Психология для ребенка / Child psychologist

September 12, 2019

Today, I understand. Parents who seek psychotherapy do not understand where to come. They believe that psychotherapy – it is drunk tablet. Who must work quickly and efficiently in certain terms. They want to know everything that’s on the front. This is impeding the work of the psychologist. The psychologist can not know how much time is needed to solve the problem of the child. In order to understand it, you need to work with the child. Meet with your child to build a relationship with him. Understand how to help, how resources, how to move in this therapy. Marshall forecast work does not make sense. We can come up with anything. It is possible that the problem will disappear after 2 meeting. Perhaps the problem will disappear after 10 meetings. But this can not happen. In this case, it is incomprehensible situation. There are hopes that hinder the work of the psychologist. If parents do not trust the psychologist. Why bring a child psychologist? Bear lead a child. They say help. In the end, they thought it was just a tablet People are wrong in their opinion about the psychologist. Psychologist – is not a pill. Dear Parents. When you go to a psychologist to their children for help. Be sure to ask. How long will Psychotherapy? The psychologist will tell you that it will be as much as you would your child. It may be a month, two, three, five, year and a half … This is normal. Psychologist himself it determines how long will therapy. At first glance, looking at your baby, the psychologist can not say this. If the psychologist you did not immediately say how many will last treatment, he just can not say. It is not clear at first glance at your baby. In order to understand how much time to work with your child. We need five, six, ten meetings, for that would understand what the problem is. How had this problem, from where came from and where is the reason? The psychologist must build for a strategy that would deal with these causes.

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