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Antique Sterling Silver-Collecting & Investing

Silver coins

While everyone else is running around trying to invest in the “next big thing”, there have been a select few investment which have always stood the test of time. One of these is silver.

Prior to the fiat currency system which many governments now employ, gold and silver were used as an exchange medium for thousands of years. It’s not hard to understand why. Both gold and silver can be adapted for a wide variety of purposes. For example, silver is the highest conducting metal known. It can also be molded into jewelry and weapons. This meant that when you had a large stockpile of silver, you could actually use it for something. Then, if you needed to trade for something else of value, you could either melt the item down or trade it as it was.

Many of these items made from silver in the past we now call “silver antiques”. The word “antique” means that it was made somewhere in antiquity, or a long time ago. There are many different antique silver items you might buy. Silver tea sets, silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver bracelets, silverware, and silver weapons are just a few examples.

The great thing about buying these items is that you actually get to enjoy the item while it gains value for you. You might display the silver antique in your home or you might use your silverware utensils on special occasions with special guests.

Silver antiques gain in value for two reasons. First, it is an antique. There will always be a demand and nostalgia for artifacts that were made many years ago. If you’ve ever watched “The Antique Road Show”, then you are well aware of how expensive rare antiques can be. The second reason is that silver generally rises in value over time. With this double-whammy, silver antiques are undoubtedly one of the best investments you could possibly make.

So before you put all your money in the newest technology company that might go bankrupt tomorrow, consider one of the oldest and safest investments in the world.

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