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Antique Furniture – Beds, Chests, Tables, Chairs

Antique furniture

Dining Tables & Chairs

An Antique Dining Table regardless of size can look great when put together with modern chairs or vice versa. This can create an informal feel to a dining room whilst creating a unique concept. Also an antique or contemporary dining table combined with single antique chairs, whether traditionally upholstered or with a modern fabric can once again create a new classy look yet retaining the functionability of a dining room.


A Modern Fireplace can be complimented with an Antique Overmantle Mirror adding character and light to a room. Alternatively a large upright mirror propped or hung on a wall can offer the same effect. Dressing Mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles are can be place in numerous places throughout the home for example, on chests, windows, tables etc

Card Tables & Tea Table & Console Tables

These are the most multi-purpose tables to buy. They have numerous uses and are perfect size for modern homes and apartments. They can be sold single or in pairs and are on legs or pods therefore perfect for creating floor space. They can be highlighted by positioning them on quality rugs.

Places they can be used as any and all of the following:

Sofa Tables taking a bare look of the back of a sofa whilst not taking up too much space or to the side/end of a sofa as a lamp table.
Hall Tables or Landing Tables, due to their size they are narrow so fit most modern built homes, accessorised with a lamp, bowl or picture frame, blending well with contemporary are or mirror above.
Bathroom or Dressing Room with vase of flowers.
Against any wall in any room.

Chest of Drawers, Linen Press, Commodes

Chests are another extremely versatile item of furniture. The come in various sizes and shapes from a low boy to a tall boy, from a single chest to a chest on chest. They no longer need to be confined to the bedroom, but can be used in almost any area in the home from dining room to bathroom. Not only are they decorative but offer much discrete storage, in the many drawers but also a solid top provides ample space to hold a TV for example.

Bookcase, Bureaus, Library Tables, Desks

Contrary to common opinion a house does not need to have a separate library/office area to enjoy the aesthetic and functional properties of these typically office furniture. Antique bookcase come in all different styles and can greatly enhance a room. Smaller open bookcase can be place in alcoves, against a wall or back of a sofa, they are deep enough to hold magazines. Bookcases can also double as display cabinets. Bureaus host similar functions and with a drop down lid the can accommodate a lap top and offer the combination of decoration, investment, storage and an all in one office which can be closed and locked away easily. Traditional library tables can offer storage, and can be used as dining tables if required. Desks can free stand in a room or double as a console against a wall, they can also work beautifully as a ladies dressing table.

Occasional Tables & Chairs

Every room needs tables and chairs, they are the best way to achieve ‘just the right look and feel’. You can never go over board with either so mix and match these as much as you like, use fabrics that suit you whether it be traditional or contemporary, both look great on antique chairs and add character to a piece, highlight them with cushions or throws. Tables work in much the same way whilst offering a multitude of purposes. As little as adding an antique table or chair to a room can be enough to complete a room.

Sideboards, Serving Tables & Wash Stands

Where ever there is a wall space sideboards and serving tables can be used regardless of the room. They function well as hall tables, in the living room in an alcove or flat wall, in the dining room as original designed for. Pedestal sideboards provide plenty of lower storage, drawer space is usual and the large tops allow a host of smaller items/collectible to be suitable displayed.


Chiffoniers placed in an alcove or against a flat wall in either living room or bedroom act as great TV cabinets. Whether the TV is wall mounted or flat screen chiffoniers can be placed underneath. The offer attractiveness, lots of storage for Ski Boxes, DVD’s Games Consoles etc. In a children’s bedroom, play room or nursery they offer a host of uses from storing toys to books to bed linen.

Cabinets & Single Pedestals

Neat Cabinet or pedestals/Lockers need not necessarily be restricted to bedrooms. Instead they can function as drinks cabinets with shelving to accommodate bottles & glasses etc, with drawers for coasters & corkscrews. They can hold towels, soaps etc in bathrooms with room on top for a toilet mirror or perhaps a vase. They can be used in a home office to house folders.

Your Style

It is important to buy only quality items, as these will be most likely to hold their value and really stand out in your home. Remember antiques are as much about investment as they are about filling a room. Buy items that you personally like not just because it will suit a room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with antiques, use them how and where you like and what best suits you but do use them. Remember no home is too small to have at least one quality piece of antique furniture.

An Antique Dining Table with Set of Modern Chairs
A Modern Dining Table with Antique Chairs
An Antique or Modern Dining Table with Single Antique Chairs upholstered in Traditional Fabrics
An Antique or Modern Dining Table with Single Antique Chairs Upholstered in Contemporary Fabrics.
A Modern Fireplace with an Antique Overmantle
A built in Contemporary Fireplace with Overmantle Mirror.

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