1980-0127 Powers Bestowed Upon Sahaja Yogis & How To Maintain Them, Bordi, India, subtitles
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1980-0127 Powers Bestowed Upon Sahaja Yogis & How To Maintain Them, Bordi, India, subtitles

January 6, 2020

First of all we should know what powers
we have got, and also we should know how we are going
to preserve those powers and what more powers we can very – very
easily achieve. The first power that you get after
Realisation is the greatest power on Earth. This is the power of Shri Ganesha. It is only He can do this job that you
people are doing today, and that power is of raising the Kundalini. No one so far in the history
of spirituality has ever raised the Kundalini in such
a short time as you people are doing. It moves under your fingers; it is
absolutely Shri Ganesha’s power which is given to you. At the time when you are giving
the Realisation, even if you are caught up in any one
of your chakras, or you have any problem, even if you are
little bit possessed, even if you are not such a good sahaj yogi, even if you are not that much surrendered
to Mataji, even if you don’t have much sense
of obligation about Sahaj Yoga, still the Kundalini rises under your
fingers. This Ganesha key is given to you
by Shri Ganesh Himself within you; to give you the confidence, to give you the confidence that
you can raise the Kundalini, but not the feeling that you are raising
the Kundalini. If you go on without surrendering yourself
to Sahaj Yoga, after some time you will lose this power,
very fast. The another power which you have got – at the raising of the Kundalini
of anyone, you can notice it that, when the Kundalini
rises, that time there will be no obstruction of any kind. Whatever may be the obstructions around – say there’s a possessed person next door, he would not disturb you at that time. In your family there may be a person
who is a negative person, but if you are raising the Kundalini,
at that moment he will be kept quiet. At the time when you are moving
your hand on the Kundalini, is the greatest power you are using. I don’t know how much shraddha you have about yourself and about the power that
you have. At that time there will be no obstruction on your hand by anyone whatsoever! Even by mistake, nobody will hold
your hand or touch your hand. The second power you have got when
you are raising the Kundalini, that, at that time when you’ll be raising
your Kundalini, you will be completely attracting
the attention of the another person within, like a magnet, by which you should understand that
you can raise your Kundalini whenever you feel like. When you
are raising the Kundalini, supposing there’s lot of noise going on, there are all kinds of problems going on –
supposing you are going in the train, there’s a noise of the train, or any
such thing happening – that time your attention will not be
distracted, but the attention of the person who is
taking the Realisation from you will not be attracted by outside things at that time when you are raising
the Kundalini. Or – that means that you can give
Realisation at any time, because at that time you reside
in the lotus which is closed. The other power you have got, at the time of Kundalini jagruti
(awakening), that no baser feelings will rise within
you. Even if you are a possessed person,
at the time of Kundalini jagruti you will not have baser feelings, impure
feelings about the person whom you are giving
Realisation. Maybe before and after, but not during,
when you are giving Realisation, these dirty feelings will not come to you. Automatically, you don’t have to stop
your mind, automatically it will work out. You will be absolutely satisfied, even
if you are hungry you will not feel the hunger or any
physical need, at the time when you are giving
Realisation. There will be no distraction of any kind;
you won’t do anything that is indignified at the time when
you will be raising your hand, because you are been blessed with dignity. At the time when you are raising
the Kundalini, you will never joke, or you’ll never make fun, you’ll not be
frivolous – automatically! You try: it won’t work out. These are your supporting powers. All these five powers I have described
are very few of the thousands others, but these are
the five powers of Shri Ganesh. Now, these powers can be maintained if you try to follow Shri Ganesh. His foremost quality is that He does not
know any other God or anybody else higher than His own Mother. A complete dedication and complete
obedience to Mother. I mean, sort of He is made out
of that obedience. Complete love and affection for the Mother. He doesn’t argue, He doesn’t question,
He doesn’t do anything, and that’s how these powers are, in Him,
the maximum. If you think by arguing with Me you are
gaining, you are sadly mistaken. You have to keep Me pleased. Even Ganesha
tries every minute to keep Me pleased. Is a fact. So, please don’t try
to displease Me. I may not say anything because outwardly
I don’t say anything, but your powers will be reduced. The Ganesha’s fifth power is the power
of wisdom and that whatever He knows He can
draw it and write it down. Even that power you have got. When you are raising the Kundalini, you
talk to the person in such a manner that a person becomes wise. And you also talk to him only that
which is wisdom and also you write or show him figures,
automatically which are right. Even if you don’t remember your figures,
they’ll come out right. Now the three powers of Adi Shakti work
in you. One gives you longevity and clear-cut idea about your desires. See, if your desires are right, all your desires are fulfilled by this
power – all your desires, all! But the first one, one should know,
that your desires should be right. For example, now sahaja yogis want
their ashram. Why do they want ashram for? How many are willing to stay in the ashram? How many are going to take their children
in the ashram? How many are going to give their exclusive
homes and take their wives or take their husbands who are not
sahaja yogis in the ashram? And how many of them are wanting only
ashram just because they will have some
place to live in a cheap manner? What is the purpose of getting ashram? Are you sure about it? Have you been able
to find out why do you want an ashram? If your desires are clear-cut then they will be fulfilled, absolutely
hundred percent. That power you can achieve only by putting
your bandhan on your heart. Whatever desire you have, you say it
and put it on your heart. Means you are asking from your heart.
Seven times, you just give it a bandhan, and the work will be done. But don’t use it for nonsensical things, because if you use it for nonsensical
things, this power will go away. Use for something special, of a higher
level. Now, by your second power you will automatically meet people who are
learned and who are sahaja. You will also read books which are sahaja. Even if you have to read some other books,
you will be able to know that this is not correct and this is
correct. And by that you will be enriching your
mind. When you will start speaking, people will
be amazed. Those who have never spoken would be
speaking very well. Those who have never known poetry will be
writing poetry. Lots of things will happen on the field
of art also. Those who did not know art will do
marvelously in art. But by the first power, which is the Adi
Shakti’s power, or Mahakali’s power, you get the love of all the people around. Everybody will feel magnetically attracted
towards you. And you will be always guided by great
souls and angels. If you come across anybody who is meeting
an accident, you will stop that man from going that way. If you are in an accident, everybody
will be saved. You will seldom have an accident – if you
have it, you won’t be hurt much. Amazing! All these powers come to you because
you are the children of Adi Shakti. The whole Universe of the subtle,
Divine Power is looking after you individually. You are
all marked, the mark is on you, you are bearing
the mark, and They are looking after you. So this power of desiring is the power
that protects you. In all the way that is possible it guides
you, it looks after you, it gives you peace. And this power gives you tremendous faith
in Sahaj Yoga. Ultimately you become filled with the joy
of Sahaj Yoga, and you don’t like anything else but Sahaj
Yoga. To you, everything is Sahaja Yoga. But sometimes, you know, we are identified
with our ego and we think our ego is Sahaj Yog,
many-a-times I have seen it. People like it because it is identified
with their ego. It should be separated from that and should
be brought in our lives. In our day-to-day life, when we are meeting each other,
when we are talking to each other, that joy one should see, one ripple falling and another rising, another falling,
as you see in the sea. Becoming one with each other.
This power is within you and it is working all the time that you
are loved and you are looked after. By the middle power, I have told you,
you’ll give Realization to people. You’ll be able to tell their chakras. You’ll be able to correct your chakras.
This is all by your centre power. And by this power only you have a very great power over your will. If you decide that you are going to be
like this, you will be. If you want to be a happy person you
will be. The transformation will be at your hand. You can transform yourself without
any difficulty, that will work out, if you use the central
power of Mahalakshmi. Of course, you will get better jobs, better money, prospects, but not too much
of it. So much so, that you will feel very much
satisfied about it, so that your attention is more
in the centre. All other powers of Mahalakshmi you will
achieve later on. There are many other powers of Mahalakshmi
which you have to achieve, but for that your Sushumna has to be
cleaned very much. For that, you have to develop detachment
in life. Unless and until you develop detachment,
the deeper powers of Mahalakshmi do not come up. For example,
even in the smaller things, like having connection with Me, even that one is to be a detached thing. Even to say Aarti or to do something,
to come forward, that, “I have to do it.” Even to invite Me for dinner or this thing, every small thing, that “I should do it,”
is also attachment. If it works out, well and good; if it does
not work out, well and good. You must say that, “Mother, You come.”
But if I cannot come, there should not be slightest feeling
and unhappiness, but should be accepted as a part of that. This detachment has to be developed
for your Mahalakshmi Power. Then you go beyond. Your timing will be worked out absolutely
correctly – you wouldn’t need – you wouldn’t have
to see the time. There will be time which will be your own. Whenever you will go, you’ll find
everything worked out well. So, to preserve this power of time,
you must not hurry-up too much, you should not be slaves of watches. Just let it go. Do not have any obstinacy
about anything. Just doesn’t matter: if it is ten o’clock, alright; if not,
if ten fifteen, doesn’t matter. Just allow yourself to be drifted with
the flow of Sahaja Yoga. If it works out, well and good, if it does
not work out, well and good. Just keep it like that. Then only you will be surprised how
this Mahalakshmi Power improves, and the blessings of this power are
tremendous. Like that you have thousand and one powers
already awakened within you. For example on Vishuddhi Chakra, you have
sixteen thousand powers, and all these sixteen [thousand] powers
are awakened in you, today as you are. Sixteen thousand powers are awakened
in you as you are today. But when you speak you don’t understand that when you are speaking you are
a sahaja yogi, with all these powers you are speaking. When you eat you don’t understand
that this tongue belongs to a sahaja yogi; you should not
hanker after anything. Like if somebody likes tea, he’ll go on
taking fifteen cups. That’s no good. If he is fond of one sort of a food,
he won’t take another food. Thinking too much about food all the time, asking for food and organizing food
all the time, that spoils Vishuddhi very badly. Then talking ill about anyone, complaining
about anyone to Me, will spoil your Vishuddhi. If there’s some sense, if I ask, then
is alright, but all the time talking ill about each
other will spoil your Vishuddhi. If possible, try to talk good about others
– always. By telling good about another person, you will help yourself and another person.
For example say, one Mr. X comes and tells Me something
against Mr. Y – I’m just stunned, because Mr. Y has come and already
told Me that Mr. X is a fine man. So I tell Mr. X, “How do you say that
about Mr. Y, because he was praising you?” So he
keeps absolutely in a shocked condition and he doesn’t
know how to answer. When you judge others, you should know
that you are judged by God. If you are judging others, God has judged
you also. So in His judgment whatever marks you give to yourself
and to others are not going to be consulted at all. It is His judgment which
is going to decide how far you are. Those who are in Sahaj Yoga today, there may be some who think that they are
great sahaj yogis, big people – but may be that they are not. And those
who do not think that they are any great, they want
to increase and improve their shakti, they may be the people who are occupying
very high places. So, under these circumstances one should
never boast and should not have a wrong, false
estimation about oneself. That is the way you can preserve your
powers much better of your Vishuddhi. If you start talking ill about others
to each other – also I’ve seen people start discussing Me, and in a very funny way they do it.
I think the best way to deal with the problem is not to speak
about Me, and if you have to speak, then know that it has to be absolutely
positive. Otherwise you are harming yourself
and you are harming others. Then you don’t blame Me for that. So that’s how your Vishuddhi Chakra’s
problems are increasing, and they go on increasing. Specially when
you try to confuse yourself and quarrel with yourself and think that,
you see, Sahaj Yoga has gained by your coming – you catch
Vishuddhi. You have gained, not Sahaj Yoga. Sahaj Yog is ruled by itself, it doesn’t
need your help. If there is Truth, then by accepting Truth
you are enhanced, your position has gone up, not the position
of the Truth. So this idea from your head must go
right away – that you have any way obliged the Sahaj
Yoga, or that you have obliged God by coming
to Him. This idea must go down. This will
definitely make your head again upside-down, and your Kundalini will be
again back to its own position. So to keep up even your Vishuddhi alright
is not easy, according to many. But is the easiest when you keep
yourselves in a state of witness. And that is possible if you develop
the habit after Realisation that everything that you do or want
or face is put into nirvicharita, into thoughtless awareness. If you start
that habit, you’ll be amazed – your witness state
will improve and that you will rise in your being. This is very important to understand that without transformation, you have
no meaning. Whatever you have been, have been
useless, of no good. Whatever you are transformed, you are
of some use. So whatever you have been, you do not
be identified with that. But whatever you have to be, you’ll try
to be that. And this power you have got, that whatever
you want, you will be that. But some people are so funny that if you
ask them, “What do you want to be?” They’ll say that, “I want to be a donkey”. All such silly and foolish people are
no good for Sahaj Yog, once for all you must know. No use
running after such foolish people who have no sense at all, and who are such
gone cases. They’ll come back, afterwards. But put your attention on positivity
and not on negativity. Normally I’ve seen always negative people
turn towards the negative people. If there’s one negative person standing,
a person who is negative will immediately go and talk to that
person, find out about that person, he’ll have sympathy for that person;
he’ll like that person; all sorts of things will be there. And
first sign is that such a person is a complete negatively possessed being. Alright. Now if you have done that kind
of a thing, of being possessed or by getting impressed by these negative
people, you are out. Either you are in the sea or out of it.
How can you both? You’d better get out from there and spare
the rest. But if you want to be in the sea, then you
must know that you have to know swimming, and you have to take pride in swimming. Otherwise it has no meaning, it is
of no help. Now you have got curative power, you know
that; you can cure people. But do not get into that mess, because
there Mahamaya plays Her part! If you – if I find that you are getting
into your head the idea that you are very much – very much getting
involved into particular case of your brother-in-law’s, father-in-law’s,
mother-in-law, then I’ll stop it, or you get into trouble. If you start
making money out of it, I’ll stop it. I’ll do many things by which I’ll just
stop it. And then you cannot have that power in you. On the contrary, you’ll suffer quite a lot,
because you do not know how to protect yourself
from all these bad things. So, I have to request you that before
starting curing others, you first cure yourself fully, and also you can use My photographs
for curing other people. But you must know that there is a very
subtle thing in human beings that they want that everybody should
say, “Oh, you are great, you have cured so many people!” – in a very subtle way, on a very subtle
basis. So, one should not bother about all
these things. One should keep completely detached
about it. Because for one day or two days, or for
say about a year, people will run to you, “Get this man
cured, that man cured.” And then you’ll find that you have found
nothing, they were all bubbles, all lost and completely vanished into
thin air. So, do not cure anyone. If you have
to cure people, then you please give them the photograph
and ask them to work on them. You have got power to handle My photograph
and give it to others. You have lots of powers which normally
common people don’t have because I do not tell them many things
that I tell you. And thus you are a person of a very rare
quality and a rare blessing. Now write it down how many powers you
have got, go home, and you will write a one complete book!
Take it from Me. May God bless you all. Try to preserve all your powers.
Respect yourself. You are a lamp that is burning a light
which enlightens others in their mind. It’s a very great thing: even one person
like that was born among millions and billions of people,
and now here we have so many of you. But quality-wise if you don’t rise,
it’s going to be a hopeless case. So you must improve your quality.
All of you must improve your quality, individually. Not criticising others, not looking at others, but individually
you should understand your capacities and how much you have
given to others, and how much you have really manifested
out of what you have got. You have control over the sun,
over the moon, over the tides, and over the sea and all
those things – you have. But for that, you have to do little more,
which I’ll tell you some other time. Now I don’t want you to control all
these things, and sit down on top of a hillock and start
showing off! Better thing is you work it out first
on human beings, and then I’ll give you all these – I’ll
tell you. You already have them awakened, but I haven’t told you the trick how
to do it. So best keep it to Myself. May God bless you all.

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