2 Awesome Long Form Videos with High Audience Retention for Video SEO in 2018
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2 Awesome Long Form Videos with High Audience Retention for Video SEO in 2018

February 28, 2020

Oh, no longer you’ll attach other you’ve got we Are we just miss all that questions, and that was actually going word when I take orders I forgive visa – an HLA Yeah, but it’s actually going good. Do you know? I Guess there is some audience retention pond which I need to explain maybe it’s working for you whereas, maybe it’s working for others, but it’s definitely working for us about that audience retention or yourself a pool eliminates Hello and welcome to this another episode and did you perform the eyes weight today? We will be talking about the importance of a longer piece of content or longer form of videos on YouTube platform now Why this is important? This is important because if you have longer content People would tend to watch it a little bit more as compared to your shorter videos I’ll explain you how let’s suppose if you have a two-minute video People might and and let’s suppose if on that 2 minute video you have Let’s say 100 views now out of that hundred views. Maybe just to take an example Maybe only 30 people would be watching the complete two-minute video. What about the remaining ones all right? they might just watch it after they might just drop it after 30 seconds or maybe 20 seconds or maybe 50 seconds or maybe just One and a half minutes right so the average Audience retention for that two-minute video would be somewhere around maybe 40 seconds right on an average or maybe 30 seconds on an average And that would impact and go into your complete YouTube channels audience retention ratio But now as compared to that if you have more longer form of content But now make sure you don’t have to just keep it long long long Just like that you have to be meaningful you have to be valuable your content should be providing value And it should be attractive enough people should be sticking to your content things like that So let’s suppose if you have a longer form of content Let’s say 20 minutes or maybe 1 hour long video all right And if you do that consistently providing value then in 1 hour long video maybe out of 100 views 30 or 40 people might be are watching it till maybe 50 sick 50 minutes a couple of them might just drop off after 30 minutes something like that But now on an average the audience retention for that particular piece of content would be around 20 to 25 minutes all right I’m just randomly picking up the numbers just to give you an idea so now that 25 minutes audience retention time period would add up to the entire YouTube channel your YouTube channels audience retention ratio and that Would drastically increase your audience retention? now just because this audience retention or Watch time ratio would increase on your channel that would have a huge impact on YouTube SEO and your video would be treated as valuable piece of content so YouTube would rank your videos for a Particular set of keywords which you are targeting So now let’s just see and let’s look into the practical demonstration of what we are talking about over here now I’m going to give you two examples one is this particular video which is on 16 unique digital marketing interview questions Which we need two months ago And this is like on a keyword Digital marketing interview questions if somebody searching for this this video is ranking on the top now I don’t know when you’re watching this particular video, but when I’m recording this it is 14 to Fred with Matt meets well, let’s have a little taste so on this 14 15 thousand eighteen and recording can Screen casting this video so at that point in time. This is number one position so for this keyword Let’s see if we remove this interview And if we just keep digital marketing questions probably yes still it is ranking so also for all of these keywords It is ranking over here now. Just because it is valuable piece of information it is like 22 minutes long, right? This 22 minutes long people are liking it and if I tell you the YouTube analytics for this particular video The average view duration is 5 minutes and 22 seconds out of the number of views which we got which is just give me a second while I just act this this would be like the this would not be the updated version to see the updated number of views just view that video once and You would be able to see the number of views so right now We have two thousand three hundred and sixty-eight views and they’ve got a lot of comments over here people are finding this Valuable people who are watching it completely. It’s probably 37 around 30 Comments we have on this Yeah we have 35 comments right so two thousand plus twenty three hundred plus of views we have already got for this video and people are liking it so the audience retention for that particular video if we talk about this in the Lifetime span so this was being shot on December 6 till February 12 or 2080 is after installation is fighting since we can use seconds So just because it was longer form of haunting it is coming longer audience retention and look at them Just because it is valuable it is like above average height of between above average and average is the relative audience retention now What is relative audience retention the absolute audience retention is something different the relative audience retention is something which you should be focusing upon the relative audience retention shows your videos ability to retain viewers during the playback by comparing it to all these YouTube videos of similar length all right So this basically YouTube in its algorithm Compares your piece of content with similar content of similar length on YouTube platform So in a way you can think like this video piece of content Which is yours would be now compared by Google’s or YouTube’s algorithm with its own competitors within the algorithm alright? You can just in laymen terms you can think like this so this is where the funda lies So the more you have average view duration The it is having larger retention, and it is indirectly affecting YouTube SEO You will definitely have built rankings another one which I’ll tell you is for a keyword which is Shopify hell no audio wonderful We jump into this this digital marketing interview question which is something which we targeted was? Is being searched by 3600 people on an average in one single one all right? And this is being ranked on top in just two months Second one is and this is pure organic. All right. This is pure organic the ease number of views are pure organic number two is Shopify Health keyword which is being served by six thousand six hundred and six thousand six hundred times on an average or in one single month And this is having somewhere around I suppose it might be having ninety five hundred views if I’m not mistaken 9300 views right as per the recent it, and this is like as long as one hour and 43 minutes all right This is like ninety plus minutes of con change And this is super powerful right now over here conscience out the audience retention can this was being recorded on September 9th 2017 until February 12 2008 in a lifetime right now The average view duration is 13 minutes and 31 seconds all right 30 minutes and 31 seconds not bad enough and the important part more than this all right More than there’s a water part is this one the relative audience of tension which I talked about? YouTube’s algorithm containing it with similar content similar length we used look at this the curve It is like above average most of the times above average over here And is consistent alright for this much long of a time, and that’s a reason Why this content is super powerful as compared to the similar videos of similar finish? So this is what we are trying to explain you in this particular video I did you perform that try to prepare a valuable information and try to keep it a little bit long Maybe 10 minutes will be fine enough times you can go 20 minutes at times you can go 1 hour, but on average your youtubes What you save the video length of your complete YouTube channel should be somewhere around 10 minutes And it will definitely give you up to so at times you can just do a 2 minute video at times 10 minutes at times 20 minutes But make sure whatever you do Don’t try to push yourselves Just to increase the video length Try to push yourself in a way that if you are standing out from the crowd to provide value to your audience all right always deliver value or all right deliver value So that’s it for this particular episode guys are I? Look forward to see you in the next one till then take care bye guys and as always guys stay awesome God bless, and if you haven’t then subscribe

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