educational equity and
achievement gap theories, her teaching practice and community service are innovative and
effective answering marginalized urban students. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Linda Ellen Dugoni Master of Arts
in Education with a concentration in Language and Literacy Education. Miss Dugoni’s research promotes a
grade level reading comprehension for low fluency readers in
mixed stability groups. Her skills as a Spanish bilingual teacher
contributed to the Community Outreach portion of the MA program and showcased,
the need to incorporate and validate students primary
language in educational settings. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Karen Kyungah Hong Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Educational
Administration. Miss Hong’s culminating experience,
Inclusive Social Justice Leadership, focuses on supporting inclusiveness and
promoting a growth mindset across her campus as it implements common core and
next generation science standards. An outstanding transnational educator, she
served with distinction for seven years in the Jefferson Elementary School District. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Rachel Kow, Single Subject Credential. Miss Kow is an extraordinary
credential candidate. She collaborates in her planning,
teaching, and assessment and is effective, exceptionally effect as a classroom teacher. Rachel has completed her credential
in teaching secondary mathematics and is currently pursuing her master
of arts in secondary education where she will continue her work in
implementing culture and relevancy with mathematic in her classroom. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Julie-Anne Manuel Masters of Science and Communicative Disorders,
Speech Language Pathology. Miss Manuel works with culturally
and linguistically diverse children with significant disabilities and
augmentative communication needs. She oversaw the communicative disorders
augmentative and alternative communication lab and worked closely with a child who relied on a speech generating device
to prepare for his bar mitzvah. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Lucero Nieves Master of Arts in
Education with a concentration in Elementary Education and
multiple subject credential. Miss Nieves’ research focuses on how
bilingualism and biliteracy support development and can be increased through supportive
guided instruction in literacy education. She’s an active teacher at Buena Vista
Spanish Language Emersion Elementary School in the San Francisco Unified School District. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Jenee Scott Palmer Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Equity
and Social Justice. Miss Palmer’s thesis investigated
the experiences and achievements of African American students
enrolled in private schools in the Bay area describing how they develop
identities as achievers and create third spaces as empowering sights of residence. She served with distinction as an
assistant instructor in a course on culture, cognition, and power. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Robin Pugh Master of Arts in Education
with a concentration in Adult Education. Miss Pugh’s culminating project was a curriculum
for a new course on writing for digital media for noncredit students at
City College of San Francisco. She will return to teaching
at City College in the fall. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Roam Romagnoli Doctor of Education
in Educational Leadership. Dr. Romagnoli’s dissertation
on prison, higher education, and decarceration issues uses a
critical trans-politics framework to deconstruct the impact of incarceration
on trans, queer, and women prisoners, and more broadly all incarcerated people. A tenured community college instructor, Roam’s antiprison activism
includes teaching English courses to men incarcerated in the county jail system. Dr. Romagnoli is also a San
Francisco State campus winner for the 32nd Annual CSU Research Competition. [ Applause ] Dr. Maryam Salehomoum Doctor of
Philosophy in Special Education. Dr. Salehomoum’s dissertation examines
strategies for enhancing reading comprehension about deaf and hard of hearing adolescents. This ground breaking research
benefits researchers and practitioners of literacy instruction for
this understudied population. She served as instructor and clinical supervisor
in the Department of Communicative Disorders, published in a speech-language journal, and presented at national and
international conferences. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Janetha Walsh Master of Arts in Education,
with a concentration in Language and Literacy. Ms. Walsh’s thesis delved into
the world of kindergarten writing, and how young children come to
understand the world of print. Her research on emergent writers
focused on children’s motivation and skill when writing about nature. She was awarded National Board
Certification for Exceptional Teaching. [ Applause ] Nancy Nguyen Yee Master of Arts in Education,
with a concentration in Elementary Education. Ms. Nguyen’s thesis project explores
the impact of intentional scaffolding in developing strategic and
fluent first grade readers. She has also contributed to the Multiple Subject
Credential Program’s new student orientation, peer advising, and additional
student teaching service. Thank you. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Julie Yip Master of Arts in Education, with
a concentration in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Yip’s thesis examined
instructional strategies that support a toddler’s communication skills. Her analysis focused on relationship building,
non-verbal communication facilitation, defining moments of self-confidence,
and initiation of positive behavior. As an infant/Toddler Teacher at San
Francisco State’s laboratory school, she has been instrumental in training
and mentoring pre-service teachers. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] It is my great pleasure to introduce Angela
Nicole Torres Master of Arts in Education, with a concentration in Secondary Education. She is selected by the Graduate College of
Education faculty for special recognition. Ms. Torres’s culminating project is a field
study that examines debriefing sessions of coaching cycles using video recordings of student group-work taken
during class observations. Ms. Torres’s background and leadership
in mathematics instruction are exemplary, in the Bay Area, statewide and internationally. During her time at Mission High School
she was selected as a representative to the Revitalizing Algebra program where
she worked with high school math teachers to develop professional learning
communities within their departments. Angela currently works in the Math Department
at the San Francisco Unified School District where she has been instrumental
in district efforts to reform the teaching and
learning of mathematics. She provides professional development
and coaching at the school district through its Complex Instruction
Program, which facilitates student work by addressing status issues and recognizing
that every student has a contribution to make. Please join me in congratulating
Angela Nicole Torres. [ Applause ]>>Good evening. I will now introduce the faculty
Representing the College of Ethnic Studies. Please hold your applause until
I introduce all the faculty. The faculty members representing the College of Ethnic Studies are Wei Ming
Dariotis Asian American Studies, Russell Jeung Asian American Studies,
Katynka Martinez Latina/Latino Studies, Catrióna Rueda Esquibel Associate Dean. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] The students receiving the
Distinguished Achievement Award in the College of Ethnic Studies are. [ Background noise ] Jensen Lu Gungun Carion [assumed spelling]
Master of Arts, Asian American Studies. Ms. Carion’s thesis explores
the post tenure identities of Asian American female faculty sharing
the vulnerable voices of these women, her courageous study uncovers the way
they navigate and negotiate the racialized and gender climate of their universities. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] John Deguzman [assumed spelling]
Master of Arts, Asian American Studies. Mr. Deguzman’s thesis explores factors that protects first generation Filipino
American immigrants from depression. He found that family relationships, employment, and participation in organizations
were protective factors. He volunteers at Pinay Educational Partnerships
helping elementary school students understand the history and contemporary
experiences of Filipino Americans. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Kirin Agustin Rajagopalan
Master of Arts Ethnic Studies. Mr. Rajagopalan’s research aligns
indigenous movements in the Philippines with indigenous movements throughout the U.S. and explores how Filipino American
Activism might challenges radical and main stream Asian American
Activism employing critical ethnography and discourse analysis, Kirin’s
thesis suggest important connections between Asian American and
Native American studies. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Faculty members in the College of Ethnic Studies
have selected Levelosi Loyun [assumed spelling] Master of Arts in Ethnic
studies for special recognition. Ms. Loyun’s thesis documents the recent
growth of specific studies in San Francisco. Levelosi leverages specific studies,
critical pedagogy and critical race theory to examine how conversations about
imperialism and decolonization in the classroom affects student identity and
empowerment in academic and social development. A leader in San Francisco’s Pacific Islander
Club, Levelosi helped develop three courses in Pacific studies and a
critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies minor degree
here at San Francisco State. She has served as a Peer Mentor
Coordinator with Aspire, Asian American and Pacific Islander Retention and Education to help build Asian Pacific
Islander Student Services on campus. Levelosi’s also mentored San Francisco
high school students as a teacher and Penay Educational Partners and Ethnic
Studies Pipeline at Balboa High School. Please join me in congratulating Levelosi Loyun. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Good evening. I will now introduce the faculty representing
the College of Health and Social Sciences. Please hold your applause until
I introduce all the faculty. The faculty members representing the
College of Health and Social Sciences are, please stand up as I call your name, Diane Allen
Physical Therapy, Jimmy Bagley Kinesiology, Allison Sedeso [assumed spelling] Counseling,
Fang Yu Cho [assumed spelling] Nursing, Julie Chronister [assumed spelling] Counseling,
Tarice Donne [assumed spelling] Nursing, Gabriella Fischer Social Work, Kate
Hammel [assumed spelling] Kinesiology, Jocelyn Clare Hemoso [assumed
spelling] Social Work, Karen Johnson Carol Family Interior Nutrition
and Apparel, Suzanna Jones Director School of Social Work, Marialice
Kern Chair Kinesiology, Pavlino Alpova [assumed spelling] Recreation
Parks and Tourism, Jennet Li Physical Therapy, Yan-Shen Lee Social Work, Marty Martinson Health
Education, Katherine Nezbit Physical Therapy, David Rubbenal [assumed spelling] Health
Education, Jennifer Shea Public Administration, Amiko Ticagi [assumed spelling] Gerontology, and Darlene Ye Melicar [assumed
spelling] Gerontology. Please join me in applauding my faculty. [ Applause ] Please be seated. The following students have been selected
by the faculty of the College of Health and Social Sciences to receive the
Distinguished Achievement Award. Maria Alana Acosta Master of Public Health. Ms. Acosta’s culminating
project is on the funding sources of public health and social justice work. A health equity scholar, she is a
coeditor of a chapter in a forthcoming book on Bay area displacement and resistance in
she addresses the effects of displacement and gentrification on environmental health. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Adi Fisch [assumed spelling] Master of
Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences. Ms. Fisch’s thesis examined the
association between sugar consumption and levels of depression in adult women. Factors include participant’s prior
understanding of added sugar intake and whether mental health treatment
included nutrition recommendations. Her findings show an association between levels of added sugar intake and
major depression levels. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Lily Gong Master of Science in Nursing. Ms. Gong’s master project outlined
a medical home healthcare model for Asian American seniors. Passionate about supporting low
income Asian American seniors living in long term healthcare facilities, her focus
is on improving patient provider communication. She is a board member of the East Bay’s
Vietnamese American Community Center. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Adrianna Hall Master of Public Health. I think they’re done, okay I’ll just go. Ms. Hall’s thesis is an inquiry
into the health impacts of San Francisco’s neoliberal housing crisis
on historically devalued communities of color. She conducted research studies for two, she
conducted research for two studies done jointly with UC San Francisco, one on community health
and neighborhood transformation and the other on the geography of homelessness. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Carl Ketchum Master of Science in Kinesiology. Mr. Ketchum’s research on the postural control of older adult Alexander
technique teachers found that they have postural control
capabilities similar to that of young adults. He presented his work at the International
Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology and he’s a recipient of an American
Kinesiology Association Masters Scholar Award. Congratulations Carl. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Andrea Mark [assumed spelling]
Master of Arts in Gerontology. Ms. Mark’s research explores innovative
models and best practices in programming for senior centers as they evolve to serve
rapidly growing diverse populations of seniors. She intends to use her degree to promote client
centered age friendly change in public policy and in programs and services that
support eh wellbeing of seniors. Congratulations Andrea. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Kelsey Van Parsons Master of Social Work. Ms. Parsons’ master research project
is a synthesis of the relationship between complex trauma, physical
and mental development, and success in educational settings. Her broader practice in research interests
are at the intersection of child welfare and social work practice in public schools. Congratulations Kelsey. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Kate Reagan Master of Public Administration. Ms. Reagan’s service learning project
for the Social Justice Collaborative, a legal nonprofit that advises undocumented
immigrants in deportation proceedings, focused on identifying performance
metrics in providing recommendations for the efficacy of this communications. She founded San Francisco State’s first
Student Chapter of the International City and County Managers Associations. Congratulations Kate. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Alehandra Povar [assumed spelling]
Master of Science in Counseling. Ms. Povar is a passionate educator who
has devoted much of her undergraduate and graduate career to creating
spaces of resistance and self-actualization for students of color. Her culminating project on creating
equitable resources is in support of the student parent experience. Congratulations Alehandra. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Christopher Valle [assumed
spelling] Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation
and Mental Health Counseling. Mr. Valle’s project on the application of
person centered therapy of people living with epilepsy draws on his
internship with the University of California San Francisco’s Epilepsy Center. He is also interned with the California
Department of Rehabilitation and served as a volunteer HIV counselor
with Magnet Health Services. Congratulations Christopher. [ Applause ] That’s what it’s all about. All right, let’s go. Zachary Wagner Master of Science and Nursing. Mr. Wagner’s culminating experience
project titled Dignity Therapy, providing psychosocial support for hospice
patients, proposed an evidence based and economically feasible
approach for healthcare providers to enhance hospice patient’s dignity
and their psychological wellbeing. His project was presented
at the Annual Conference of the California Association
of Clinical Nurse Specialists. Congratulations Zachary. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Grace Wang, Doctor of Physical therapy. Dr. Wang’s research is with
rehabilitation of patients with stroke in community based rehabilitation
and resource limited settings. Her service work in Malawi empowered
community health workers to care for patients with chronic illness, ultimately
reaching 250,000 people otherwise without access to rehabilitation care. Congratulations Dr. Wang. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Samantha Li Yi [assumed spelling]
Master of Public Administration. Ms. Yi’s research examined the relationship
between home prices and the number of open recycling centers in
Oakland and San Francisco. She has served in the UC system for 15 years
in positions of increasing responsibility and is a member of the National Council
of University Research Administrators. Congratulations Samantha. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Selected for special recognition by
the faculty of the College of Health and Social Sciences is Steven Maycheck [assumed
spelling] Master of Science in Kinesiology. Mr. Maycheck’s thesis, a case study on
skeletal muscle fiber type, cell size, and nuclear muscle cell content in an
elite male power lifter is a joint project between San Francisco State
and Cal State Fullerton. This collaboration will yield the first
comprehensive microscopy imaging study on muscle fibers in elite power lifters. Steven has developed a unique and effective
understanding of the effects of creatinine on skeletal muscle and cognitive adaptations and
identified a significant gap in the literature on creatinine supplementation as a
cognitive enhancer in elite athletes. Mr. Maycheck has served as a graduate student
researcher in the Muscle Physiology Lab and a teaching assistant in
the Department of Kinesiology. He is a first author on an article in
the Strength and Conditioning Journal and has helped developed our new
Strength and Conditioning Laboratory. He’s also been pivotal in creating a
community to provide health and fitness through the sport of power lifting. Mr. Maycheck recently accepted
a fully funded fellowship to complete his PHD at Baylor University. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Good evening. I am so proud to introduce the
faculty representing the College of Liberal and Creative Arts. I ask the faculty members representing the
College of Liberal and Creative Arts to stand and I ask you to hold your applause until I
finish [Inaudible] English as a Second Language, Peter Beella [assumed spelling] Anthropology,
Juanita Darwin International Relations, Jessica Elkand History, Oscar Ghetta
Braodcast and Electronic Communication Arts, Mary Helic Design, Shawn McFarland
Art, Julian Macintosh Classics, Hafez Moderzota [assumed spelling]
Music, Ellen Peel Creative Writing, Everend Sochi [assumed spelling]
Women and Gender Studies, Joel Sheckter [assumed spelling] Theater Arts,
Mary Scott Humanities, Anita Silvers Philosophy, Nicole Watts Political Science,
and Shelly Wilcox Philosophy. Please join me in applause. [ Applause ] The following students have been selected
by the faculty of the College of Liberal And Creative Arts to receive the
Distinguished Achievement Award. [ Background noise ] Adi Fisio Adiyay [assumed spelling]
Master of Fine Arts and Creative Writing. Mr. Adiyay’s final project is the
Bastard Botanical, a poetry collection. Another collection, Black Fish, was a finalist
for Big Looks Best Prize Chat Book Contest. He severed as Poetry Editor of Fourteen
Hills, was a teaching artist in residence and read his poetry for the Young
Museum Summer of Love Exhibition. [ Applause ] Zachary Igof [assumed spelling]
Master of Arts in Philosophy. Mr. Igof’s thesis explicates take hearts
account of love, altruism and the passions. His work contributes to the secondary
literature on 17 century metaphysical and epistemological theories of the
emotions and has contemporary applicability to managing the experience of anxiety. He is a teacher, tutor, and
martial arts instructor. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Jessica Bilsey [assumed spelling] Master of Arts
in English with a concentration in composition. Ms. Bilsey’s culminating project
identifies ways instructors of undergraduate writing can draw upon
students diverse identities, backgrounds, and experiences to help them
engage in academic discourse. She has taught first year composition
with the department and tutored with both the English Tutoring Center
and the Learning Assistance Center. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Amanda Fulgner [assumed spelling] Master
of Arts in International Relations. Ms. Fulgner’s enterprising
approach to scholarship has led her to conduct field research in Pokhara Nepal. Her resulting case study of the gendered impact of international development
pushes the boundaries of international relations beyond
government to consider the role of nongovernmental organizations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Crystal Choe [assumed spelling] Master of Arts in Industrial Arts with a
concentration in design. Ms. Choe’s thesis project seeks to expose
environmental damage wrought in a fast fashion. Her multipronged informational
campaign, aimed at younger consumers, is a thoughtful use of design
for the public good. Chrystal has also been tireless in
supporting publication of the first issue of our Graduate Student Journal of Design. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] Keith Donnell Master of Fine
Arts in Creative writing. Mr. Donnell’s poetry has
appeared or is forthcoming in among other publications Pittsburgh’s Poetry
Review, Big Muddy, Juke, Steel Toe Review, New American Writing, and Lumina. His thesis project is Electric
Sliding for a New World. He is Editor and Chief of Fourteen Hills
San Francisco State’s Graduate Student Literary Magazine. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Mary Dudro [assumed spelling]. Master of arts in comparative literature. Miss Dudro’s thesis is on 19th
century French realist fiction. She possesses a comprehensive knowledge of
world literature, from ancient Chinese lyrics to Wole Soyinka’s African Tragedies. An innovative and tireless teacher, she has
created a general education undergraduate course on the legacy of myth and storytelling. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Javier [Inaudible]. Master of arts in history. Mr. [Inaudible] historiography of
the 1973 nationalization of copper in Chile won the Joseph Mullins
Price in History. He is an SF State Campus winner for the
32nd Annual CSU Research Competition based on his work on slave litigation and the
evolving landscape of early 19th century Chile. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Andres Gallegos [assumed spelling]. Master of fine arts in cinema. Mr. Gallegos thesis film, The Shoe Shiner,
is based on the true story of an 11 year old, struggling to survive, amid the
loss of innocence in 1989 Chile. A cinematographer for over 15 short films, and
5 feature films, he won best cinematographer for Axiom, at the Chilean
International Short Film Festival. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Annette Guy. Master of Arts in English, with a
concentration in creative writing. For her final project, Ms. Guy completed
her first novel, Generation Six. With degrees in environmental engineering, and
city planning, and a dedication to communities, environment, and education, Annette has served as a graduate teaching assistant
in creative writing. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Leonard Haynes. Master of Arts in broadcast and
electronic communication arts. Mr. Haynes’ thesis, Breaking News and
Sponsor Content, focuses on the impact of embedded content advertising
on mobile media applications. Leonard’s symbiotic analysis investigates
how native content effects users’ perceptions of news source credibility. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Hold on, there. Eric Heltzel [assumed spelling]. Master of Arts in English with
a concentration in literature. Mr. Heltzel’s thesis on the
Language of Food and the Works of Raymond Carver uses Rolland Barth’s
theory of food as a system of communication, to illustrate how Carver’s characters
express themselves through food. He has published in the journal Interpretations,
and presented at the Humanities Education and Research Association conference. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Annie Mulin Nguyen. Master of Arts in Classics. A strong philology student, with
a specialization in Latin poetry, Ms. Nguyen examined the poetics of
Catullus and Petronius in her thesis. She excelled as a graduate teaching assistant
in Ancient Epic Tales, and as a trap fellow in classics, assisting in the
instruction of first year Greek. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Alexander Zane Erwin. Master of Fine Arts in Cinema. Mr. Erwin is a social issues filmmaker
whose works represent the stories of under served communities. His thesis film is Flocked Together,
a short, surrealist fantasy, in which birds from vastly different
habitats fell seamlessly into formation, unable to resist the urge to fly together. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Nicole Jost. Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Two time winner of the James
Milton Highsmith Playwriting Award. Ms. Jost’s plays have been
performed in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and San Francisco. Her thesis play is titled
Ms. Betsy Goes to Washington. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Cole McClain. Master of Arts in Communication studies. Mr. McClain’s culminating
creative project explore whiteness and cultural appropriation in hip hop. Using a performative auto-ethnographic
approach, he develops a theory of whiteness and communication in performance studies. His project is regularly performed as a
framework for engaging students in a dialogue about whiteness, cultural
appropriation, and colorblind ideology. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Jenna Meachum [assumed spelling]. Master of Fine Arts with a
concentration in photography. Ms. Meachum’s thesis project, I Saw
You, employs objects in photographs to investigate how technology and
place mediate our relationships. Her installations explore loneliness,
intimacy and cultural ideas about couple-hood. She has served as a department teaching
assistant, and a photography instructor. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Joseph Mideros [assumed spelling] the 3rd. Master of Arts in music with a
concentration in music history. Mr. Mideros’ thesis offers an original model for understanding how traditional Portuguese
music elements merge into musico popular. An ethno-musicologist, his adaptations of
Persian, Indian, and Afro-Cuban musical forms on diatonic accordion and vocals, has
garnered unparalleled respect from colleagues and students, and produced successful
innovations in Portuguese commercial music. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Irving Gustavo Santana Garcia. Master of music. A violist, Mr. Santana Garcia’s culminating
experience as a solo performance of the works of Bach, Hindemith, Brahms,
Bridge and Shostakovich. He has been an exemplary role
model for other instrumentalists. He performs with the [Inaudible]
string quartet, and is a recipient of the Delphi Trio Emerging Artists Fellowship, and the Milton Preeves [assumed
spelling] viola scholarship. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Maja Sidzinksa. Master of Arts in philosophy. Ms. Sidzinska’s thesis on the metaphysics
of pregnancy investigates the relationship between the growing organism and the mother,
challenging theories of what an individual is. She has collaborated on a project with
department associate chair, Anita Silvers, to expand at risk student’s critical thinking,
and is managing editor of Hypatia Reviews, a journal of feminist philosophy. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Parisa Soultani. Master of Arts in Humanities. Ms. Soultani’s thesis explores
how Rumi [assumed spelling], a 13th century soofi [assumed
spelling], and Piko [assumed spelling], an Italian renaissance scholar
came to similar conclusions about humanity’s relation to nature and God. She is editor and technical
director of Global Spirit, a PBS series investigating this century’s most
urgent, existential, and philosophical issues. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Emily Stapleton [assumed spelling]. Master of Arts in theater arts. Ms. Stapleton had proven herself to
be a scholar, artist, and teacher. During her time at San Francisco State, her
scholarly interests have included Shakespeare, contemporary drama, and the history of comedy. She has had an original play
produced, taught a popular course on acting, and lecture on female comedians. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Emanuel Segay [assumed spelling]. Master of Arts in Philosophy. Mr. Segay’s thesis on the rights
of persecuted persons argues that persecuted persons have a remedial
right to migrate to states capable of protecting their basic rights for the same
reason that refugees have a right to asylum. He volunteers with social justice
organizations, and has taught critical thinking and contemporary, moral, and political issues. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Maria Fernanda Valenzuela
Ertato [assumed spelling]. Master of Arts in museum studies. Ms. Valenzuela Ertato’s thesis examined how
major museums, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, are expanding public access by
developing tours of collection storage areas, traditionally off limits to visitors. This fall, she will begin a highly
competitive internship with the Getty Museum. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Estephanie Vasquez [assumed spelling]. Master of Arts in women and gender studies. Ms. Vasquez’s thesis, the Politics of
Disposability, the Generational Effects of the Bracero Program, provides an
analysis of the impact of the seasonal, migrant worker program on the
children of former workers. She argues that segregation,
isolation, and circulation migration, established by the program, facilitates
a permanent racial underclass. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Jian Jang [assumed spelling]. Master of Arts in Chinese. Ms. Jang has conducted superb research in
linguistics, comparing English translations of martial arts novels, and in literature, examining realism in 20th
century modern Chinese literature. In her positions as graduate teaching
associate, and Chinese flagship tutor, she has earned the admiration
of both students and faculty. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>The College of Liberal and
Creative Arts faculty has selected for special recognition, Ellie Lobovits. Master of Arts in anthropology. Unfortunately, Ellie could not be here today. Her faculty adviser, Dr. Peter Biella
will accept the award on her behalf. [ Applause ]>>Ms. Lobovits work in visual
anthropology is part art, part cultural theory, and part social activism. While maintaining a 3.97 GPA at San
Francisco State, she received many honors, including the JP Young Award for Anthropological
Excellence, The Edward Kaufman Award, and the Carolyn Irene Howard Memorial Award. She is currently a childbirth doula
and is applying to PhD programs. Ellie’s master’s film is a stunning
combination of visual aesthetics and precise documentary exposition. Birth on the Border breaks stereotypes
about Mexican women crossing from Ciudad, Juarez to give birth at Maternidad
La Luz in El Paso. Unlike the media stereotypes, the women in
the film are legally entering with US visas, are middle class, and well educated, and seek the natural birth
practices at the public clinic. At the same time, they face abuse, intimidation, and threats from border patrols
while fleeing the violence of Juarez. Ellie’s recent article, Where a River
of Life Became a Border of Control, was published in the Marx 2018
issue of the magazine Sapiens. It’s self funded by the prestigious
Wenner-Gren Anthropological Research Foundation. Please join me in congratulating Ellie Lobovits. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] [ Applause ]>>Buenos noches y bien venidos. I am very happy to introduce the faculty
of the College of Science and Engineering. Please hold your applause. I think you learned that already, tonight. [Inaudible] chair of chemistry and biochemistry. Mara [inaudible], chair of biology. Mark Chan [assumed spelling], biology. Lilly Chan [assumed spelling], biology. Chen Chan [assumed spelling], engineering. Diana Chew [assumed spelling], biology. Dennis [Inaudible], biology. Joseph [inaudible], mathematics. Ellen Heinz, geography and environment. Bill Sue, chair of computer science. Mary Leech, earth and climate science. Bruce Manning, chemistry and biochemistry. Clooney Pennings [assumed spelling], biology. Ravender Sagal [assumed spelling], biology. Jonathan Stillman, biology and
interdisciplinary marine and estuary sciences. Andrea Slay, biology. Don Terrel [assumed spelling],
chair of psychology. And Sheroon Zang [assumed
spelling], engineering. Thank you. [ Applause ]>>The following graduate students have
been selected by the faculty of the College of Science and Engineering to receive
the distinguished achievement award. [ Background noise ]>>Gretchen Andaluso [assumed spelling]. Master’s of art in psychology and a
concentration in developmental psychology. Mrs. Andaluso completed a data
analysis project that resulted in 3 conference presentations
and will result in publication. Her thesis project, Attitudes About
Raising Children, is research designed to change attitudes of non parents about
spanking, and to present peaceful alternatives. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Miriam Batee [assumed spelling]. Master’s of science in biomedical science,
with a concentration in biotechnology. Miss Batee’s master’s internship project was
titled, Screening of a Diverse Antibody Panel to Identify Therapeutic ADC Lead. She is now employed by Iconic Therapeutics as a
full time research associate for pioneering new, innovative cancer therapeutic developments. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Will Chadwick. Master’s of science in biology with a
concentration in cell and molecular biology. Mr. Chadwick pioneered an
exciting project in the lab to measure how organelle size is
controlled by single celled organisms. He has discovered strategies
used by fission yeast to ensure that their progeny receives
similar amounts of vacuoles. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Alexandra Cooper. Master’s of Science in biology
with a concentration in ecology evolution and conservation biology. In her thesis research, A Taxonomic
Investigation of [Inaudible], Miss Cooper discovered 10 new species
in this ecologically important genus. A Sally Casanova pre-doctoral
scholar for 2017 and 18, she was accepted to multiple PhD programs,
and will attend the University of Arizona in their molecular and cellular
biology doctoral program. Congratulations. [ Applause ]>>Lisa Cooper. Master’s of science and biology
with a concentration in ecology evolution and conservation biology. Miss Cooper’s thesis investigated biotic and
abiotic factors that shape the development of the tick microbiome and how it
influences pathogens to transmission. Her work will help to understand how microbial
interactions impact human public health. She will begin a PhD program
at Stanford in the fall. Congrats. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Ian Michael Donovan. Master’s of science in engineering
with a concentration in embedded electrical and computer systems. Mr. Donovan has made significant
contributions to his field by developing novel, feature extraction methods in his research. Evaluating real time methods
for pattern recognition of high density electromyography arrays. His work resulted in 5 conference papers. Congrats. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Dwayne Evans. Master’s of science in biology with
a concentration in microbiology. Mr. Evans has worked on bioinformatics related
to HIV, pre-exposure prophylaxis of PREP, a treatment to prevent HIV
infection and drug resistance. His final research project was titled
Tracking the Evolution of HIV in Participants After Discontinuing PREP Treatment. His work has been presented at
Stanford University, and soon, he’ll be starting the PhD
program at Harvard University. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Brendan Fennarty [assumed spelling]. Master’s of science in biomedical science
with a concentration in stem cell science. Mr. Fennarty’s research has examined
the role of shelterin protein complex in telomere homeostasis in human
embryonic stem cells and cancers. He plans to publish and present his significant
findings at several highly regarded conferences. And he just came back from Portugal,
where he presented his work. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Justin Fong. Master’s of Arts in mathematics. In his thesis, titled Effective Weather
Burn for Communicative Group Rings, Mr. Fong used sophisticated concepts
from abstract algebra in combination with computer assisted analysis
of high dimensional structures. With offers from several leading PhD programs, he will pursue his doctoral studies
at Purdue University, this fall. Congrats. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Anna Frias Bravo [assumed spelling]. Master’s of science in psychology with
a concentration in clinical psychology. Ms. Frias Bravo final project,
titled Empowerment of Women of Color in Therapeutic Settings, explored considerations
and treatment options for women of color who have endured complex
trauma during childhood. Her focus included powerlessness,
mistrust, self and body image issues, and how these things relate to women of color. Congratulations. [ Applause ]>>Rachel Gonzalez. Master’s of art in psychology with a
concentration in mind, brain and behavior. Ms. Gonzalez designed and ran a novel study
in investigating how previous experience of trauma are related to daily
experiences of loneliness. After graduation, she will begin
a position at Center for Imaging for Neuro-degenerative diseases
at the VA Medical Center, working on studies involving people
with substance abuse disorders. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Sierra Claire Gruff. Master’s of science in biology
with a concentration in ecology, evolution and conservation biology. Ms. Gruff developed a study in Washington
studying the parasitic diseases of woodpeckers. She found that one blood parasite
is unexpectedly killing birds, and she identified a new parasite
found in these woodpeckers. She has given talks at numerous conferences and her work will result in
2 scientific publications. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] [ Applause ]>>That’s cute. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Okay. Jessie Lee. Master’s of science in chemistry
with a concentration in biochemistry. Miss Lee’s research has contributed to
our understanding of how enzymes work, and how to facilitate the
design of new therapeutics. She presented at 2 national
meetings, and received first place at the College Graduate Student
Showcase in 2017. She has been accepted into
a PhD program at UC Davis. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Sulati Padid Patel [assumed spelling]. Master’s of science in computer science. Ms. Patel’s thesis studied the effects
of user similarity on the diffusion of information on the Twitter social network. Her project aimed to model
the diffusion patterns of new television show adoptions using
Twitter data, and to study the effect of user similarity on these models. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Olivia Fann [assumed spelling]. [ Cheering ]>>Master’s of science in biology with a
concentration in cell molecular biology. Miss Fann’s research project was titled,
Understanding the Evolution of Aminoglycoside, Acetyl Transferase Enzymes in the
Role of Antibiotic Resistance. She investigated computationally and
experimentally, how these enzymes have evolved over time to reduce the effectiveness
of amnio, shoot, I got it the first time,
aminoglycoside antibiotics. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] [ Cheering ]>>I was wondering if you
should let them see your hat?>>Oh.>>Is it, oh, it’s not on. [ Applause ]>>All right, turn around, because they’re. Okay. Kinesha Aceline Bucket [assumed spelling]. Master’s of science in biology with a
concentration in cell molecular biology. Her research, Miss Bucket has investigated
the role of toxins on fetal development. Her thesis was titled, The Impact of Flame
Retardant Exposure on Human Pregnancy. She will pursue a doctorate in stem
cell biology and regenerative medicine, this fall, at Stanford University. [ Applause ]>>Samuel Richardson. Master’s of science in engineering
with a concentration of structural earthquake engineering. Mr. Richardson performed research to integrate
online model updating with hybrid simulation to enhance the capability of
the technique to evaluate large or full scale structures under earthquakes. He published an article,
and delivered a presentation at the World Conference on
Earthquake Engineering. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Katie Sullivan. Master’s of science in geosciences
with a concentration in geology. Miss Sullivan’s thesis is titled,
Correlation of Erupted Platonic Class and Volcanic Deposits for
Newberry Volcano Oregon. The processes she has studied have a significant
impact on the behavior of magnetic systems, and are necessary to evaluate and
forecast volcanic hazards associated with active volcanoes. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Desiray Marguerite Weeks [assumed spelling]. [ Cheering ]>>Master’s of art in geography
with a concentration in research management and
environmental planning. Miss Weeks thesis research focused on mercury
contamination in Cash Creek water shed. She conducted a spatial analysis and
examined ecosystem services impacts. She has presented her research at
regional and national conferences, and will begin a doctoral
program in geographical sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. Congratulations. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>This student, selected by the
faculty of the College of, oh, okay. I forgot my cue card. Okay. This student, selected by the faculty
of the College of Science and Engineering for special recognition is Max
Supansky [assumed spelling]. Master’s of science in geographic
information systems. Mr. Supansky is a seabird biologist studying the
foraging and spatial ecology of marine birds. His innovative, cutting edge thesis explores
seabird biology, species distribution, tacking, technology and geospatial modeling to investigate how seabirds use flying
scale, environmental covarients. Max has twice served as a
graduate student assistant for geographic information systems classes. An effective communicator and natural leader, he recognizes that environmental research is
only effective when there is good communication with conservation managers to
identify their needs, priorities, and to respond with clear, scientific evidence. Mr. Supansky’s thesis will
lead to 2 journal publications. Max will be continuing his investigations
in animal behavior and conservation at Hopkins Marine Station
at Stanford University, where he has accepted a fully funded
fellowship for his PhD studies. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ] [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Wow. This has been an evening of celebration in which we have recognized our
most outstanding graduate students. And while we take great pride in their
achievements, we have, by no means, been solely responsible for their successes. Without the love and support of families
and friends, they would not be here to take part in this evening’s activities. Therefore, in honoring them, we also honor you. So, I would like the deans, the
faculty, and especially the students, to join me in applauding you, the
family members, who have advised, encouraged and supported these students. [ Applause ] [ Background noise ]>>Congratulations. This concludes the formal
portion of our ceremony. A light reception has been prepared for all of
our guests immediately following this ceremony. And I would like to invite everyone here to
join us for that reception in Jack Adams Hall, on the top floor of the Cesar
Chavez Student Center. Signs will direct you, and we
look forward to meeting you there. I now ask that our guests remain seated until
our students and the faculty have left the room. And will the platform party,
the student honorees, and our university faculty, please rise. [ Background noise ] [ Applause ] [ Music ]

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