2017 Bird Hunting Forecast – Texas Parks and Wildlife
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2017 Bird Hunting Forecast – Texas Parks and Wildlife

February 26, 2020

((Bob White call))
Three good years of great weather pushed Bobwhite quail numbers to an all time high last season.  
[Robert Perez] We saw something we hadn’t seen in over ten
years and it was quite special. And what comes up must come down. Last winter and spring we had average winter
rains, average spring rains and so we did have some quail production over the summer
but it wasn’t phenomenal. But what we did have was so many birds that
were still alive from last year that carried over this year so hunters can expect in the
bag a lot of adult birds. (chirping)
Scaled quail were phenomenal as well way out west in the Trans Pecos. There will still be great hunting opportunities
out west at our WMAs. GFX – Above Average
  ((turkey call))
Rio Grande turkey hunting in Texas is top notch. Populations in our state are just at an all
time high. We’re going to have two-year-old and three-year-old
birds. Maybe not so much production this past year,
a little bit below average so we’ll have some jakes out there mixing it up, causing trouble,
but overall Texas populations are through the roof and we couldn’t be more pleased with
what we’ve got in Texas right now.  
((duck call))  
[Dave Morrison] Total numbers of ducks are down but when you
take a look at the overall picture, we’re still in numbers that we’ve never seen before. The last five years have been unbelievable
for ducks. This yer there has been a little bit of change. Typically we do survey ten different species
as part of this spring survey. This year five are up and five are down. But the good news is that with the exception
of pintails and scalp, all of them are above their long term average so we’re still anticipating
a pretty good fall flight in ducks showing up in Texas. (duck calls) [Dave Morrison]
We’re going to have a season very similar to last year. When you think about what Texas has just been
through, something that’s similar to last year is probably pretty good. Harvey reeked havoc along our coast but that
habitat is recovering faster than we anticipated.  
GFX – Above Average  
[Morrison] Texas is blessed that we’ve always had some
pretty good goose hunting here in this state. From the perspective of snow geese, we’ll
have at least an average season, probably about the same as last year because the numbers
haven’t really changed. White fronts probably about the same, maybe
a little bit better, average to up just about a touch.  
[Narration] And average in Texas is pretty good compared
to anywhere else. For Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is Karen

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