Новый Hyundai i20 (2020): агрессивный хэтчбек с умеренным гибридом!
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Новый Hyundai i20 (2020): агрессивный хэтчбек с умеренным гибридом!

February 26, 2020

Hyundai introduced
compact hatchback i20 third generations. Model transformed outside
and inside, as well as the i20 for the first time modification appeared
with hybrid powerplant The new i20 became the first model
stamps in Europe, whose appearance made in corporate style
(“Sensual sportiness”), debuted on the concept
two years ago – for phil rouge Pyatidverka got
new silhouette, embossed radiator grill (which
very similar to Russian updated solaris
), the lights became narrower, at the lanterns more complex form, plus
they are interconnected luminous strip. Extended color palette
bodies, besides front racks and roof can be
painted black (optional) .When this model almost
have not changed: Length – 4040 mm (+5), width – 1750 (+16), height
– 1450 (-24), wheelbase – 2580 (+10). Wheel diameter
drives increased from 16 to 17 inches. .Moreover, hatch is 4% lighter.
predecessor. Hyundai did not show photos
salon, but the company shared interior design sketch
new i20 In the cabin – a new front
panel with hidden in horizontal stripes
air deflectors, others steering wheel and seats
bulging control unit climatic installation. “Tidy” is now virtual,
the touchscreen is “stuck” to it multimedia system
– in the top version both screens diagonal of 10.25 inches, with
Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging
smartphones premium Bose family audio system
speakers and subwoofer. For the interior you can also
order bright green decorative insertion. Trunk volume – 351 liters,
which is 25 liters more than its predecessor. More from the new equipment:
working in conjunction with a navigator adaptive cruise control,
parking assistant lane retention systems
movement prevent car collisions
in the “blind” zone and side when leaving the rear parking lot
underway. And the prevention system
frontal collision detection function appeared
pedestrians and cyclists. European versions of the “twenty”
equipped with three-cylinder supercharged gasoline
engines 1.0 power 100 or 120 horsepower. For the 120-horsepower i20 put
moderately hybrid “appendage” in the form of a 48-volt system. Less powerful 100 strong
hatchback can be equipped electric starter generator
optionally. Paired with “turbotrojkami”
six-speed work IMT “mechanics” that interrupts
connection between engine and transmission when released
accelerator pedals, or “Robot” with two clutches
and seven gears. In other basic markets
units will be 1.2-liter 84-strong atmospheric “four”
and a five-speed “mechanics”. third generation i20 for
Europe will be, as before, issued in turkish
Change and enter the market after the premiere in Geneva
. In Russia, resume sales
i20 do not plan. How do you like the new ai20? would you like to see this
model in the Russian market? Share your opinion
in comments.

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  1. На российском рынке мы хотели бы видеть бюджетные семейные универсалы и минивены повышенной проходимости. Эта ниша у нас совсем пустая.

  2. Что бы завоёвывать европейский рынок надо копировать не шкодно-сеатовскую внешность и салоны саабов, а хотя бы мазюратю, или на худой конец мерсики. Хотя на вкус и цвет национальностей нет…

  3. в Европу i20, более стильный и качественный авто с кучей прикольных фишек и допоф за вменяемые деньги, в Россию солярку за 800 – лям рублей

  4. За 2 млн. рублей (с таким кол-вом опций она явно будет стоить столько) она нам не нужна!

  5. Нахуй или, вот сысл ты все это рассказывал если и без тебя это все знают

  6. А какой смысл показывать то, чего в рашку никогда не завезут????
    Вы разве не заметили, что у нас одно гавно!с двигателями из СССР….

  7. Hyundai i20 2020 – хэтчбек сменил поколение и преобразился

    Подробный обзор читайте здесь: https://westicar.ru/koreyjskie/hyundai/420-hyundai-i20-2020

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